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I'm not going to lie. Having several 15 - 18 year old girls fonding over a 30 year old middle age man is disturbing... Its true that the Main Character doesn't even act his age.
... more>>

the only girl is Nancy whose in her mid 20s. The author could had made her main heroine and really used her character... but instead made this Novel really weird.

Don't let the Synopsis deceive you! I thought this would be a heart warming fantasy. But there's no plot or character development. The Sister was impressive at first but then suddenly turns to 'love' for him. Honestly there are better stories to translate out there so why this? I don't mean to sound like a jerk. Sorry but that's the truth.

I do admit there are entertaining parts when there's Slice Of Life with Magic in the Modern day society.. but the Author could had made used of it better.

This Novel will end either 2 ways.
1. He will go live in the Fantasy World and takes all the girls and make them his wives. Due to having no laws and having a lot of freedom. (The sister incest and young girls who fall for him)
2. He will send the Princess back to her world and lives his life without Magic and goes back to his Normal life. He has already caused many disturbances with Magic in both Worlds. I Can't see this ending any other way. <<less
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Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles
September 22, 2017
Status: c57
I rated this 5 stars at first but the numbers gradually went down as I kept reading.

The story is really rushed and MC is a huge hypocrite. The beginning was good but this is no different then most Isekas. Why is this rated highly?!

    • Kingdom Building? Author just forced ideas- then there's few years time skip...
    • This Novel is like bipolar, one second there's a happy scene then the next there's tears.. like wtf? [This happens a lot! The script keeps changing with forced ideas.]
    • Romance? "I don't know love but I'll marry her because she's cute." What logic is that? I didn't want them to get together like this...
    • He accepts the very people who abandon them. What made this Novel special was that it was a Village for kids... Author ruined something good here..
    • Tetra/Tetora was like a badass overseer. She made a funny Yandere. He should had focus on only one girl, the one whose been with him since hell and the beginning.
    • But wasn't the main purpose to win independently with your own strength? This isn't really 'Kingdom Building' anymore but relying on other powers....
    • "I killed 5 people...I can never go back, I have killed too many" Suddenly there's a discussion of going to war with another country. What's with this high level discussion? Somehow this small village is viewed extremely highly to the point of Kingdoms want to use or kill them... What the hell? They haven't done much at all! All of you are just kids who are just farming and don't know how to fight... He expects to make a strong military force in a short time... So Author conveniently uses time skip! Then they are powerful the next chapter,
      Ba-da Bing!
    • He marries Royalty to gain blood ties and influence for his country. He's a King, I get that. But wasn't the main purpose to win independently with your own strength? This isn't really Kingdom Building anymore but relying on other powers....
    • [collapse]
    • Not these girls born with a silver spoon and know no suffering. How could they rebel against this world Kingdoms, to fullest when he's having blood ties through different women?
    • The Princess falls in love for no reason despite giving the impression of someone powerful and a demoness. Suddenly she's a dandere who has nothing but beauty and magic... [Give me my impression back...]
I'm sorry but this story Summary doesn't give what it's selling. Divine emperor? That's an over stretch!

I'm dropping this. It saddens me greatly since it had great potential but it all quickly goes off track and gets wasted. (Not hating but thank you Translator-san for the effort.)

But c'mon.. Seriously ask yourselves if this is really that good? Where's your constructive cristism.
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
Galactic Dark Net
May 12, 2016
Status: --
Something every Wuxia Author needs to learn from!

This is such an amazing novel! I have no regrets. This is truly one of the best Chinese Novels out there.

Character development : 4/5

... more>> Action 5/5

Comedy 4/5 The Comedy is amazing and really makes you laugh. It brings a lot of relief when reading this type of story.

Bromance 4/5 The strong bonds he makes are good and are pretty badass together but I hope they don’t get discarded later.

The Romance is amazing! My gosh a Harem would ruin this Perfection so I am relieved its focused on one girl! The Heroine has me Fan Girling over there moments together. She's literally like a adorable shy cat! So Moe!

