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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?
May 13, 2016
Status: --
If there are typical Novels out there where the MC have been transfered in the fantasy world, and then becomes OP and gets a Harem and bla-bla-bla-bla...


... more>>

This one is totally better than any other, like you’re reading a chinese fantasy novel (god defying mc) combined with game elements (grinding) then there’s a comedy parody and breaking the 4th wall with its counter part brutal and dark plot. Our protagonist is the legendary nope ‘Spider’ and the other characters are: ‘The Pacifist Hero’ ‘Unconscious Gay Bestfriend’ ‘Moe Loli Teacher’ Yandere BroCon Sister’ ‘Stupid wannabe king of the world’ ‘Fanatic Religious girl’ ‘Pathetic Ninja’ ‘A combined Berserker and Gilgamesh Oni’ ‘Envious Badass Vampire’ ‘Mysterious loser god’ ‘evil god’ ‘delinquent tsundere with brother issues’ ‘Hard working demon secretary’ ‘Disappointing Demon King’ ‘Scum Elf’ ‘Over thinking pope’ ‘prisoned children’ ‘Cunning Monsters’... Just think about how ridiculous this novel is, especially the Greatness of Kumo-sama’s adventure.


NOTE: I Tried to simplify so much, but 'Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka?' is so complex that I have to mention the hidden messages, complex literature technique and the character's plot, this novel is very hard to judge. A reliable review of this series should know the Literature Technique, Tropes, Individual Elements, Character Judgment.


Let me talk about the story, just by reading the synopsis, you can already conclude what it’s all about, well I can definitely tell that this series is pretty predictable and the pacing is really slow until the “Great War” and then the “Elf Village Battle”... before going to the “Great War” the story is only focusing on the mc’s grinding skills, her level ups, and some dungeon monster battle, and the good thing is, we were given a Side Story about a Typical Reincarnated Hero with an unusual ‘Love Story’ of his best friend turned into a Hot Red Head Noble, and he has a Yandere Sister which compensates to the slow paced grinding and leveling battle story of our Greatest Protagonist ever Kumo. I’ve never seen such a novel who can use plot twist greatly and can make the world fascinating and unpredictable. There’s so much references from any Japanese series in this novel, but those references are so inferior if you’re going to compare it to the combination of their elements in this novel. In the first part of the series before the great war, most of the time is about Kumo’s adventure (grinding) in a funny way, though her methods of living are fascinating. The overall story in the first half is quite predictable despite of having complex and intelligent method of fighting and survival. Next is after the “Great War” where story have become much more interesting than before. The second part is more likely encounter then deal with it, but the most surprising thing in the second part was the overpowered skills and evolution of Kumo. The adventures have expanded, and some were fun like fishing a dragon (seriously?) and the story have become complex and unique like the satirical moments like Wars because of Religion, then there’s the rise of Kumo’s EXP which is relatively comparable to EXECUTION POINTS (Undertale Reference?) which paved the way to her evolution, and lastly Soul Hacking (just read it if you want to know). Aside from Kumo’s Badass story, the side story of our Typical Hero have become dark that puts the other stories into shame, there’s so much dark and tragic twist even though it’s a side story. Just imagine where your typical MC is living an easy life and then suddenly, his life turned into hell. And now the Hype of the Story, During and after the “Elf Battle”, this is the moment where the novel becomes the BEST. There’s so much events that have happened during the Elf Battle, I wanna spoil so much about because it’s too awesome and incredible, there’s so much twist, reveals, character development and lastly Cliffhanger, but I will leave it to you who’s planning to read it. Aside from the Elf Battle, the story have turned greatly that the flaws from the first half have become irrelevant. The best in this part is about Kumo’s complex characteristics and development, the story about leveling up and grinding have fulfilled its role, in short it’s gone, and the awesome fights of Kumo, was gone too, but turned into War Against the Destruction of the world. Now going back to the Post Elf Village story, the general story of the post ‘elf battle’ or the 3rd part has so many character development and twist, to make it simple there are multiple POV’s and multiple stories in the 3rd part of the novel. The story in the post “Elf Battle” is mostly about the character development of the other reincarnated people in the demon side, or the allies of Kumo, since the Side Story of Shun the Hero is about the story of the Human Side.

This novel is using unorthodox Novel of writing, where the Timeline and the POV’s are used in different ways, and the best part is there’s no Flashback overly done which is mostly used to most series just to make the plot complex and understandable. There’s no problem in the technique, but if the reader can’t get used to the style of author, then it’s her/his own problem, because the used of multiple POV and Different Timeline have become one of the signature literature technique of the novel, and only few can do something like this, like Baccano, which is favorable to Readers who prefers Creativity, Complex Setting, Intelligent writing, Unique development and balanced character perspective, if the complaint was the technique, then the problem lies to the reader, not the novel. This webnovel have fully used its potential and was able to present reasonable complex settings and was able to utilize its themes in unique way. And there’s also some satirical themes and great philosophies in which the other series fails to do, the best example was the changed in the reincarnated people, their perception from their old world have changed so much in the new world.



[The Description of the Spider Godess] (Note: goshujin-sama=Kumo) {CH.261}
「But, it’s that goshujin-sama? That goshujin-sama who is like an atrocity incarnate? That goshujin-sama who loves mass-murder and eating people’s flesh such that it makes me want to ask if you were born in hell?」


There’s only few series in web and light novels from Japan where Characters are well develop with development, not stupid but reasonable, and Human Thinking is applied to all characters. To make it simple, this Novel have the best characters so far in my standards, the characters probably the best it is to be compared to many novels with the same themes, elements, and setting. Kumo, the protagonist, who started grinding, fighting and leveling have become a complex character and unpredictable schemes with plot twist reveals, there’s so much to talk about her, she’s an incredible interesting complex being with fascinating personality and unpredictable way of thinking, and her weakness is the best. She is a badass intelligent character with her own unreliable breaking the 4th wall narration in the first part, then second part does have a great changed of story telling, where she reveals her type (Dandy) and her powers and evolution have changed greatly. Her perception throughout the world have changed, by the way, I want to mention that she has a power which depicts her very personality, and those powers were so unique that only few in the world was able to obtain, and those powers were achieve in different circumstances and development.

