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VelhoDit rated it
Kenkyo, Kenjitsu o Motto ni Ikite Orimasu
June 6, 2016
Status: c68
If you are a guy and is thinking, "what this novel have such rate.... maybe I should read, but it's a shoujo novel...", this review is for you:

I had the same though on this novel, because I'm into comedy, harem, action. Well I'm kinda tired of sh*t harem novel (there are few really good) and kenkyo kenjitsu is basically a comedy novel it is really funny and interesting why did thought: "it's not my type..." and "this one is for girls".... sh*t I want more chapters!! *-*
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it hurts, the first 3 chapters are so convenient.... my brain hurts.

the MC introduction was ok it makes you want to see him becomes stronger but everything after is simply hard to read, the author is clearly an amateur.
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VelhoDit rated it
Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan Maou
March 31, 2016
Status: --
i really liked this novel, don't think it's a harem so there is no history, just ecchi and dense MC, I have read quite a bit of novels and I can say a terryble harem make you drop on the first 10 chapters, but magikka no kenshi to shoukan maou is one of the best, the MC is not retarded who can't see the heroins feelings (of course that ability....) and the villans is not the retarded tipe who is just defeated like a piace of garbage that would never... more>> acomplish anything, they are cruel and they somethimes complete their goals and put the MC in a bad spot, there are a few cliche but the girls are well developed and the plot is good,

basically if you like harem it will be one of the best you have read, if you don't.... well it is a good novel if you don't fuss about some cliche development here and there you will still enjoy it <<less
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VelhoDit rated it
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN)
January 10, 2019
Status: c346
I really enjoyed this novel, but let me be clear: the first volume is really different than the rest... this is not a revenge novel if you are looking for some dark themed novel you should look somewhere else, there is some serious moments but it is mostly a adventure/comedy/harem

well I was able to like this novel because the following volumes even if they were of a different genre of novel it was well developed, there is this feeling of trying to hard to look cool/bad-ass it screamed of chunni... more>> but I loved wen the author made fun of it.

the only REAL problem of this novel is that most fights did not have real tension.... <<less
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VelhoDit rated it
The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
August 11, 2017
Status: c59
Well it was a good web novel so far, if you read the others review but don't know if you should read or not read this:

in the start is really dark but you will understand that it's not about the revenge that Van history is all about, of course he will kill the guys that tortured and killed his mother if he meets them but in the start he make it really clear that he just want to be happy and live in the luxury (eat good stuff and... more>> buy good clothes, not jewel or the likes his luxury is cheap) so he has bad luck so he need to work hard to compensate, that is what is all about, and some people might say that he should kill every one of the city that killed his mother, but he punished them quite a lot, well he did it in a flashy way so it's the opposite of what he should do but no one will connect a baby half vampire-dark elf with what he did you know.... what he did is more secure than a massacre of a whole city. <<less
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VelhoDit rated it
Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex
November 25, 2017
Status: c304
i really love this novel but it is really repetitive in its dialog.

ok if you came until here and don't know if you want to read it or not here is some tips:

-There is quite a few rape scenes in the start (and the MC is the one doing it) so if you are a woman or you really hate rape it's hard to pass this part, the s*x scenes will continue but rape will basically end around chap 100.

-the pace is slow but sooo maaannnyy thinks happen in the... more>> small time spawn that you will not be borred

-DON'T BINGE READ THIS NOVEL, the characters are passing a really bad and important time in their lives so they must keep encouraging one another A LOT so it gets a bit repetitive if you read one chapter directly after you finished the current one (around every 10 chapter they do basically the same conversation to stay mentally focused on the events that is to come)

-there is so many good points that people before me talked about so I will no comment about it, it's just good! <<less
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VelhoDit rated it
The Simple Job of Only Perishing to the Hero
March 22, 2019
Status: v4c1
this is probably the best novel I dropped, well for those who came here to read the comments and decide if you will read than I my advice is give it a try.

-it is a Kingdom building story but it does not tell you how the Kingdom was build.

-there is girls that like the protagonist but there is no romance.

... more>> -there is action but no awesome fights until now.

basically there is a nice premisse and a good translation but there is no satisfaction for the reader, the most close novel I have read until today in this genre and a liked was: Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki <<less
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Yeah it`s OK,

it really lack in background and skill system, yeah but if you like harem and wan`t some perv main character that tries to molest the girls that just started to like him just to make them hate him again, and a cute daughter (yuel chan!!) than you might like this.
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