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Vaik rated it
Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead’s Counterattack
November 2, 2018
Status: c195
This is.... honestly kind of awful. The romance isn’t interesting, the plot isn’t interesting, the writing isn’t interesting. It’s. Just not an interesting read.

The saving grace of it, however, comes from the fact that all essential story element should are so lightweight you don’t have to even think to keep up with any of them. This is just a mediocre read that happens to be perfect when you want to scratch that reading itch but also just want to turn your brain off for a bit.
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Vaik rated it
Waiting For You Online
January 19, 2018
Status: c23
As far as I've read - I have to say I really really enjoy it.

The MC is interesting, and has already had some minor growth which is more than some MCs get, the ML isn't some omnipotent figure, and is genuinely fascinating. Their history together in the game is slowly being unraveled and shows how in the 8 year absence of the MC he came to realize he's deeply in love. and tbh how it happens is cute as hell

The way the online game depicted feels real to me, and... more>> as a player of MMOs and games in general myself, while not everything makes sense it gets leeway, after all, it is fiction. However! Waiting for You Online really manages to capture some of the social charm that other gaming novels don't hit, or just completely ignore.

I'm already in love with the unfolding plot and characters, but... there's some weird stuff with the translations occasionally. With a bit of time, you can piece together the general meaning, but ayyyshadow is doing a machine translation, so there's definitely room to improve. In addition, just in general, this could really do with some editing. With the awkward translation with the unedited, sometimes confusingly written english, there's enough to enjoy the story, but if you're picky you might not be as immersed.

I am personally really looking forwards to future releases, and it looks like ayyyshadow may have gotten an editor/beta as the most recent chapter exceeded the others in quality. Here's to hoping this continues being translated, and that the translations continue to improve in quality! <<less
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