The supporting characters are hard to explain, they are so incredible that only few are flat and most are well-rounded with complex personality and development. Most of the supporting characters does not support the protagonist at all, most of them are neutral or enemies to her, since story started about her soloing the dungeon. And these supporting characters were used in a different timeline with their own POV chapters and stories, which makes them the main character in their own. Now the supporting characters were not ignored when it comes to their strength and intelligence, they also have their own personality and identity, and the they are developing from their old ways and their perception about life are progressing. Not only they have memorable characteristics, they have achieve certain overpowered skills which depicts their own personality, and they are the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ and the ‘Seven Virtues’, same case with Kumo. Achieving these unique skills or power gives balance on the story of the supporting characters and they give life to these skills like Full Metal Alchemist with Seven Virtues. The best thing here is the way of life of the supporting characters, since they were given a chance to witness the unique presentation of ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ and ‘Seven Virtues’ they change a lot from their former flawed characteristics from the past, not only that they change and they grow, but their philosophical moments are outstanding that fits their current identity. Not only the skills represent the very characteristics of the supporting characters, the abilities of these skills are awesome. We were given a story of supporting characters with the same style of Game of Thrones or Fate/Zero and even more closer to Baccano, where almost all the characters have their own in-depth story, experience, and growth development, except there’s a clear Protagonist and Antagonist in the whole story. Now for the antagonist, the antagonist is applied to the Side Stories and Chapters in different POV, to generalize the antagonist, they are well-rounded and reasonable, some were force because of circumstances, or some moves because of their instincts, to make it simple, there’s no clear antagonist in this novel except for the System. This novel is comparable to Bacanno in many ways, where it uses an unorthodox method of novel writing and the characters have their own POV and probably the hard distinction of Antagonist and Protagonist between the Supporting characters, though the difference was Kumo’s or the main chapters.


I’ve enjoyed this a lot, there’s so much creativity in this novel which I can’t find in other series. Despite of having terrible chapters in the first half, the second half have nullified its flaws have exceeded many novels. This novel have become one of the best novels I’ve ever read, the technique of writing is unorthodox, the creativity has reached its potential, there’s unpredictable setting while maintaining its consistency there’s so much twist. The characters were created uniquely with a depth, and only few were used as a plot device, most of them have identity to remember and with the help of the Author, most of them were given a time to their own POV in some chapters, which gives value to them. The most enjoyable here is the intelligent creativity of the novel and the interesting actions of the characters, this one deserves 5/5 but in my strict standards, it’s 7.83/10, though it has some flaws, this novel has its own original signature where other novels can’t copy, mostly it’s filled with unique elements where only few novel has and the common elements in this novel to other common novels were executed exceptionally.

Overall, if you are looking for a creative novel, read this novel, just keep in mind that this novel is different to others, expect what is unexpected then go read it. PATIENCE is a MUST before reading the story. Before you read it, prepare your BGM like from Undertale BGM or any GAME BGM. <<less
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VanAlex rated it
I Shall Seal the Heavens
May 4, 2016
Status: --
I’m new to the Xianxia theme novels, and honestly the numbers of novels that I’ve read are very few, it’s so few that it didn’t exceed the number of my fingers. Despite of that I can tell that ISSTH is really exceptional to many chinese web novels. If you don’t wanna read this long review, just go to the ~Enjoyment~ section.


ISSTH is composed of 1614 chapters and the translated chapters have almost finished the 4th Book, probably by this month the 5th book will be translated, now this novel... more>> is a continuous slow paced but very connected. ISSTH is not very complex, but also not simple, it’s actually it was able to mixed up its subject by using complex things while simplifying it overall, especially the DAO.

The Dao is a combination of road, way, path, course, direction, say, talk, speak, truth, principle. They may sound complicated but the overall story was portraying them in simple way, actually the only thing which unpredictable is the Dao, which makes the whole series exceptional to others. Overall the predictability and uniqueness of the story is not superior to many series, it’s even repetitive if you’ll try to look at it in a different picture, however it’s a clear evidence that ISSTH exceptional. ISSTH is very heavy on Dao, it’s so connected that it was able to connect some individual chapters like the 58th chapter to 625th chapter, which is about the “Dao” of the protagonist, also every legacies and power-ups was foreshadowed so much that the Plot Armor makes sense, If other series activates their plot armor in the dire situations, ISSTH is like a Soldier who wears an Plot Armor and Plot Weapon before he goes to war.

Note: I’ll try to differentiate the whole series by dividing them into Two, which is the combination of 1st, 2nd and 3rd book, and the 4th book since the first three books were composed of 300 chapters, and it’s the same case as the 4th book.

The Individual elements of the story is still the same as the others, the ‘Adventures’ are great, there were many places which was visited and the scale of the fantasy world was really vast, the entire story much bigger than I’ve anticipated, and the story was able to cover up only the half of the continent. The First 3 books was able to explore the 1st continent, while the 4th book was able to explore the 2nd continent, and there are 4 continents in total. The First 3 books was able to portray world building and the overall idea of the universe and it was able to create an intelligent exploration. However the 4th Book is the opposite, it’s not Logical and Intelligent as the First 3 books, even though it was filled with epic adventures which focuses on tribal, clan and sect wars, it has too much power ups especially Legacies. The First Three Book was very strict to its rule, even though the Protagonist was Unique, he can’t break that rule, however the 4th book have thrown out that logic and strict rules, the 4th book is mostly stereotypical.

There are few times that the ‘Action’ was really detailed and the action, the only problem was there’s too much “Chasing” happening throughout the whole series, there’s no book that it didn’t happen, every life and death situation involves chasing. The First 3 books have used too much chasing, but at the same time it’s very Logical and enthralling that most action is about that if it were to be compared to battles, but it’s the opposite in the 4th book, it’s the Protagonist who usually chase the antagonists The 4th Book is composed of War which is participated by thousands of people and most of the time the Protagonist is the Strongest, there’s no other person who was able to Stand Against him in the entire book, it’s quite flawed since the First Three books were balanced while in the 4th book it is not.

To Make it clear ISSTH in the First 3 Books were filled with Intelligent prerequisites, the 1st book is the most intelligent book of the 4 books, while the 3rd book is very refreshing except in the last scenes before the 4th book, the 2nd book is comparable to 4th book, though the 2nd book is much interesting than the 4th book, the only differences was there were so many Wars in the 4th book, while the 2nd book is much focused on adventurous exploration and amusing accidental lucky situations.

There’s a Good Balanced of Drama and Comedy, but most of the time the story is focused on Improving One Self which is an introversion type of character dynamics. There might be dramas which will focus on character development (not power or strength) in the future but for now, within the current translated chapters, there were only few scenes which can be considered as Dramatic scenes which gives an importance to character growth. The Comedy is usually executed by the antics of the other people whom the protagonist have met, especially the comedic relief which is the companions of protagonist (Meat Jelly and Lord Fifth).

My problem in the story is the Character Execution, one of the mottos of the story is “To Rely on Myself” this is not actually a flaw, but it’s an Identity, at the same time this Identity is not generally liked by many people including me. only few interaction and memorable moments throughout the 4 books, and those moments are generally like a Gold to readers like me, since the interaction throughout the 4 books is heavy on Observation, Reading, Suspecting and others, like there’s no room for trust and mutual connection, also the problem is the Interaction were written in simple words while the power-ups are so detailed that almost 75% is only about that.


