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VannVann rated it
Lv1 Skeleton
October 3, 2017
Status: c9
Are you bored of mc's reborn in another world with op cheat skills? Are you interested in reading something ligh yet with some action in it? Are you searching for exploits and shameless tactics?

If you are this novel is for you!

Our ptotagonist is a Lv1 Skeleton, a rock bottom of rock bottoms among monsters. His rank is H- for crying out loud! He has no cheats at rebirth, only night-vision and ressurect lv1. Mind you that ressurect does not work as you would think and our MC survives his first... more>> day by sheer luck.

All he has is his natural perk of an undead creature - endless stamina.

And what do you do to survive in a dungeon as a tutorial cannon fodder? Answer: you grind and grind and grind and grind and grind your skills till they are at decant lvl, completly abusing your one and only perk.

And how do you deal with raid class monsters? Answer: you exploit and exploit and exploit and exploit the absolute crap out of their aggro and programming, doing endless cicrles for as long as it takes to down 'em, compleatly and utterly shamelessly claimng dat sweet sweet exp!

This story is simply fun to read and fufils my gamers heart - who doesn't love exploits?- <<less
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It starts with an explosive intro and gets right into action and betreyal. This novel make you want more and more and more.. Untill every 2h you visit novelupdates to see if there is another chapter. This nove brings up a question:

What makes us human? Can an AI be a human; have a soul? To what extent will one go with honor and what cost are they willng to pay?

My life has been nothing but constant waiting for next chapters, we are still in the middle of the battle. With... more>> a couple more action packed tactical chapter we should end up on the Empires capital planet (or so I guess).

Give it a read, this story does NOT dissapoint on ecxitement and emersion! <<less
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VannVann rated it
July 17, 2017
Status: c3
Halerious! Our MC is juat the best! I had a great laugh. Now current ration is 1 becouse someone decided to be a jerk, but trust me its great. And the hero had to be warned by the author himself/herself

Yes lolita, No touch!
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If anything you can read the novel for the absolutely best team comp of all time. For the record it consists of one human who literally has poison and desiase coursing through his veins, one human who has the legendary disaster class skill (and the name of the skill is a spoiler), one sweet loving - Dora the explorer - otaku & neet dragon without a body and one hatchet weilding mushroom.

Trust me. Read it for the disaster class skill and how our protag brutally crushed the trope. It's the... more>> best.

Oh and there is something about purifying the miasma and otaku/neet dragons past but I was too distracted by the legendary skill... <<less
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VannVann rated it
Ouroboros Record ~Circus of Oubeniel~
July 23, 2018
Status: c23
I'll say it right now. The MC is a scum of the world. A villain among villains. Get ready to feel disgusted. Everything which normal people shun, this guy will do it. From human experiments and mind control to experiments on babies and souls. Feeling awful yet? You should be. The story fallows a man who would be the final boss in every other novel. The one you would be cheering to die the whole time and when he dies you would start running around from pure joy. But this... more>> guy is not gonna die. Nope. He's gonna become immortal and you will watch it. If you are like me, and you are already thinking of how to destroy the world, you might even start cheering for this bastard. Be ready to be disturbed. There is not a single thing that redeems this alchemist.

The MC has one goal which is ultimate immortality. Not prolonged vitality, not turning into a Vampire either. He wants to be truly undying. If you stab him he will live. If you burn him he will live. If you drown him he will live. If you dismember him he will live. You get the point by now. He is a reincarnated individual who felt the pain and despair of death personally. Armed with only our society's take on the world he progresses as an Alchemist. This profession is shunned by others for many swindlers use it to trick people. There are only few true Alchemists. As a child he had done numerous experiments on animals and had already gained some knowledge. With only him knowing that it's not just magic he progressed. Everything he achieved was his own hard work. To put it simply, if a caveman was given stone he will most likely use it as a weapon. If you give a stone to a modern person then they will know that it can be used to start a fire. Wil they succeed? Nope. They will fail countless times and through trial and error learn. This is how our MC gained his current skills. By knowing it's possible and trying.