The Romance is profound in a way. Its very deep. A girl who has an OP power but a tragedy because she can’t touch anyone. She may act like a Tomboy Oujousama but she does not act spoil at all. There’s more to her then meets the eye. I hope the Author puts her into good use!


This Novel is very well thought of and things are heavily foreshadowed since chapter 1. The Author makes it clear and nothing feels forced and unnecessary. (So Far)

Its a dark yet realistic.

The Main Character is a completely airhead and very innocent he also is very kind but won’t show mercy to those who try to harm him or those around him. That’s what I like about him.

I truly believe this deserves a Anime or Manha Adoption at least. The Novel is very similar to The Breaker. Thats what it reminds me of. To write a complicated futuristic World and simplifying for others easy to read. It gives a Japanese and Chinese feeling too. Read this and support the Translator and Author!

He inherits the power of a Dark Void 6th Rank Warlord. Who once turned the Galaxy upside down. He becomes not just stronger then Earth Hero but the entire Milky Way Galaxy! Before you know it he inherits Dark King abilities who once nearly destroyed the Galaxy Alliance! He was already stronger then the Hero then imagine just how OP he is!

Its amazing how Han Teachers Dark Walker and Path were both connected to Han predecessor Dark Void. Being of the Old Generation and long retired. They nurture and teach Han becoming a Monster!


Earth is no longer consider a planet but a country in the entire Galaxy. What worst Earth is nothing but a bunch if Upstart Nobles who are dirty poor noobs! Its no exagerration to say this! But Han somehow becomes the riches guy on earth with the Galaxy Dark Net! You’ll see him grow and learn and even visit other Countries. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
Upgrade Specialist in Another World
March 31, 2016
Status: --
Sigh... honestly there’s a lot of holes in the story. A high avid gamer dives in through dimensions then just “Proof” dies and remaining parts of his soul go inside Yunfei. And this gamer no longer exist and Yunfei “conveniently” has magical powers.

He hardly uses the cheats and hardly uses his knowledge! Why introduce the Gamer when hes going to die anyways? Might as well reincarnate him into another world where soul cultivation exist! At least that would make more sense. But no he died and instead a easy pushover... more>> guy gets it. Hes to plain! Even the villain more character!

Soul powers/cultivation and Gaming shouldn’t mix! There’s hardly any gaming terms.

If You’ve read some Wuxias then you’d find this very predictable. Its nothing new and nothing fresh. The Romance was good at first but it was by far to easy.

Ill ask once again. Do we even see things like soul cultivation in Rpg games? Really such a headache..

Maybe it would had been better if Yunfei died and the Gamer took over his body instead. Or maybe set it off where the Gamer is slowly taking over Yunfei body with his soul? There's just no spice in this story.. <<less
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So What If It’s an RPG World?
May 11, 2016
Status: --
This Novel has a lot of flaws that will give you headaches. There were many times I wanted to drop this. The story is Random and all over the place. Don’t read this for Plot or Setting. But read this for the Action & Comedy.

Ill say this here and now but the Romance is absolutely terrible. Don’t expect any good Romance.
... more>>

The Main Character is incredibly insensitive and Alters the Memory of his Fiancé to stop liking him. He also has called a 7 year old attractively beautiful. What the hell? As for the Yandere tag. The Author has failed making a Yandere. The Girl Oyando is merely obsessed with him to the point of annoying. Most of the time she doesn't even act her Yandere role! It was forced upon her.


Here are a few points I’d like to make. Please read them.

-Characters and their personalities are well thought of and great but aren’t used to their full potential. Which saddens me. Once they have a Role they are discarded for later.

– if you like RPGs or Transfering World stories this Novel is for you. Especially if you like Death March. This Novel gives a very Japanese feeling to it. Which makes it easy to read.

-First the Main Character is strong then weak then strong. The cycle never ends. Its really irritating.

-Their are Arcs that feel very forced. Like School Arc. Makes no sense why its there.