It’s really fixed that Meng Hao will be alone in the plot until he meets his family, which might happen in the 5th book. His mother statement was:

“You must walk your ‘path alone’. Perhaps one day, you will find your way to us, and then you’ll understand everything... If you can’t make it, then mother will wait for you to be reincarnated in the yellow springs of the underworld.


The genre: “Romance” is just ‘ship tease’ but the possibility of romantic development is high. It seems that no matter where the protagonist went, he will attract attention. The interaction of the protagonist to some women leaves an impression to both women and readers, but I did not like the halfway style of the author, for 4 books, the 2nd book was able to create an interesting interaction, but leaves behind, especially the moment he became the Son in Law of Song Clan. The rest of the women were treated badly in terms of plot device and character execution, they did not become a fanservice either, but the author have used some women just to let the readers know that Meng Hao is attractive. At least there’s a fruitful interaction between Meng Hao and Xu Qing.


The comment of Meng Hao’s Mother is probably the best to simplify what I’m trying to say

“This kid has always been a player... He just can’t help but make girls like him.”



Meng Hao is the only who’s receiving the spotlight. His Dao can be found at chapter 625, which is full of philosophical moments. Meng Hao’s always Calm, his Killing intent is covered with calm appearance; Clever, he’s so clever that you can easily call him a cheater for his extortion skill, plunder and etc..; Usually cold that he doesn’t care for others except for those who are willing to die for him like Mastiff and Ke Yunhai, his Friends from the Reliance Sect and his Tribe, or for those who have terms and conditions, he will always try to protect them, but nothing more than that, and he might even try to leave them if the situation is dire; he’s a con-man, many women is attracted to him, but not only that, he knows how to deal with them, except he’s not interested in lustful ways nor romantic relationship, he’s really busy that he doesn’t have time to deal with that, the only way to attract his attention is to show love to him, much better if the women tried to die for him (I hope I can see that in the future) and the hell he tried to kill a puppy because of its noise; he’s cunning, but that’s only in the First 3 books, the 4th book is about showing his overpowered skills; he’s a changed man, he was a pacifist who loves peace, but he’s now the opposite; he’s deliberate loner, the whole series is just about him; he’s Fearless, but not an idiot like his enemies; he’s hard-worker, the whole series is about his works; he’s a hated protagonist, even I hate him, but I have to admit that he’s unique and admirable; he’s always lucky, finding things by accident or by serendipity is very common for him, and he takes advantage of it, and because of that, he owns great treasures, knowledge, and legacies; he’s very mischievous; he’s observant; he’s ruthless, he have killed many people in a brutal way, not only that, he even tortured people by studying them; he’s smart that he have taken many advantages.

His characteristics does not fit an ideal protagonist, he’s more fitted as an ideal antagonist. The supporting characters are well rounded, they do change a lot and they develop too, the only problem is that they don’t shine very well, since Meng Hao is always receiving the spotlight, at the same time, most of the Neutral characters are always ‘underestimating’ Meng Hao, and they can only change their impression afterwards, and one of the greatest problem are the antagonist, they are very shallow and most of them are stepping stones or just there for the clown show, only few have changed nor have tried to become new, but there’s no antagonist who’s worthy for Meng Hao to battle, eventually there’s no rival who can stand again’st Meng Hao. Well one of my demand is a worthy Antagonist who will be remembered throughout the story.


It’s a relief that translated chapters have only covered the 39% of it, if the whole series is just only made up of 600+ chapters, then I can say that it’s potential was wasted and have gone downhill. Honestly I’ve enjoyed the 1st book, because I’ve seen so much intelligent development and mind blowing scenes, also the author is not relying on typical tropes such as deus ex machina and plot armor, almost everything in the 1st book is unique, the only repetitive was the chase. I loved the 2nd book because of Chu Yuyan and Jelly Meat also because of the “Gathering at the Song Clan”. I like the 3rd book, it’s more refreshing, though there’s only a few interaction in it, also the debates are great and the best was the time he was almost dying in the last part. The 4th is the only thing that I didn’t like, honestly it’s filled with Epic Wars, Philosophical Moments and Reunion, but that’s it, most of the time was about Meng Hao’s power-ups, legacies, luck, boring fights, predictability, and the worst are extortion, plunder, torture, animal abuse (almost), bullying, though by doing these things, he gets a bad karma.

Even though I’ve mentioned countless flaws and strengths, Overall I’ve enjoyed it, since the series was exceptional and have exceeded what I’ve expected in many ways, and I’ve read this novel by playing epic BGM and by searching some Images, and there’s Great Philosophical Moments especially the way of Dao, and most of all the interaction of the supporting characters to Meng Hao is the best which is rare throughout the story like my favorite Chapter 189: All the Enemies Arrive.

I want to give thanks to Deathblade and his companions for their fast and quality translated chapters, I hope they can reach 60% of the novel by this year.
I want to congratulate ISSTH for its 800th chapter. I'll Edit this review after the end of the 5th book.

(the Trailers is a lie, I thought it’s a group adventure.) <<less
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VanAlex rated it
April 6, 2017
Status: erhart 2
The Original Review was on [https://www. Mangaupdates. Com/series. Html?id=127354] a gibberish rant against the biased reviewers and readers of Sevens, and it's too long that it can cover up a small thesis, and it's not yet complete.

Anyway SEVENS is an outstanding memorable masterpiece novel which uses classic form of literature which relies on Linear style with some background story. It's consistent on its plot and was able to use its individual elements correctly. There's no Deus Ex Machina or any form of cliche literature technique, the plot thickens as it... more>> progress, many forms of theories along the story can be speculate, it's mystery element was enthralling, especially the world and it's history. The Question Corner Provides what the unsatisfied audience asks, for the author interacts with the readers. Mostly it was Predictable when it comes to results it tries to get but when it comes to resolving the matter was very enjoyable to read. The Ending was epic, it's one of the novels which has closed its main story and opened side stories which was fun to read, the side story made me hope for another canon story set in the same world in the future (thought there was a story which was made but it was very short) <<less
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VanAlex rated it
Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki
May 5, 2016
Status: --
Instead of Overpowered Protagonist in Action, it’s a story of an Overpowered Protagonist in Mind, at the same time, it’s well balanced and the series overall is one of the best world transfer fantasy.
... more>>

First of all The story is really good, nice pacing and the arcs are well done, it’s a frame-up style which consist of at least 3 chapters to resolve a story, most of all the characters are interesting at the same time it’s one of the few unique novel out there which focuses on Domestic Affairs, Economy, Realistic Philosophy, Civil and World War, and many more, it’s not the same typical Weak MC gets Transfered and becomes OP, the best here is that It’s Realistic. The use of Literature techniques and the Individual Elements are well done, it’s almost Flawless since the only problem in this series was the slow release of translated chapters.