Let me give you an example of how he got to here.

Goal: Mind Control.

  • Test 1: Failure, people dying
  • Test 2: Failure, people dying
  • Test 3: Failure, people dying
  • Test 4: Failure, people dying
  • Test 5: Failure, people dying
  • Test 6: Failure, people dying
  • Test 7: Failure, people dying
  • Test 8: Failure, people dying
  • Test 9: Minor Success, people are too limited and doll like.

This culminated in his current medical skills. Another thing to know is that MC has little political and guvermental skills. He mainly relies on his advanced puppets to the job, but he does have some smarts. He references our worlds history and passes it on to his able servants who then make great use of it. MC himself has the knowledge like billions of people on Earth but nothing further. Vast but shallow knowledge which can only be deepened by constant trying and passing it onto able people.

MC is the world's greates Alchemist, a Devil, Monster, scum, madman. He had made a colourful cast of followers and their daily interactions actually... look pleasant. But then you remember the cruel truth of what had happened to them and the world suddenly seems bleak. The pretty maids with seemingly introverted personality are nothing but dolls, Drai is a different person than who she was, Vamipre Lord who is kinda annoying is actually beyond saving and Uni who should be MC's childhood friend has been experimented on since young.

So, fellow readers. If you want to read a story of a true Devil, a true Madman, a Divil of a Mad Scientist this story is it. Bring along strong guts and try not to whine about morals cuz this story isn't about that. Don't say that MC is trash and give it a 1 star rating. That's the point! This novel is all about the Madness of the MC and you can't rate the novel poorly mearly because you don't like the concept. If it was a story about an evil MC who turned out to be a goody two shues then you indeed have the right to rate it poorly. Why? Cuz it failed at its very own concept.

Now go and witness ultimate Madness! Or walk away and be done with it. <<less
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This is a story of a young and foolish man growing up in a foreign, cruel world. What angers many readers is his almost abnoxius mentalety toward befriending humans. As a former human with fractured memories he is constantly trying to hold onto his humanety. The presence of his memories holds him back more than it helps him.

A very importnat, but overlooked information (mainly becouse it's only mentioned once) is that our MC had friends in his previous life. That's right. Not a NEET, a shut in, a loner, a... more>> loser imployee but an actual sociable person. I belive many of you who are extraverts will find it hard todetach yourself from humans. And these fractured memories drive our MC to find companions. Now you may argue that he found them in his monster friends (black lizard best wifu!!) but ask yourself this: "If I woke up in another world as a monster would I so easaly make enemies of humans? Would I kill or injure them willy nilly?" The answer, if you are a normal person would be "No", not to mention the issue of being hunted down. And, as I mentioned already the precious memories are holding him down, he has an urge to gain a human body becouse every creature finds its birth form to be the most confortable (a snake would prefer a snakes body, spider spiders, bird birds, human humans).

Through the story


(MC) Grows up. He learns that he must make decisions that will make humans hate him if he wishes to protect them. He shoulders the burden of a young girls broken hopes and dreams.

It is easy to be a hero if you are loved by the populace. A true hero will always protect the weak despite being hated by the very people he is protecting, always shouldering the neverending burden of the name he carries.

Some people will not be able to fallow through a story depicting a childs growth. Despite him having his previous lifes memories those are mearly fractures and he is actually developing as the story progresses.


(MC) is a true hero, foolish, child hero. A child who was mercilessy tormented by the unforgiving world he woke up in, always lamenting his lack of human appearance and lonlyness. With time this child will grow up to be a great and wise person.

Now for some spilers that will inforce my review:


There is a human 'hero' with the same name as MC. Yurisha means brave hero, however this scumbag is a far cray from a hero yet he is loved by people. Compare him with our poor MC and you will see who is a true hero and who is a true monster

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VannVann rated it
A Demon’s Path
June 18, 2018
Status: c92
It is strange how little atention this novel gets.

