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UncleOddball rated it
In Different World with Naruto System
June 19, 2016
Status: --
@Dhaliwal, potential my ass.

Let me clarify. I love Naruto. I've read the manga, watched some anime, played Naruto games, played Naruto PBF games, researched it's whole depicted world via wikias and databooks for the sake of my own PBF game.

And when I see "anime was a masterpiece" and "he liked it for no reason at all", I just want to (ノ ゜Д゜) ノ ︵ ┻━┻

That aside, it's very poor story. I can see that already.
"Oi, Uncle, there's like two chapter atm, b***h!"
It does not matter. I already know.... more>> Why?

- MC is "handsome" otaku, a virgin japanese typical walking trope.
- MC is reborn in another world in a loser body trope. Check.
- Worst of it, he is a "handsome loser", who pick up girls like flowers. Yuck.
- The reason why he was thrown out was so dumb, it made me cringe.
- The "Naruto System". If it was like, he can use Naruto mechanics, and use his otaku knowledge to train himself. I'd buy that. It would be awesome. But no. He have to kill stuff (monsters etc), do quests, and he gets reward points for this and can unlock any technique and stuff from Naruto universe, without training or researching it. (ノ ゜Д゜) ノ ︵ ┻━┻
- And the final and most grave sin. It almost gave me cancer, it almost costed me my table, 'cus I was about to flip it by sheer rage and confusion. The dude, on top of that, got mature sharingan. From. The. Very. Beginning.

Believe me folks, if I could give less then one star, I would. <<less
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UncleOddball rated it
Heavenly Jewel Change
December 20, 2016
Status: --
I honestly can't remember when I did drop out of this obe, it was neither early nor late point tho.

There's a barrage of reviews praising this novel to the heavens.

I disagree.

... more>> It is true that it has an interesting "cultivation" system, and it's good that MC is not another transmigrated underdog.

But the tale is mediocre, the pace is hasty, and what spoiled me this the most is the dumb, illogical, filthy idea that the rape-victims (using the second word based on other reviews, during the point I've reached it was one girl of such setting) would just fall for the guy, because.

It was the joy-kill for me, and I won't read it regardless how bored I'll get with my current handfull of up-to-dates.

The only reason it's not 1 star is that the background world was truly interesting. <<less
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UncleOddball rated it
Galactic Dark Net
October 11, 2016
Status: c100
I'd go with 2/5 on that.

It's a typical chinese webnovel, spiked with our typical and known in this kind of wordpiece tropefest.

I was considering 3/5. But I've noticed a visual help while hovering mouse between them. 3 is ok. 2 is poor.

... more>> And it is poor.

I was very hyped about the sci-fi stuff, usually the stuff I find here is either fantasy "with game elements" or another "Gantz" breed. This one was not.

We got our everyday normal Joe, wich is actually my favourite type of MC. He has some backstory, because his mother, as far as I know, is somewhat mysterious, and the dude has gotten involved with the Dark Net.

And this was the first major blow for me. I've liked his initial attitude toward it, but then, one thing led to another and apparently all Big Bosses of the Galactic Black Market are carefree goodies who had pushed unimaginable amount of resources and effort for this one little guy, wich had steered him to OPness.

Then we learn MC is uberuberrarebreed of espeer. Yuck. Ptui ptui, I take back the regular Joe badge.

The guy has op power, got some decent gear and op martial arts, and went to the ruins. It was fine, it was interesting... then he met the Big Bad of the said ruins. Another major blow.

One of the thing I dislike about this novel, is the pace at wich MC get's stronger and stronger, wich makes everyone else seem like they are tossing around idiot balls. He got his first romantic interest, wich was written well enough for me to keep my interest in the novel a bit longer... but I bet it was dumbed down later.

Oh, and the morality of this novel is simply silly.

I was never in China, so I won't judge, but it's something I've noticed in a lot of chinese novels. MC = right. Everything else is wrong. Some dude kills ppl of his own plans = bad. MC kills ppl because they are in his way of greatness = justified.

It was pointed out time by time, that what MC is doing is illegal and banned and bad, but for some reason it was all fine and dandy, and none of his opponents forces (not talking about individuals here) is in blank over it.