The Characters are all well rounded, most of them are not unique but they are exceptional to others. The Protagonist Souma can be considered a Cheat MC, despite of trying to have a chill life, he’s unexpectedly informative and probably the problem is that He’s too intelligent that supporting characters can’t compete against him, at least every character has its own spotlight. The Supporting characters are really good, not unique but also not flat one dimensional characters, they change too and they do unexpected things which balances the story, even the antagonist are well done and only few are foolish. Most of them are memorable and unpredictable.

Who can’t enjoy this one, if there are, then they are probably mindless people who enjoys typical series or the people who are trying to act intelligent that demands to nerf the protagonist, well the only problem that I’ve seen is the Overpowered Intelligent Protagonist, nothing more than that. This novel is not Flawless, but it was able to point out realistic development with the plot convenience of living in fantasy world. I’ve enjoyed this a lot since it’s really intelligent and there’s so much famous references made by historical icons.
[Post Review Edit]
This is my post review after reading up to latest chapter (c3c5). My overall impression didn't change that much from the beginning but it has become less impressive in the recent chapters as of this late, at the very least, the "Harem" genre was tackled in political way.
I will point out some flaws in this novel as of now since I was not able to point it before, first of all, it's the 'smooth' and 'flawless' easy way of story telling in which plot convenience was used too much, so many problems was solved easily, it was so easy that I don't expect any threats or suspense in this story. Well it's more of a "Slice of Life" with "Politics" not a "Practical Political Novel" (unless you want to see Donald Trump's action hahaha). But it does not mean it's not possible to happen since the smooth political story was actually happening in my country (the awesome mother freaking Philippines) So I don't think having a smooth easy way of telling a political story was a problem, but I don't think it's entertaining enough for me unlike in my country or some country who loves "populism" like USA, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary or others. The Second flaw was the shallow characters which is quite predictable in this novel, they may be not typical compared to other Japanese novels, but it does not mean they have a big difference. As of now the only unpredictable characters I know was Prince Gaius VIII of Amadonia Principality and General, the Lion-faced beastman, Georg Carmine. They are so Manly that their Deaths was too good to ignore, while Gaius was a fool most of the time, but his death was a philosophical one trying to become the sole villain to all the sins of his country to prevent the Wrath of the Empire, while Carmine died to remove corruption of the noble corruption with him as a criminal in the history, both died Protecting their country, and both branded as a villains of their country. Third flaw was the introduction of entertainment industry, communication and technological advancement, the story has so much moments about the entertainment industry copying the media system service like the television always do, and there's a big difference on developing the communications and technologies, not that it's a demand (since a demand in a story is not a criticism) but there was too much entertainment that even after the war, the entertainment industry has become the biggest priority in this novel (to be honest I don't know whether this is a political novel or an Idol Novel) that it was again tackled in the latest chapter (c3c5). It's not a problem for me though since this is the only novel I know that uses entertainment industry in a Japanese fantasy novel.
So far the 'realism' still in the element of the story, and the philosophical aspect of this story was still better than most of the novels (even the biggest classic novel "The Legend of the Galactic Heroes" which was praised by the elitist of the Anime Community for its classic themes and Political views along with the military strategy and romanticize elements) and this novel relies heavily on some of the most prominent people in the history like the Machiavelli's philosophy and Sun Tzu's art of war. For now It still deserves '5 out of 5' stars as a recommended novel, but I will rate it as '7.75 out of 10' for my personal judgement (one to five stars is few for me to rate this novel) And if you're planning to read it, treat as a "Slice of Life" Novel not as a "Political Novel"

Totally Recommended along with Ookami to Koushinryou, Rakuin no Monshou, Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha and Juuni Kokki, most of them are intelligent fantasy.

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VanAlex rated it
Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi
May 10, 2016
Status: --
Hohoho, now this is what I call Erotic Masterpiece, this fits the title of King of Pleasure, this novel is a must read for Men.

This novel is using episodic frame-up style, and much most of the chapters are filled with erotic scenes, and not only erotic writing is present, but a series filled with epic battles and complex writing, in short an Erotic Novel with Plot. One of a kind Unique novel, and it’s predictable but the execution aren’t. Intelligent and Erotic writing combined is the major element of... more>> this series, but what I love is the individual elements, the genres keeps up with the story and the tags are used very well. The use of literary technique is average, but how the author use is quite funny, especially the porn logic and porn stage play.

The characters are definitely interesting, and in my surprise the character are well rounded, but they’re quite predictable. The protagonist, Aegir is the very definition of Alpha Male and Manly characteristics which were often used during the classic period of Anime and Manga, so he’s comparable to the Great Protagonist of Old, at the same time he’s a Gentleman Pervert, he knows how to control his lust and know how to court and to sleep with women. The Supporting characters are mostly made up of girls, and these girls mostly sleeps with Aegir, the awesome thing in this novel is, they were not treated as s*x objects, but as women. Honestly the author knows how to court women, unlike any wish fulfillment erotic series out there, this one knows to teach its readers in abstract way. The only problem here is the lack of antagonist, well to make it simple, the author knows how to make reasonable antagonist though most of time they aren’t notable or just your typical rapist, except for Ash, he’s one of the manliest antagonist in this novel. I don’t like the Character Design in this novel, so I’m using Lancer from Fate Zero as the ideal design for Aegir’s characteristics, because he’s only 15 and his character design makes him like a 40 years old, same case with the girls, I’ve been searching a lot of characters for design in google, konachan, pixiv, etc...

I’ve enjoyed this a lot, and I’m looking forward on the upcoming chapters, and probably this novel has a lot to offer in the future. I love erotic series, but I also like intelligent writing, and this novel has it, and this novel is filled with potential. Totally Recommended for MEN. <<less
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VanAlex rated it
Tales of Demons and Gods
June 24, 2016
Status: c150
This is actually my first Chinese Novel, I've read this because the manhua is so popular in Mangatown, but I've read many negative reviews about it, then some review have mentioned the novel I Shall Seal the Heavens as a better choice than this.

As much as I'm new to Chinese Novels, this type of series is their greatest flaw or what you call generic, if the Japanese Novels have those Pacifist Herbivore Overpowered Chick Magnet Protagonist, then Chinese have those Carnivorous chick maget OP MCs with too many power-ups,... more>> legacies, hidden items, and their characteristics being underestimated and ruthless, not to mention that most of them talks about how godly they, even though they don't deserve title.

Before, I was blind to the novel world, but I'm already enlightened to some degree that I know what is good or bad, either way I can tolerate some generic or average series as long as they have interesting premise, but I've learned that Knowledge is power, being enlightened is important and Time is precious, and I've concluded to Drop this Novel.