Perhaps one of the most unique things about the novel is Ling Xiao himself. He is your typcial abandoned orphan, but unlike most characters with this sotry we get to see how he lived. We were shown how he managed to survive, how he came up with his 'pills' and the reason why he is who he is. He loves money, has a foul mouth and one of his goals is basically scum young master incarnate. But it is these simple goals... more>> that are so like him. No person is good or evil. The best way to survive is to balance between black and white. Ling Xiao does not claim to be a Saint, but he doesn't hide it like most Celestial Soul Masters. He isn't a cold hearted demon or mery sue. He is but a human.

The scene which imprinted itself into my mind the most out of them all would be the scene where he killed the Blue Ranked cultivator as a red rank. No, he wasn't given some OP powers which let him beat oponents who are n levels higher than him. All he did was use his wit and available resources. He used the arrogance of his enemy, letting him drop his guard down before killing him in a shameless manner.

I cannot claim that the novel has unparaleld prose, but it does the job right so even an ant could understand what is happening without taking away from the enjoyment. Plus the transletaor is amazing so show them some love. <<less
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If you love your story to be twisted with a side dish of insanity then this is for you.
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VannVann rated it
The Necromancers
October 7, 2018
Status: c18
I don't know why there are so many one star reviews. The story is actually decent. The start was different from what you would expect too. It reminds me of the fairytales my grandfather used to tell me. It feels refreshing actually. Perhaps it's disconnected in wording? Well that might just be me since I love having details.

Anyway. The story doesn't deserve such a low rating. At least it should be around three to four star range. When I think of crappy stories that have a higher rating but actually... more>> took a dump on my brain I feel sad.

Do give it a try. <<less
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VannVann rated it
The Devil’s Evolution Catalog
August 30, 2017
Status: c51

1st review, ch28

The first 10 chapters are boring, but once you have red chapter 10 then the real deal starts.

Our MC so far was not born with any cheats, was not given a grandpa or had found an amazing item lying around for free.

... more>>

prehaps the Necromancy book could be counted as one but he went through great pains and actuall effort to get it


We can really see how Mo Ke develops as a character and how his enviroment changes him... or is it a her? Maybe he/she will be genderless.

2nd review, ch48

I am fully in love with this story! There are so many things that effect Mo Ke! If you havent red the first 10 chapter you probably wouldn't have noticed it. Truth be told the first ten chapters almost killed me from inside. I hated our MC who basicly thought the world revolved around him. Always expecting to be something special. I would have dropped it then if I haven't noticed that "He" (at the time) started growing a bit. "He" always did "his" best, ebiet out of expectation of "him" being special but Mo Ke persistantly did it for many years and urged "his" adopted sister to leave for the academy.

Once Mo Ke became a demen he/she started developing in a way that was no longer painful for me to read. He/she felt emotions, no longer expected anything special out of his/her life. Mo Ke had luck and bad luck in equal amounts, amounts that a normal person has and was greatfull for all of the aportuneties life gave him/her.

Mo Ke became attached to the potatos which were his/her subordinates. The named ones played a bigger part in the story.


What really got me was Big1's death. He was so loyal and devoted to Mo Ke. Calling himself lordship I couldn't hep but to love him! And yet... he died. Just like other named imps before him... It was werry painful for Mo Ke and myself and our demon MC even cried. I always thought that Big1 would live.. This ultimatly made me concerned for the other named devils. I in particular worry about yet to be named Mo Ci and her baby.. Mo Ke was so worried about her that Im afraid if she or the baby died Mo Ke would lose his/her sanety for a long while and go on a rampage.. thats how much attachemnt MC has for this weak devil..


3rd review ch51


OH GOD WHY!! MO CI NOOO!!! Why? Just as I though that she will get better and become a reacuring character... SHE WAS EVEN NAMED DAM IT! Well, on the brith sid ethe egg is fine, not only that but its also a tier 4 as the prison of the dead appeared below the church.


But honestly I no longer belive in love and happiness. This nove crushed me. I shall no longer have brith expectations for even brither future... yea.. it's not gonna happen. But I shall still read this story...


All in all I still give this story a 5/5 and will keep updating this review! <<less
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