-its true what some reviewers say. The Author is indecisive and can’t decide what to do with the Main Character and other Characters! He never thought things through..

– The only cool thing about this story is Players wrecking Havoc on a parrelel World.

I think giving this story 3 stars is approtiate. How can you give it a perfect 5 when it has so many inconsistencies?But I am fond of this Novel. Its a good read. Just don't give it 5 stars and falsely give high expectations... <<less
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Limitless Sword God
May 2, 2016
Status: --
Ill have to give this story 2 stars. The Main Character is incredibly selfish and he realizes this himself. With the excuse of protecting everyone.

-Things are not well thought

-The writing is not bad but so-so

... more>> He is beyond reckless and is not the strategy or smart type. He just moves without thinking.

The Harem is not bad. Good Heroines with their own personalities and the moments with the MC are very heartwarming and epic. Quin Er and Xu Yue and the Immortal Goddess. The circumstances and situations with each one of them are good ideas but its not used to its full potential.

He meets the immortal Goddess in a disguise. But c’mon make use more of the idea! Not just “oh its her ill just be on my way then”. Quin Er is very interesting and caring and to much for her own good. I like the fact that she’s cold as stone and a very complicated character with so much potential not being used! Xu Yue. Well she’s just there, sometimes it feels that she should be Quin Er instead because she’s been with the MC a lot more since the beginning.

And yes there is NTR. But you can justify his choice


She was a mass murderer after all and he was trying to get stronger. You can tell she’s already fallen for him since he did that. I still simply just don’t like the Author ways of doing things. You could had made him gain her abilities in a cooler way you know? Lets not forget she has a body of a 13 year old and called “beautiful”


-There’s a lot of corny moments

All he brings back from his previous life is “Knowledge” I really like that but the way it was written you’d think he was OP in the end of his first life. Even the way he died was stupidly reckless. I really wish the Author was more clearer in the beginning.

I really like the fact that he uses his knowledge that he learned in his previous life. And I like the fact he uses Demon techniques to defeat Humans and even Demons themselves. But again hes reckless and doesn’t think through it most of the time. He is like stupid dog who keeps biting things bigger then him. Since Chapter 1 he spills important secrets and is way to open! He should had just wag his tail and pretend to be ignorant and let his family underestimate him. Not very intillegent just desperate to change fate and gain power even if its through evil deeds. He realizes this himself. He doesn't care how many sins he's committing as long as he can save her. Its like a Robber justifying robbing a Bank just for the sake of his poor family. I don't like that. Don't try to justify your deeds. But at least he admits what he is doing. In truth he can be a even better character, he even stopped drinking and helped the Immortal Goddess from being scam. He even hugged the girl he r*ped at the very end... even so I hate how he is a huge hypocrite. In the end its not for Quin Er but to benefit him


The story is a good time waster and I’d recommend it if you like Wuxias but don’t choose if your looking for something serious.

I enjoyed some moments but I really wished it was more well written and well thought of. So much potential not being used is disappointing. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens
May 26, 2017
Status: c116
This is utterly ridiculous! I can't stand it anymore. Not even 12 chapters and they're already a couple holding hands intimately. I never knew that a pile of typical tropes could be done in the span of 1 chapter! The MC is just openly wavering his power like that... Problems could had been easily avoided.

... more>>

When the MC crippled the guy, the entire family and even Li Huo who I thought the MC was in good terms with even wanted the MC dead. Wtf why is the MC giving precious knowledge like that, to the ones who didn't care about him and wanted him dead? In the end the Li family just wants to use him and suck up to him. And even somehow start to care about him later. It feels like he's giving knowledge in order to show his worth, in order to live. All this could had easily been avoided. He even gave a high cultivation skill to a girl he's just met. The next chapter they are already in love and walking while holding hands. Isn't she suppose to be a mere sword maid (servant) whose suppose to be on your back?