To make it simple, this novel is one of those Trash covered in Fake Gold, it's too attractive because of its Popularity but it's also the greatest Regret that I've done in my Novel Milestone.
Now I can't think better but Disappointment to many Chinese Novels if these Kind of Novel are on the Top Rankings, especially if their so Highly praised but doesn't deserve the Recognition. Actually I don't detest Chinese Novels, in fact I love them, but there's only One Type of Chinese novel that I avoid, it's "XUANHUAN"

Now unto the Difference of 'Xuanhuan, Xianxia, and Wuxia'
(东方玄幻 – Dōngfāng Xuánhuàn) : Fictional stories centered primarily on Oriental myths, legends and fairy tails or ones that use such elements as their basis which is different to Classic Immortal Hero
(古典仙侠 – Gǔdiǎn Xiānxiá) : Traditional stories about immortal heroes or Historical Martial Hero
(历史武侠 – Lìshǐ Wǔxiá) : Stories mainly about martial heroes that also incorporate history to a greater extent, or stories about history that are written straightforwardly in the martial hero style and Traditional Martial Hero
(传统武侠 – Chuántǒng Wǔxiá) : Stories containing traditional martial hero elements, the works by Liang-Jin-Gu (Liang Yusheng, Jin Yong and Gu Long) being representative of the genre.
But Most of the Xuanhuans are Shallow, and only few are Genuine Xuanhuan like Panlong.

Now Unto TGD, is this really bad as people says or is worth to read? well I can't judge this properly since I've DROPPED it after reading it from chapter more or less 150 chapters, as long as I can remember, It's in the time of Testing the Guardian Totems, but don't expect Biased review.

~STORY~ 2.5/10
The score was low but the characteristics of Xuanxuan element is still present, the world building was ok, but the element of where the plot revolves is unbalanced, to make it simple, the greatest in the City is none other than the Protagonist, and the outside was still a mystery, and I don't plan to read it. The Good thing in this series was there's some 'Connection' that revolves in the plot, and again, it's because the author wrote MC's awesomeness just to make a preparation for plot devices, just think of a Soldier with a decent Gun (plot devices and plot development which makes sense), who can reload (Repeat or Recycle) because of many ammo (connection made in the plot, like Achievements and Character Interaction) but can't hit the target (The Quality of the Plot)
In short this is nothing, you're like Cooking and there's a Decent Ingredients, yet it didn't taste Good. And I doubt that TGD is getting Better.
And forget about the Decent Ingredients, sometimes there's so many Plot Holes about the Past.

~Character -1~
The Biggest Downfall of the Novel, I'm not sure why is the Manhua is so popular and it's being compared to Naruto, I want to rant how good Naruto is compared to TGD, but let's be logical. Naruto has at least a decent amount of Characters, and these Characters were given depth through 'Back Story alias Fillers' and the Anime did much better (or worse) Fillers than the manga, but TGD is nothing compared to the Epic Characters of Naruto, None of them have relied to Naruto to get Stronger, they've only relied/depended on him during the hardest times which they can't Handle, and there's so many worthy Antagonist too.
Now Think Naruto as a Buffet Dinner set in a Table, then Flip it, (table flip) that would be TGD's worth, wasted tasty food in the floor.
The Protagonist Nei Li, lived for a Thousand Years, luckily he got a Plot Device Legendary Notebook (like Dragonballs) that has Resurrected Him, and his adventure is about relying on the Past, that's why he can't move on, so he decided to Rate and Judge people based on his Experience, and the scaling was simple, which was good in the past, is good also in the present times, vice versa with the bad guys. Then the story sticked with that motto that none of the asshole have become better in character, they are even just getting worse, as for the Side characters, well they were like 'Friends for Praise' I wanna make a choir for them lol, these guys can't live without the MC, I mean seriously author, at least on Naruto, the Side characters were Badass and they didn't relied so much to Naruto, and even the author mentioned that side characters were much badass compared to the MC, yet the author have turned them into Character Decoration?... Tsk, the MC is a wimp in the past who became badass, I would prefer to read the story of the Past adventures than to read what is presently written on this novel, since in the Past he knows 'Manners' and 'Respect' but you could say that he's weak that have become strong in knowledge
(since there's so many plot holes about his story, like he didn't past the Silver Rank, but he's the Greatest Alchemist)

~Enjoyement~ 2
I can't enjoy these type of series, thought I'm amazed that I've tolerated it up to 150, this is a waste of time, even though I appreciate the Translator and I respect the Author for his Job, and I didn't pay a cent for it for reading it, still I regret that I've read it. Save your time, money can't buy it.
First of all, this story has nothing to Offer, but only 'Glory' of the Protagonist.
Second, the protagonist can't even make himself Respectful, he does not have Charisma to become one, he's just an asshole in character. The author could have made him Respectable through intelligent arguments or debates, at least he has a knowledge of worth of a Thousand Years.
Third, the MC is a phedophile, it's only natural to get attracted to women, and it's reasonable since he was resurrected, but in that childs body is an experienced old man, I doubt that People will love to read it if he has an image of an old man too.

There's so many reason why I have to drop this, but the only thing that I want is 'Quality' and this one does not have that 'Quality' that I want to see in a Novel, I Shall Seal the Heavens is a Xianxia, so I can't compare it and I've already Decided to Abstain myself from Xuanhuan, unless it has received Positive Reliable Reviews with a proper Judgment and refined taste when it comes to Novels.

Overall This series has the potential but was destroyed by Glorification and Fanservice (not only ecchi thing has fanservice, but also Overpowered Moments is a type of Fanservice) and Shallow, and full of disappointment.
If you're into Chinese Novels, (since I'm not) Make sure that You're reading a Novel Worthy of its Praise, not full of shallow moments, not full of retard characters, not repetitive and make sure it's Unique. This novel is also one of the reason why I don't read Chinese Novels, since only few has written character depth, and Even ISTTH has barely able to keep up on my Standards, and the chinese novels that receives genuine praise were made for women. <<less
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VanAlex rated it
My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending
May 6, 2016
Status: --
It’s one of the unique novel which was able to combine unusual elements which is Foul Mouthed Protagonist which leads to misunderstanding but the most exceptional factor here is the Usage of Economics, Schemes, Psychological Thinking, which is about the Intellectual Part, also there’s Battles, but they are still typical if it was to be compared to its intellectual counterpart. The Story is progressing in a fast but decent pace, frame-up story, considering that it has only 50 chapters in total which is not questionable. Complex story which is about... more>> the intellectual schemes of the protagonist with the combination of simple battle premise makes this story very different to other novels. The First Half is about the execution of the domestic affairs of the noble household, also about the character depth, thought provoking and logical reasonings about the game play, the only problem is the ‘foul mouthed trope’ of the protagonist and his denial to his existence due to the game mechanics. The individual elements are really good, so far most of these elements are consistent and was able to elaborate what it’s trying to do, though it’s quite slow even though the whole story is in decent pace. The protagonist Kazuki, who became Harold, which is the antagonist of the who’s fate will lead to death, basically the title is all about Harold (not gonna use Kazuki) who’s trying to evade his death by doing redeeming deeds and training. Harold’s identity was his cruelty towards common people, and that identity was still maintained because of his automatic foul mouth which only changes with his parents, also his character is very complex, he’s to focus on evading ‘flags’ even romantic flags in order for the ‘True Protagonist’ to shine in the world he lives, so he’s basically the version of batman the dark knight. Most of the Supporting characters are well rounded and complex, they are also flawed but with redeemable strengths, though they have to tolerate themselves towards the Harold’s harsh treatment. So far there’s no Antagonist, if there is, then it’s the Parents of Harold who became his pawns, but so far only the Last Boss is the predetermined Antagonist of the Story.

