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Atelier Tanaka
February 7, 2018
Status: c140
The MC is both the best and the worst part of this series. He is why this series ia above average to me and also why it is not getting a full 5-star.

His monologue is really creepy. Really ****ing creepy. Yes, I know that people do have vile thoughts every now and then, but to this extend it crossed the territory from relatable to 'dude, you need psychiatrist'. His actions in the later part of the novels toward the blond half-succubus noblelady also kinda pissed me off, even though it... more>> is really in-character and fresh compare to most other LN/WN.

On the other hand, the guy is consistently good if cowardly. Reading this dude trying to be best wingbro for everyone asking warm my heart. Aside from all the creepiness, the guy has never gone out of his way to abuse his power, trying to smooth over conflicts no matter who he encountered, and have deep-seated inferiority complex, which make him really really feel like his description as a 30-something wizard. I personally feel that the author did a great job in the 'show, don't tell' department, especially during the later part; it came through to me that the guy did all these things for his friends because he really treasure them as friends and would indeed fight to the death for their sake.

Still, this novel really need you to turn a certain part of your brain off to enjoy, but it is a good ride.

Also, the WN is not over. Somebody please fix, I soldiered through the broken MT only to see that it is not over yet. I hate waiting for new chapters. <<less
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Dungeon Defense
July 22, 2018
Status: v3
I didn't know I was a moral*** until I read this novel.

Also, the series doesn't portray the MC outwitting people save for the tutorial.

... more>>

His trump in vol 1 is from his knowledge of the most devastating disease in the history. His false flagging in comparison did nothing. Despite being heaped a ton of blame, **** all is done to Lapis by her superior so we could easily see that these things he did was pointless. Well, he now has his ****toy so that is that.

His victory in vol 2 is because they made a wrong assumption. Once again, the guy did nothing relevant to this, being handed the ****ing conclusion on a platter. He once again rely on his OOC knowledge to win. Let me reiterate: He did not win because he engineered or plotted or schemed, he did not even win because his opponent underestimate him, he won because he had the game knowledge.

Vol 3 is fully re****ed. He would be dead if not for that loli demon sending a note, and most of the character is retelling how he get another game character over and "win" by putting her to command. Discovering the loli demon was the one who sent the letter looked like an impressive feat until you realize she is the only person in high position who have a favorable opinion of the MC.


All in all, this is just another LN with the MC being handed an "I win" button from the get go. Still give it 3 star for trying villain protagonist, it is not easy to write them well. <<less
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Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?
July 23, 2018
Status: v21
I can't stress enough how much I like this novel. Its charm is not realism, or eye catching girls, or harem, but the almost fairytale-like world where people can and will win as long as they are resolved to be good.

Koutarou was decent before 7.5 and 8.5, and then he went on to be better and better with every novel, an unrelenting knight in shining armor that will choose the best path with no hesitation, and it is entirely understandable how the girls loved him so.

The girls also received equal... more>> attention from the author, given time to develop their characters and inner conflicts where they can grow even further. Theia grew from a bratty kid to a noble princess, Sanae learned to appreciate her family and companions, Kiriha is freed of her ten years of longing, and Yurika from an insecure coward into a courageous cosplayer.. I mean magical girl.

The novels had problems, but to me its merits far outweighs the faults. If you love happy ending, if you like the old story of black and white, good vs evil, then come and read. You will not be disappointed. <<less
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Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro……
July 23, 2018
Status: v10
This is a pretty good novel, all things considered. The arcs are clean and self contained, and the flow of events is quite sensible. The only thing keeping it from 5 star is the rather lackluster ending and the MC being blindingly obviously written by a woman. I can't point out where, but his thought process just feel wrong somehow.
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