Also when he was suppose to eat lunch, out of no where there's a meaningless fight. I'm like "Shut the f*ck up and eat your lunch." Goddam do you have to start sh*t and act arrogant about eating a meal? They're just kids trying to look good for a girl... Is it really something to kill about? And the Chen girl is just annoying as f*ck and her intentions aren't very clear at first because she started it. I have no idea why she fell instantly in love. Just a spoiled girl who deserves to get slap.

I also really started to warm up to the Fatty but he ratted out the MC. And MC forgives him since fatty saves his life the next chapter. Even though the MC says he hates betrayal. He's such a hypocrite. Even your girl could betray you so why start worrying about making friends now? Its frustrating because his actions contradicts each other. Sigh... There's also just stupid reasons to start a fight and it somehow escalates to a blood feud. As much as I love arrogant MCs, there's always a stupid reason to be arrogant... I'm just mentality drained right now because I feel like an idiot reading this lol. You will too and you will face-palm yourself and ask "Is this for real?" Why does he get arrogant and shed blood for every goddamn thing lol. Just having a conversation with the guy is enough to get you killed

As for the Romance: Its just terrible. Li Shi Shi... She meets an outstanding guy (mc) but for once someone ignores her and she wants attention lol. The MC pretty much says you have to give up your hopes and dreams and be devoted to him... He also pretty much cornered Fei into being his girl for saving her grandpa... Like wtf? Do women hold little value in this novel?


In the end, there's so much wrong with this story.

    • There's one good thing about this story. Its the Mother. Its cool seeing her fight and protect her son. But its really a shame... These characters are just too shallow. It reminds me of Mythical Tyrant.
  • I recommend World Controlling God. Its the exact replica but better then this. It feels like Author just stole ideas from WCG
Qidian should just drop this Cliche Novel and translate the Author previous works. At least that had more original ideas <<less
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This is just horrible. Please move on and don't spend your time on this. Its just another typical scheme of getting all the girls he can have s*x with. Honestly why do most Novels have such a cliché plot these days?no this doesn't even have a plot! No wonder people have been self publishing more online... lol
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
Law of the Devil
June 2, 2016
Status: c173
This was pretty good at first.. but the Novel really is all over the place! Some of the Characters are good! But they hardly get an appearance. Ill have you know this MC is very weak. Its been over 173 chapters and he still hasn't learned anything!

The Author wont make his dam Mind! Is he a Magician? Nope. Is he a Warrior? No skip that. There's to many cheat abilities! The Author is absurd! What the hell do you want him to be then?! The ideas are good but... more>> the script keeps changing too much. Everything is disorganize. No wonder this Novel is extremely short! No wonder its been dropped by Translators several times! It took one year for a 100 dam chapters! I just want to get this Novel over with man.

I almost want to rate this 2 stars. But there's 4 characters in the story that make it worth reading. Sad thing is he doesn't even use the characters properly!


There's a girl name Vivian. She's a freaking amazing character. A million dollar idea! No doubt. She's an adorable little witch girl whose OP. But.. the Author is really cruel not utilizing this character properly! She only has little scenes and we see her through more Tragedy then good. The other one was Knight Girl. She showed amazing potential and growth! But after a few chapters she just becomes the "Beauty Girl who attracts everyone" Why stop these characters?! Instead they're only used material for his Harem.. to make MC look good. Ah there's also Medusa and Ghost girl. Deep backstories but no utilizing their characters!


I really want to cry now. So much disappointments. I can only imagine if this was Polished and rewritten without a Harem or stupid Main Character. Is he good? bad? I don't know! Author keeps changing his personality. He either acts like an genius manipulator or a super dumb guy... lol

Read at your own risk. It gives a lot of headaches but those 4 characters are interesting. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou
February 2, 2017
Status: c40
I don't recommend this. Its a complete waste of time.