Despite of having Exceptional Plot and Characters, my enjoyment is not that much if it’s to be compared to Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki, since the mood of the whole series is in the middle of Light and Heavy, to make it simple, if there’s color Black and White, then this series is Gray. It’s not Boring but also not interesting as it seems, it became repetitive for Harold to become harsh to any people, which makes the series quite unbearable and dreadful, also he only helps people not because of kindness, it’s because of the story of the game which he’s trying to change while not destroying the original plot, and because of that Harold have become unconsciously concern to other people while trying to become the person which is supposed to be hated. In short he’s doing what’s the best for the people and for himself while trying to stick to his identity as an antagonist, in short he's still facing the biggest crisis of letting people die or being saved. Which is the reason why it’s hard to enjoy because of complex issues written by the author. Overall the series is very intelligent and unique, and Harold is an Overpowered Cheat MC who excels in Mind and Body. It’s not perfect but it’s not common either, it’s interesting but also dreadful. So far it’s good, though it’s one of those series which is Hard to Judge, to read, and to recommend, therefore it depends on you who’s reading this review whether to read it or not. <<less
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VanAlex rated it
Semi Datte Tensei Sureba Ryuu Ni Naru
May 7, 2016
Status: --
It’s been only a month since I’ve started to begun to have an interest in reading Novels, and I’ve searched in advanced method where I will not rely on popularity, but on rankings through the help of MangaUpdates and NovelUpdates. Because of my elitism, I’ve only picked few novels which are worth of my time, and this is one of those novels that I’ve picked. My expectations on this one was low and I’ve thought it’s just a romantic comedy, but in my surprise this is one of those Poetic... more>> Novels which contains Satirical Moments, Inspirational Moments, Logical Sense, Philosophies, Romantic Sense, Deep Friendship, Ethics which is against the Law of the Jungle, and most of all Love.

This is probably “One of the Best Short Novels” in existence, I’ve never imagined that an short novel will be able to pull a decent paced episodic execution into a masterpiece. Very Unique and Complex which gave me a memorable time to hook me up despite of my lack of sleep, honestly this is one of those series which was able to give a life reflection despite of being a light story. This novel is very simple, yet the underlying message are far too deep than I’ve ever imagined. The Individual Elements are well done, the Comedy was a spot on, it’s so funny yet so deep, the execution of the funny moments contains great messages, the Romance is very simple but theres also deep messages and sensible messages about Genuine Romance, seriously this novel was able to point out what Real Romance is supposed to be, it’s under Seinen Demographic (17+ Boys), but the Whole series is probably good to all audiences ages 13 and above. It’s under seinen because of the messages and some erotic (not really) dialogue.

The Characters are very well rounded and very complex, most of them have character development, even though the novel is short, it’s better than the most Novel with many chapters. The characters are very memorable, they do react in realistic way and the best of them are they are unpredictable, they are so good and most of them have memorable moments and they have respective spotlight, the story didn’t focus on the protagonist, but to all characters and treated very well. Our Protagonist is nameless, so I’ll call him “Min”, he’s a very amusing but respectful character, he’s a Cicada in his heart but a Dragon in Body and Wise as a Human. He acts as a cicada but does sticks to his Identity as a Dragon and Speaks and interacts like a Human, he’s one of those characters with complex characteristics but He’s one of the Ideal Protagonist. Min was an unpredictable guy who was responsible to complex messages that I’ve mentioned. The Supporting characters are well done, they are very well rounded and complex and does not stay as the same as they are before, most of them have develop incredibly like Min, and everyone is memorable. There’s only One Antagonist (Nyuju) and that antagonist is far better than most Antagonist in many novels, there’s a logical sense and reasonable explanation. This novel can turn into dark if it wants to be since Nyuju’s depth was too dark if it will be compared to the novel’s Light theme counterpart, but at the same time she develop so much and her character development was not force as the others try to do, where she was able to make friends with Min and his friends. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I wasn’t able to get a decent sleep, so enjoyable because this novel have exceeded everything that I’ve imagined, my impression have change, this Novel Deserves Perfect 5 out of 5 stars w/out judging it complicatedly, as for my standards, it’s 8.75 out of 10, I’ve Never Scored 10/10 and the Highest score that I’ve ever scored is only 9.50 only to Anime “Godfather” and Manga “Vinland Saga”. The Score 8.75 in my standards is a series that have exceeded my expectations, the elements are very complex and does not rely on typical tropes, the characters are well done which can’t be copied by other series, and the Things that I’ve mentioned in my opening. Overall I recommend this Short novel, I tell you to read it, and read it with Intellectual Mind. This series is not your Typical Series, this series is for Elitist Standards, for Higher Mind who enjoys intelligent setting and unpredictability. <<less
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VanAlex rated it
Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter
May 7, 2016
Status: --
Like most of the typical novel “Reincarnation, World Transfer and “Overpowered Protagonist” is applied here, the Exceptional Things are “Political schemes, Economic development and Business Management”

The novel is using frame-up technique, but one of the problems in this novel is the slow pacing execution, It’s not really bad but it’s one of those problems that affects the character development. The story is not really complex, nor simple, but to call it unique is an exaggerated remark, this one in the category of ‘exceptional’. The novel does not rely on... more>> the typical tropes of Shoujo themes nor relies on the Adventure themes, most of the time the novel focuses on Business management and Territorial development, it’s not really bad but it makes the novel very ‘predictable’. There’s only few complex things which was mentioned in the novel and almost are very simple, well the as I’ve stated, the story is slow and it’s affecting the development. The Individual elements are so slow, it’s more on foreshadowing the schemes, planning rather than results. The ‘genres’ does not shine very well, the ‘tags' (shorten version of Business Affairs [just look in the information of the novel] are shining so much that most of the chapters are all about the ‘tags’. So the problem here is the Execution, since the novel is quite intelligent but it’s not very intelligent as it seems to be. Well as for the redeeming factor, it’s Intelligent, most of the time is all about the intelligent dialogue and planning, it’s logical, the Business was logical, it’s realistic, like the Improvement of the Fief. The characters here are very predictable, only few are well rounded and some are still mysterious. Though that might be the case, at least the characters are developing in a very slow way and at least they are not typical as the other novels. The Protagonist is a very intelligent character, but at least she’s not the Perfect Character as it seems to be, but she’s not flawed either too, the only problem to her is that she’s not good at Romance that have lead to trust issues. The supporting characters are flat or not well rounded, but not so much to consider them as plot devices or stepping stone, just bad execution and lack of written developments about them, the only redeeming supporting character is the Queen Dowager, the Mother of the protagonist and the Prince. The antagonist are still your typical stupid characters, except for Yuri who seems to have a mysterious background. So only few are memorable and most are forgettable, well the main problem here is the execution.

