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I Studied Mainly Textbooks!
July 4, 2018
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Why you no release god of music and destroy hopes by uploading new projects. If only you were as enthusiastic with GOM as you was with Every one else is a returnee....

And now the review.

What I like.

... more>> I like that magic is directly related to calculations rather than a system of chants.

I like the old mans nature. He who has lived long knows how to smile.

I like that the novel started slow with no battles until we become familiar.

What I dont like.

The conversations and the reactions. The conversations are still okay, but there are no desceiption of emotions. While the reactions are simply dull. Like a kid reading a book with no emotion.

I dont like that the magicians alrhough talked about calculating positions and distances, but the world has no '0' concept.

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