The MC a hypocrite to the extreme! He had the choice whether to stay or leave to another world! Then when he leaves he starts acting like he's the victim here. He missed Japan so much he decides to recreate it. I thought that was fine and all but.. He takes no responsibility and gives power to his servants. That might sound like a good thing but its not. What can uneducated slaves do? Slaves that have minds and align the... more>> thinking of slavery and don't match up to Modern society. They are ok with the Princess or anyone becoming his s*x slave but not a wife or have any attachment to the child she bares but they the slaves willing to raise it. Even the succubus slave wants him in bed but she's merely a little girl who kills easily. A yandere maybe. Still the MC actions are questionable and everything is so easy for him yet the Author makes him seem all smart.. Annoying. Then they all sh*t on the Princess who messed up.

Might as well make this a s*x ero Novel since that's how badly the writing is <<less
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I honestly don't know why this is rated so highly. I don't see what's right with banging your Mom. I don't understand why a Incest Novel is valued so highly. Maybe I'm the weird here but...

The MC is a huge hypocrite. One of the biggest ones I've ever seen. Might sound like a spoiler but just a heads up to what your getting into.

Being a soldier from a heavy military family I was expecting a soldier-like mentality and some level of intelligence... But all the "soldier" role does is for... more>> convenient sake, to fork out some advanced military blueprints and half baked knowledge.

I could not blame him for his ignorance at first. But ever since the MC had gotten into this world he had never tried to gain any information about the world and still remains ignorant as ever in the story.
I cannot help but to get angry over MC actions...

If you tell the MC "Humanity is greedy" he will take time to ponder over it. That's how stupid he is.


I wish he'd at least hold some resentment towards Humanity, who abandoned him and treated Elves like scraps.

  • "I shouldn't ask too much or they'll question my identity" Dude just keeps ignoring the problem... Your running away from the inevitable and the identity as an emperor...
  • When he invited the Human envoy to his room and pretended to be angry at him, I thought "Ohh he's pretending to be angry and invited him in the middle of night, what is he plotting?!" But then he's told that Human Princes don't hold power. Why is he the one being shocked? Isn't that obvious logic? Then the envoy left... I'm like that.. That was it? Seriously? *Crickets sounding* What was the point of this then...
  • He says the Ballistas are primitive weapons and what the Human Kingdom has but apperantly chapters later, no they actually have guns and more advanced! The script keeps changing in this Novel. This has truly great potential but the story is everywhere. Didn't he say he was a soldier who lost comrades in battle? Chapters later. No he was actually a trainee who never hurt anyone before. He cowards and fears too easily despite saying he was a soldier. What the hell was the point of being a soldier? As for his hybrid identity and caused for a war. I was expecting a deep background story. Maybe he has a secret body that's why the Kingdoms fighted for this child... But no. I was expecting the Mother to be cold to MC and the MC would slowly gain her warmth from her through his achievements and unique personality. But she easily gave in the first chapter...
  • Didnt he say he won't pursue any other woman? But the first time he enters the Kingdom. "We might have children someday" to another girl...
  • Sigh, what a hypocrite really... He should had known the situation about the Elves along time ago. "Its wrong so I'll save her" Dude it's still happening. What about the rest? He's only saving the Elf because she's a girl! MC even takes her as his woman... You do realize she was a s*x slave whose probably been banged many times already right?
  • Even though a lot has happened... We still don't even understand why he has two mothers.... Author will probably make something up again... Then he gets mad and goes to his mom... what happens? He's scared shitless and goes away. Why am I expecting something from him?
  • Then he invites the Merchant to speak with him when he realizes the truth of a coming war. I was expecting MC to be planning something bold.. What happen? He left. What was the point of it again?

I have noticed but this happens repetitively. He encounters someone only to be left unsolved. I keep thinking this guy would do something cool every time he stands up. What makes me more angry is people really over praising it like "MC naiveness is so cute" or "MC was badass". I understand if your reading it if your new to CNs, I'd think the MC would be cool too. I understand if your reading it for 'scientific purposes' but please don't try to justify it... I only did a quick summary of some events to point some stuff out.