Well I’ve mentioned so much Flaws, but I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve never regretted reading this novel, it’s not mindless like most of the novels out there, nor it’s full of unpredictable intelligent writing, it’s really one of those novel that I enjoy despite of flaws, and those flaws are forgivable. This novel is not dreadful, trying hard, nor stupid, it’s a novel that is aware of itself, the whole series focuses on the responsibility of the protagonist. Well the most enjoyable thing here is the process of transferring the knowledge by using that knowledge to improve the livelihood of the people, where responsibility, discipline, and goal setting shines.

Overall if you like to an exceptional world transfer reincarnation overpowered intelligent protagonist, then this is one of the best pick along with “A Realist’s Kingdom Reform Chronicles” before reading Genuine Intelligent Econmic Focus Novels like “Ookami to Koushinryou” and “Maoyuu Maou Yuusha” <<less
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VanAlex rated it
Our Second Master
May 7, 2016
Status: --
A simple premise of a life changing love story of both characters, I love how straight it was when it comes to its message. Honestly the story focuses on the development of our Lead Characters.

It’s so short but so good, decent pacing and the literary techniques are well done in the narration of the Heroine’s Perspective. It’s so unique and direct to its message, it’s not very complex but simple, yet it’s so simple that it gave complex feelings. An example of great development and realistic portrayal of Two Lovers... more>> who struggled to live like a Husband and Wife. I like the overall story of the novel, very plausible and deserves High Ratings. Our Protagonist is a girl who calls herself “monkey” honestly is there any decent girl who would self depreciate, I don’t think so, but because of her lack of self esteem and her previous treatment from her by her own Master Yang seems made her so stupid that she’s unconsciously fell in love with her master, at the same time she’s so stupid hahaha. Our Hero Yang alias “Second Master” have a great character development and was able to become one of the best characters who have improved so much from his former spoiled lifestyle, his inspiration was the best reason he became successful in life, he’s a tsundere honestly, well I’ll let you found out why. I’ve enjoyed this so much, it’s so short but so good, even though I’m a guy this work is a spot on to inspire, to become successful and to live for the love ones. Honestly I like the perspective of the girl who’s doing her best to her master, and I love the master who’s trying to make his servant’s life beautiful. The Power of Forgiveness and Love on this novel is too strong.

Overall I like the story, simple but it leaves complex feelings, it has meaningful inspirational message. Definitely Must Read. <<less
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VanAlex rated it
No Game No Life
July 25, 2016
Status: v6
NO GAME NO LIFE, a series filled with many quirks and antics, and even momentarily parodies, made by Kamiya Yuu which gave an impression of being a Lolicon with his fantastic drugged art...

I've watched the anime first, but I decided to read this from Vol.1-Vol.6 since there was an announcement about Vol.6 being adapted into Movie, so since I like No Game no Life for its unique theme 'Game' then I decided to read it just to know what is the Vol.6 or the Prologue of the Whole series which... more>> depicts the 'Great War'

The anime was entertaining, even Kamiya admitted that the director has surpassed what he thinks, amazingly the anime which is the first 3 Vol. was adapted very close to the original material, but there are some minor details and events which was removed, although it doesn't affect the whole plot... Overall I can say that the Anime did a good job, so basically there's no need to read the whole series, not that I regret it but I think it would be better to watch the anime then proceed to Vol.4

But that's not the case, I will try to differentiate Vol.1-5 vs. Vol.6

The World Building was magnificent, the antics and the comedic element was good, but there's too much slice of life elements which drags the 'game scenes' and these 'game scenes' are quite boring in a sense that they are so predictable back-up with many unpredictable revelations.... The author have relied too much on 'Mary Sue' elements and created some 'Deus Ex' Explanation, not that it's bad but it's filling the plot holes of the story, and there's too much glorification in the first 5 books. But the Author is aware of its flaws, not that he minds it, but he Intended to write it like that, and the 'Evidence' that he can make NGNL a masterpiece was the Vol.6.... so does NGNL first 5 vol. sucks?? In my standards it is, but in another perspective, it was purposely made, though I don't know the reason why it was made like that, but at least Yuu Kamiya, the author knows the flaws of the novel and he's aware of it, and he used it as his plot device which sucks.

But the Vol.6 the Masterpiece of No Game No Life, the Reason why I'm writing this review in the first place, the reason why I scored it 5/5 or in my strict standard 7.5/10
The Vol.6 started with Tet and Izuna, more likely it started where Tet told the legendary story to Izuna, while playing games...

The Prologue of the story, the world building and the setting was quite dark, but realistic, so far it has started with a group of people and showing their survival tactics, there was a lethal miasma that can cause poison and the races were at war. The humans have lived in a place called 'colony', in order to survive, the humans needs to venture out in order to investigate its surroundings, and going outside means going with death, it's like Attack on Titan or something, but the survival rate is higher than AoT, since the enemies are the 'Races' the ones who are waging war on themselves.... So far the World Building of the past was really harsh, but amazingly the Humans have survived by any means necessary.

As much as I want to spoil, the novel is 500+ pages and I think it would better if you read it yourself, but what I've loved which made me hard to recover was the Ending.

Vol.1-5 → 5.5/10

The story was good, but it's too flawed, most of the arcs takes up to 2 vol. each, with exemption of Vol.1 and Vol.6, for Vol.2 and 4, half of their contents were slice of life, more likely light hearted moments which does not affect the whole story, and most of the '2nd half' of each volumes focuses on games and revelation, which makes the plot more serious. So sometimes NGNL drags its plot but most of them makes sense while it gives an underwhelming impression, and some of the plot devices are repetitive.

The Ten Pledges makes the series unique, and sometimes there are some loopholes which can be taken for granted, the elements were good, there's also the usage of Virtual Reality in the Fantasy World, even Dream World exist. The setting was unique overall.

This is the best Vol. so far, the world was chaotic, there are no rules and there's no beauty on it. The story was kinda dark from the start, it has so many elements which does not exist in the first 5 vol. But on the later part, it has become light hearted on the '2nd Quarter', but the '2nd Half' was a Masterpiece. Despite of Having a predictable Outcome in the end, since it was mentioned in the 5th Vol. the Execution was superb which made the Story Memorable. Overall Vol.6 Is an Example of a Masterpiece which can be compared to many Novels and other Series, and I'm glad that it will be adapted to an Animated Movie.

