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I read ahead in the raws, so here is what to expect: the cover picture is accurate for the content. 40% of the content is the main character is a jester/playboy/magic trickster even after becoming a Sage and gaining vast magic. 30% of the content is the two big breast lolis, with it frequently being mentioned that their breasts are huge and sway a lot. The MC also sleeps with them, but lewd stuff is mostly implied. The remaining 30% of the content is a background plot where the typical... more>> demon lord versus heroes plot gets a little complexity and intrigue.

In short, this is for someone that is okay with the MC easily defeating enemies with card trick/stageshow magic in between having the two overly busty lolis glomp him. <<less
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This has some serious problems in later chapters, so keep low expectations. It's an okay story up until they go to the capital.

The adventuring part of the story is rushed and messed up. The girls will be powered up quickly, become famous quickly and then become casual adventurers. I'll provide a parody example to limit spoilers: "I know you girls just got back from subjugating a dragon, but that didn't count as a guild quest. Since you're still newbies, you'll need to have some random dude that just showed up... more>> assigned to your team for this goblin subjugation, even though everyone knows you're way stronger than your rank."

The major problem can't be pointed out without spoilers since it's a major plot development:

Iris gets a human form and then rapidly devolves into damsel in distress. This includes a 3-5 chapter stretch of her being publicly s*xually assaulted, then a bit later in the story suddenly everyone wants her to get a boyfriend and get married. She also stops developing her combat ability and switches to a more passive support healer role.

If all of this makes anyone think she evolves from a golem into a girl and thus became weaker, ha, nope. She actually evolved from a healing golem to a holy knight type battle golem. The only explanation for the plot derailment is that the author introduced two male characters and wanted them to repeatedly save Iris because now she's a girl.

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Read the Raws and this story ends after about 60 chapters. It's about an OP otome character that instead of bothering with romance goes and crushes all the injustice she can find in the world. The plot has some complexity, but there isn't much tension as everything is crushed thoroughly. The best way to summarize it is that it takes an OP girl to the logical conclusion instead of having it as window dressing to a romance plot.
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This story doesn't live up to the promise of the early chapters. The gods reincarnated him to being up the civilization level of the world? Nope, that ends with the introduction of a single game. Avoid getting entangled with the king and become an adventurer? Haha, nope, not only can the MC not say no, but apparently the king's job is summoning the MC every other day to complain about how OP he is or for some random inconsequential thing.

The MC will do his best to not stand out, yet... more>> he will famously become an actual noble at a very young age, so all that accomplishes is repeatedly having "that brat is a noble/strongest adventurer?" over and over and over again. Sometimes the same scene will be written from multiple PoVs because apparently that horse hadn't been beaten to death yet.

It's a disappointingly mediocre story where things happen so people can over react to the MC. This includes all the girls that get engaged to the MC. They're there purely for reaction value and get no character development or a chance to show any charm points. If it's not that, it's everyone in the story complaining to the MC about all sorts of worthless things. Very little comedy, fun, adventure or development to be found. <<less
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I've read ahead on the original, so this is more of a synopsis of what to expect with some general plot spoilers:

Essentially, this is an Otome game plot featuring the love rival engaged to the prince, except as soon as the prince dumps her, the prince from the sequel picks her up. She only vaguely knows about the sequel, so she experiences uncertainty and jealousy.

In other words, the villainess of the first game immediately becomes the heroine of the sequel/expansion.

As for the quality of the story, it isn't fluffy or... more>> too serious with the drama, so more light-hearted drama that only lasts a few chapters with each incident. It's okay but a bit plain. <<less
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I've read the current raws, which is up to the part of the game plot where the villainess should have died and and heroine is supposed to get her happy end with the prince.

Good: There are actual reasons in the story for the game plot to happen and why it derails, in both the villainess/heroine character and background scheming. The characters are interesting and have depth, plus the world has a bit of depth.

Questionable: The main girl's focus on herbs and perfume amounts to a rich girl's hobby boutique of... more>> questionable value should she actually take any damage to her reputation. She doesn't develop much personal strength, instead focusing on making connections and relying upon others. Whether this is good or bad will probably vary by personal taste.

Bad: The heroine makes little actual progress towards any of her goals. Avoiding romance with the prince? Avoiding dying in a fight with the heroine? Developing herself so she can defend herself? At the end of the story she's basically a damsel in distress making it through with luck and plot armor events. The ending is feeling really forced at the moment, although it's still being written so it might be salvaged.

To explain it with minimal spoilers, when the prince was finally going to be honest with Cordelia, they were interrupted by a forced plot event that set up him rescuing her from the stupid plot event seemingly so the prince to skip explaining himself and working things out. It kinda feels like the author gave up on the developed plot to force a "happy" ending. That could change, but it doesn't feel like it.

I don't think anyone wants to read a hundred chapters just for that to happen, so I thought I should mention it. <<less
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Don't be misled by the chapter numbering, Chapter 1 Part 6 is Chapter 6 of the Childhood arc any standard numbering. These aren't divided chapters.

This story moves quickly and avoids cliches. Chapter 15 is training, 25 is adventurer registration, and 35 is when the actual plot starts. This sadly isn't a story about a noble-girl adventurer, but it isn't a typical otome plot either.

The actual plot is a take on otome plots where the 'heroine' has some mysterious agenda and charm power, gaining a harem of young men that gives... more>> her a troublesome amount of sway in the nation. This story sets itself apart because the MC actively moves against that plot, and there is a realistic response of opposing factions among nobility and territories. By chapter 50 it looks like the heroine's ploy will end up in some sort of conflict, as the MC's faction is almost entirely composed of blood-thirsty hawks waiting for the MC's enemies to show up so they can crush them. That said, it is 80% cute fluff and 20% heavy scenes as appropriate. <<less
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ValorPhoenix rated it
The Eternal World
June 10, 2019
Status: c98
I read ahead in the raws and this suffers from the typical female lead problems, too passive and just gives in to the romance plot.

The early chapters where the 5 yr old MC is cleaning house are good. Those are followed by forty chapters of passive teenage MC that is treated like a helpless idiot by her family and her stalker. Then at age 18 she becomes an active character with a personality and that's when some mildly interesting plot finally happens. Unfortunately it devolves into a very disappointing romance... more>> where she gives up to the first person to approach her despite both having the power and ability to escape, and that fellow doing nothing pleasant to her. It goes on for fifty chapters after that point, but I couldn't stomach reading any more than that.

I had expectations of her becoming a princess knight of justice or something going by the development, but it became the usual helpless girl romance plot. She could solo the demon king to save a building full of orphans and kittens and would still end up being scolded for doing something scary and meekly accept it. <<less
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