Btwn, I really like the effort the translator putted into this. Rarely do we see translators give feed back to the readers. Don't get me wrong I had good laughs. And Nier is like Naberal from Overlord. Literally same personality. If there's one reason, read for that. This is why Nier is excellent. The only thing that has development in the story! (Asides from Elizabeth who gets a little) <<less
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Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou!
December 8, 2016
Status: c52
Don't read this. The MC is lead by the nose by Royalty and Nobles in the entire series. And he basically bends over and takes it. This is all about boring stupid politics! He keeps coming up with the same excuse repeatedly "I don't have any experience" or "If I escaped to a different Kingdom I wouldn't know anything about it" and I'm like 'Dude you have all that power and yet...'

I don't even understand his abilities! The action is just badly written I always have to skim or... more>> skip through it. His OP has no purpose and it's just there. Turns out everyone knows all his OP Abilities and thus they monopolize him.

As for the Romance: It's just another Harem seeking MC.

Basically all these bitches are spoiled lol. At first the Main Heroine Ina had good potential but then just loses her purpose in the story and is just another side character blindly fallowing him. I hate how all his wives said "I should introduce myself to father in law." I'm like "bit*h didn't you just hear what Erwin said? They abandon him! He has no parents or family and his situation with them are bad right now.. yet your this conceited."


It really pisses me off because Ina had amazing potential.

He's only 12 years old and his Patron are already trying to get a hold of his future kids who aren't even born yet! WTF if I were him I'd run away right now. Despite him saying he wants to live a life freely he's still there.


Even all the $ he's gotten was manipulated by the King. The King gave him so much money for his "Work". Good thing right? Wrong. He gave him so much money so he would have no choice but to spend it to develop more territory for the Kingdom.


His actions are just too hypocritical. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
Magi Craft Meister
September 5, 2017
Status: c8.18
I have very mix feelings about this. After contemplating for several hours, I have arrived to a conclusion. It's not bad but... this story has so many flaws! I almost want to rate this 2stars out of anger. Please read the Cons.

    • He can easily avoid conflict if he took matters into his own hands but instead becomes indebted to others.
    • The MC heals the very people who wanted to kill him
    • He can destroy the entire world, why he under others?
    • He helps the very countries that want to kill or tie him down
    • What happen to being free and unrestrained?
    • He spills his secrets everywhere & completely oblivious of all his enemies reaching for his neck. But 'No don't kill them' Are you serious?!
    • There is no plot but based more on MC depression majority of the series.
I can't like the Romance! All she's there is to look good. She has no appealing quality as a character and was born with a golden spoon. (As much as I love Kuuderes she's only there for emotional support)

    • The only reason I'm rating this one star more... It's the Daughter! She makes it worth reading. It's just sad she's not being used properly. Even sometimes treated like sh*t by MC and unintentionally makes it hard for her. I really love this character.
    • Spoiler

      Beana was a girl who loved Magi Craft and came from a poor background. So why not parthner up with her? She's also hilarious and had good potential. But instead it's with Elsa whose literally there for emotional support. She's not worthy of being called 'Mother' by Reika...

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UnknownSaint171 rated it
Living in this World with Cut & Paste
August 8, 2017
Status: c94
I don't think this deserves 4 or even 5 stars. Now hear me out first.

  • All the tension of his, secret skill that had been built up over a long time, to only be exposed in the stupidest way.
  • The writing is also very bad. Be honest.
  • The Author is just milking it along the way and doesn't feel properly planned out
  • Romance: Its just nonsensical.. She's 25-29 and he's just turned 15.. Despite the Princess having potential it just feels wasted. (She even feels the oddity of the relationship)
I can't help... more>> but feel angered because its not worthy of the beautiful illustrations and cover... What about you? I did not lie about anything...