[I'll continue this review later since I'm having a headache while writing this, it may due to reading the 6th. Vol. Straight hours hahaha] <<less
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"I Saved Too Many Girls and Caused the Apocalypse" - yep, basically the whole plot, and now he has many girls around him, each volume introduces at least one girl, so there's more or less 20 girls at the ending. I really like this light novel, fortunately there's an adapted manga to compensate for the lack of translated chapters. What I like in this series was the creativity which is very hard to do, and that creativity that I'm talking about the many existing elements mixed in this series, to... more>> make it simple, it's like Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Real world were the ingredients used to make a salad which is the novel. It's already hard to make a novel with only one genre, but the Author has handled it very well. So if you're planning to read this, better read the manga, the translated manga has surpassed the translated content of this Light Novel. Totally recommended if you're looking for Decent Harem with characteristics and Awesome Main Character. <<less
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VanAlex rated it
April 17, 2017
Status: c47
Sevens is one of my favorite novel as of date, since it focuses on the logical aspect and the wisdom of the ancestors which was the core of the main story, and the novel Dragoon was made by the same author of Sevens. I was really excited about it to the point of making a review by putting basic information and a review from the web novel site Syosetu, all are 'copy pasted' if you've read my review before using google translator. The reason why the posted review before was... more>> confusing. Now this is the real review up to the latest translated chapter.

The description of Dragoon for many reviewers was a satire reincarnation like the novel "How to Kill Reincarnators from Earth" where both main characters refuse to become a supporting character in their own world, the other novel was closer to seduction skills and adult female relationship along with their character development, It's close to "The World God Only Knows" where the main goal was to seduce the heroines. Ironically World Transfers before are quite underrated compared to the School Harem setting novels, and they are still popular, separated by sci-fi or fantasy genres. Most world transfer were ignored until some novel have put

Second Chance, Adult Mind in child's body and Cheat Abilities were used as the biggest tropes of the main plot, which has inspired many Japanese Web Novels, Now there's too much Accidents happening in many novels to start their main story, especially Truck Accidents. While Dragoon pointed out that Reincarnation Novels were stupid. He pointed out how illogical many story was. But Dragoon does not focus on satire or parody plots, but rather on Character Development.

If You Wanna read Dragoon, Read it up till Chapter 29 and decide whether to drop it or not. It has a fast updates with only few spelling errors.

Spoilers Ahead

Back to the main topic, Dragoon was set in a 'Game world' where the main protagonist of the game story was supposedly d*ckhead stupid rich hated brat, but with some inspiration by looking at the famous Dragoons, he have become an earnest hard working character, talented in utilizing both magic and sword which heavily relies on techniques rather than raw power and strengthening. Also he's a dragoon otaku, geek, nerd or maniac about them, coincidentally became a 'Pick Up Artist' who's good at petting skills which can be used as an instant foreplay, but he's too dense that he does not know common sense. There's also the Game Protagonist who's a cheat, strong in raw power with almost unlimited mana and explosive power, knowledgeable in the game and knows what will happen in the future, but none of the events which was set in a game occurred which left him dumbfounded and restless because the Main Character of the real story have stolen all the events made for him as a game protagonist. Well the real problem was his awkward characteristics also his trauma from being bullied which kept him from getting deserving attention from the game characters. So there are two protagonist, but for these past chapters the Main Character of the Main story is the Main focus, while the Game Protagonist is still a treated as a side character along with the Archdukes Sons.

For the Literary Technique, the story pacing was quite fast, and it slows when it comes to some events and fights, but mostly it skips many months and years without many details on them, it's a straight to the point plot writing compared to the detailed versions of Chinese novels. For 3 years, the Dragoon's MC is still in School, while in Sevens, the MC was an Emperor who has 25 wives, and the number of chapter used in Dragoon was 30+ while in Sevens was 300+. There's also a problem with the technique, which is the famous Deus Ex Machina or Plot Armor, the MC in the dragoon was already rescued several times, this makes the quality content lower than many novels. While in Sevens it was not used even ones, or should I say it was used in a tactical way like the existence of Mr. Lyle and Goddess Novem aka Yuno ver.2.0. Where most plot armor where logical, but honestly Sevens Cheats the situation rather than using plot armor. And the biggest problem of the plot was the usage of EMOTIONS, which pulls the readers into empathy, while the main cause of the problem was the questionable existence of the Arses Family, the mc's family who hated the MC so much without any reason to do so, there's also the Servants and the many more related to Arses hates the MC, Except for his Little Sister Lena.

I don't like the existence of the Arses Family and their subordinates who hates the MC to the point of destroying his enjoyable school life. Jealousy and envy was the main cause of their hate and nothing more, even in Sevens, those shallow but effective way of becoming an obstacle was the biggest reason of Celes. Either Way the author can't make any decent memorable antagonist or stepping stones, I would appreciate if the Author can use the Technique of One Piece who uses Background Stories, well I don't like Naruto's Style of filler. Well the author is really bad at beginning of the story, but he makes a good story in the middle and ending parts of the story. Most Reviews and Reaction to Dragoon was positive in the original Site Syosetu, so you don't have to worry about reading this novel.

Even with my criticism this is more enjoyable than Sevens, since Sevens is an intellectual logical novel which was sensible but also hard to read especially in the early chapters where the protagonist was too pathetic to read to the point of dropping, and there're a hundred of chapters before he becomes an enjoyable badass unique intelligent protagonist. Dragoon is more easier to swallow, but also plays with your emotion since the main point of the story was about the protagonist defying his role as a stupid character, he will be hated, will be rumored as a failure, it's closer to Shield Hero but at least he makes up with his achievements which slows down his falling reputation. You'll enjoy the funny moments of the MC talking about "How to Pet a Dragon" which is a masterpiece book of Seduction Petting Skills which was needed by many men in real life. Recommended if you're sick of Reincarnation stories, also recommended if you're into hard working protagonist, recommended for those who're looking for dense pure beta male lead, or if you've read Yorai's Translated Work like Shield Hero And Sevens. Also pardon for the wrong grammars, I have headache while writing this <<less
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Lol when I see some novels like this, Reversed beauty, ironically it is actually revered as beauty standard like:

Italian Renaissance (C. 1400-1700)

  • Ample Bosom
  • Rounded Stomach
  • Full Hips
  • Fair Skin
During the Italian Renaissance, it was the wife’s duty to reflect her husband’s status, both in behavior and outward appearance. A full body, light hair and light skin were all thought of as the superior indications of beauty.

Well this is an easy to swallow plot, sure that it's a wish fulfillment but rather it shows inferiority complex than erotica, I really recommend it if... more>> you're trying to chill by reading this, don't expect long s*x content which will give you long boners while reading. I did enjoy it but I won't score it high in my standards. <<less
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