  • I really like the MC kindness and how his environment didn't corrupt him. He's very smart and cautious. But not intelligent.
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Tales of Demons and Gods
June 23, 2016
Status: c350
The Main Character is far to reckless and egoistic. He has a huge ego. He is a smart thinker but too prideful. The Author purposely made him that way. The Romance is actually pretty terrible.. at first I smiled warmly since the MC for once focus and loves one girl! But it's obvious the Author intends a Polygamy sooner or later. He leaves to many hints. The MC is too forceful and possessive around her Ye Zuyen. She rarely has a say in anything and has to fallow his every... more>> command. Its depressing. Lets not forget he is more then a hundreds years old Mental Age and takes advantage of this Little 11 year old girl to get into her mind. I really don't like this Main Heroine. She's a girl who believes in sunshine's and rainbows. She's been way to sheltered. Despite saying she's intelligent she's actually pretty indecisive and muscle headed. The Main Heroine just wants a friend... she doesn't have a single dam friend! But the MC takes advantage of this loneliness and quickly declares himself her husband! [Later on I am not surprise if the Author forcefully gets writes her 'friends'. That should had been the MC first move in the story.

Don't add it 300 chapters later! It feels like he is huge manipulator and everything is for his convinces and whim.

C'mon you should had add her getting friends when there was the school arc! Instead of forcefully enslaving her the first step why not earn her trust and fix her relationships and get her to like you? Instead it was "no your mine!" This could had certainly been written better. The Author adds stuff unnecessary later in the story.

However... Xiao Ning'er. She knows what she wants. This character shows real development. She is not blinded by 'sunshine's and rainbows' but is OP and cold when needed. Though I hate how she fell in love real fast. You could had used her better. She's a lot better then the Main Heroine that's for sure. We see a lot of different faces from her and can't help but enjoy her pure love struck moments. Truly different from Ye Zuyin.


The Main Character. Ni Lie called the father of Ye Zuyin shameless and liar. Dude you are the one who invaded his daughter home. You were the one who blackmailed him. He is only doing it to protect her. You are bullying yourself in.

The Author keeps empathizing how beautiful she looks and I'm like "Dude I Freaking get it already". MC keeps saying she's very kind. But Ye Zuyin is not kind. She is merely weak. She keeps trying to refuse the MC but tries in a nice way where he wouldn't feel hurt. She wants to be friends but doesn't know how too.. because Ni Lie demands the relationship to escalate as the first step. When you consider all of this and think about it. She never truly loved the MC in her previous life. But years of so much loneliness and suddenly the death of everyone, she decided to had to s*x with you as a way to comfort herself. She would had s*x with anyone in such a situation. She never loved you. She died for you because she's such a "weak" person as I mentioned before. She's timid and stupid because she's always been living secluded in doors like a NEET. She never reached a stage of mental development so she doesn't know how to talk to another Human.. and Ni Lie takes advantage of this.

I'm sorry I don't know why this is rated 1# in ranking. I think its not bad and I do enjoy the cultivating and action is pretty good. But you've certainly read better Wuxias then this. So don't have high expectations. There are times I've cursed while reading this story lol. Should you give it a shot? Yeah if you're super bored like me and ran out of Wuxias to read. Just don't expect anything high value from the characters. Its all about the MC and everything revolves around him. That's the type of story this is.

I really can't help but feel sadden... its frustrating knowing the ideas are good but not utilize properly. Xiao Minger is a great character. Instantly fell in love but instantly became disappointed.

Am I not the only one infuriated by this? How can someone like the Mc? He doesn't win Ye Zuyin by heart but by using the surroundings to his advantage to the point where she wont have a choice but to marry him. He's shameless and will get anything by any means... it truly disgusts me. Why not win her heart by a proper order? Instead of taking advantage of the situation and forceful. But I also blame her for allowing him to do anything to her. I am happy other people hate this. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome Desu
June 27, 2017
Status: c13
Honestly it's not that good. The story is everywhere and every character is 1 demensional. I can't sympathize with any of it. The MC is just trying to desperately justify himself.

"If they hurt my people I'll hurt them back" And I'm like "Dude you already know their enemies.. so why wait?" He's just stalling for the inevitable... His sense of justice makes no sense as he has to wait to take it up the butt first... He knows what type of people they all are, as they were the ones... more>> who killed him....

You can tell the Author has no idea were to take the story as all characters are random. I don't mind that the MC is gloomy or looks emo but he's just beyond stupid.. lol <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
Monster no Goshujin-sama
June 29, 2016
Status: --
I am sorry but the Author fails in writing a good constructive story. I understand the MC distrust on people and has grown cautious. I applauded the MC at those times before but it's gone beyond the point where he is paranoid and traumatize. He can't trust anyone unless they submit to him like slave or subordinate. A character can't be on equal terms with this guy. The Heroine herself is just as bad. Don't let the Cover deceive you. ... more>>

Monster Girl, cool right? Normally I dont hate this sorta thing but she's desperately trying to appear like a Human Girl to appeal to the MC. In reality this Character knows nothing and is only using the Information and Body that was given to her. In the end she's just a Monster. And when you point this out she gets emotional or even angry. I hate that she convinces herself to be so. Author could make a better use of this idea of a Slime Girl. But fails to do so


There's just too many loopholes in the story. Even Arifureta was better then this. I could point out what flaws it has in, Romance, Characters, Ect. But I'm done. I don't feel its worth my time. If I had to say the best character in the Series is Kato. But even she becomes lavished to the MC and then no longer feels like a real Character.

Sigh... such a disappointed. So yeah don't waste your time. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
I Can Speak with Animals and Demons
April 20, 2016
Status: --
The Japanese feeling is good but there's no fresh ideas or even a plot.. Its indeed a typical stupidity dense main character with a harem... honestly I don't know what to say when seeing stories like these. You can find them anywhere. Maybe WNs are dying. Its not like it used to be when it was Driven by well written and inspirational ideas.

It had potential definitely but just wasn't used right. What a waste.
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
Monku no Tsukeyou ga Nai Rabukome
July 3, 2018
Status: --
If you read the Manga, you’ll know this is a very amazing and cool story. It probably didn’t show it’s full potential since it’s very short. Badass looking heroine too. And love the romantic comedy... Sigh. I wish more JP was translated, it’s scarce seeing stuff like this these days
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The MC is useless despite having a OP Cheat.

It has too many fillers! As much as I love fillers, this is just a waste of time. I don't understand what's the point of training when he can gain skills by EXP. instead of grinding, he lives his life idly and when a disaster happens, he cries about it. (Literally) Then he becomes a Shounen-like Character, "I must get stronger to protect them." Blarg! I'm going to throw up. You have OP Cheat! It's wasted.

... more>>

I honestly felt angry at the MC for doing stupid things like actually asking Priest if the Demon King coming back. Are you serious? Of course they wouldn't know! Only you know the world is ending... This caused the Priest to find out his identity as a Hero. And convinces MC to save the world. WTF wrong with this story.

So I kept reading and reading hoping it would get better... but this story very sentences hold many contradictions. That's when I felt sick, this not a cooking or start-business novel yo. It shattered what I liked about Isekas.

Vol.1 was the best. When the MC said he wouldn't save the world I gave a thumbs up and had high anticipations of him doing something different from the typical route and befitting a Neet would do. He's not a Hero but more like a defected Hero chosen out of a whim. So it's obvious he will prove wrong the God who summoned him. But it goes the typical cliche route. What was the point of being a Neet and expert on games when he doesn't even use the Cheat properly? He whines too much of his own helplessness and very shounen like...


Romance: They fall in love too quickly. I was expecting a Tsundere to put more of a fight. It's no fun. And her reaction for the Hero she always longed for was mild.

This has many contradictions. He says he does not want to stand out in his mind.... meanwhile casting a OP spell. He says he will not involve himself unless it's to protect his 'family' but they are already involve when your saying this... It's their world after all

This is just another self wish fulfillment fantasy. Nothing makes sense and characters are everywhere... everything forced and I can no longer keep up with this.

I strongly recommend Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaa-san wa Suki desu ka? The similarities are there... with the Rings and Tsundere. I cannot spoil further. <<less
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