We live in the world where Trump gets destroyed because of some old recording of his one talk about woman (not a Trump fan btw, just using an example), but in the future of inter-solar-system, wholegalactic civilisation... nobody ever found out that there's something fishy about this guy's sudden deep pockets and resources wich happened on a planet so poor technologicaly, that it's insane.

I might try to get up-to-date with this. Literally, because I'm unable to find anything to read atm here, and at least I know this sucks but who knows, there might be some interesting element - I've got a soft spot for "Presented World gimmicks or mechanics". <<less
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UncleOddball rated it
June 9, 2016
Status: v5c3
By the time I 've decided to write here, 66th chapter passed.

One of the reasons I've even picked up this one is because of severe lack of stuff to read.

I think that if I weren't backed into a corner so much, I'd simply avoid it or drop it pretty soon.

... more>> I've rated it 3, because I think its solid mediocre thing.
An interesting world, and lemme tell ya' somethin', the "World" is what I care the most in the novel.

You won't see typical stuff like "levels", numbers, etc. It's more like fantasy-like. Level up is called "Growth" and it is explained quite nicely and comes with one of the most hilarious side-effects. And skills are cool too. They are somewhat similar to One Piece magic. A person has one, that stems from their very self and they come in variety of shapes and diversity, roughly categorized as vanguard, rearguard and support. + You can store em in gems/artifacts. There's also refreshing approach about whole "Guild" stuff.

But, the story comes with some serious barbs.
First of, its a harem.
It's a bad harem <- with MC being wimpy, undecided and somewhat forced into, so he does not give his in much.
MC is wimpy and typical japanese character. And boy I do believe those jap MC made me look down on japanese for some time now.
Despite what ppl say, "Mr. Lyle" phenomon does not balance Lyle shortcommings, because he appears too rarely.
There are some randomly inserted japanese tropes, wich make eyes bleed. Like, it seemed like a decent fantasy cool world and then "ancient ppl" seemed to be modern japanese with their weird and disappointing tastes.

And now let's adress the elephant in the room. Because I've read reviews here and boy nobody said a thing about the biggest and nastiest barb in the whole novel. Seriously, it makes me want to puke and I do cringe when I see it. Namely: Repetitions. I mean, god f-- repetitions and re-introductions. I could live with them appearing at the beginning of volume 2. I mean, f-f-fine. Go at it. By I am starting fifth volume and they are still there. By the time you read fifth volume author DOES NOT have any RIGHT to force me to re-read who is who, how she/he looks and sh*t. I've HAD my enough of it. Seriously. It's so pointless, tasteless and criminal thing to do. It's the main reason I've gave this story 3. It could be 4 or 5 easily. <<less
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UncleOddball rated it
I Reincarnated Into a Vending Machine
August 22, 2016
Status: c31
You know, there are rarely novels that make me going as far, as leaving a mark upon them with a review. I tend to keep my thoughts to myself, but there are cases, where I feel like rising my voice.

What I love about reading novels, is that they let you to explore and experience a boundless depths of possibilities.

And above all, I love novels that are able to hook you up, to ignite a desire to know more. To reach further, to sink deeper in the world and stories they... more>> present.

And very surprisingly, this is such a case.

As a big fan of klinH and his/her Hon'yaku, I was aware, that this novel was picked up there. To be honest, at first I was somewhat annoyed. As I desire more and more of the other stuff they've got there, I've felt like this silly thing is pointlessly draining klinHs attention. Bear in mind tho, that despite I say like it like that, I am fully and well aware how those emotions are silly on their own. Like, who am I to feel like that about other persons hobby? Well, we all know it. But I bet'cha a handful of fingers (more like 2), that you do this too. It's a very humane thing.

And this peculiar novel, which I've avoided even looking at for quite a while now, was picked up by me today, out of sheer boredom. And man, it got me. Two fast for flinching.

I've been reading it whole day, even at work, during my short breaks, because I've enjoyed it to my surprise. I've enjoyed it very much. And this is the factor, that I deem as most important for novel to have. It-has-to-be-enjoyable.

It's a story about a guy, who have a strange hobby. Very weird hobby that I assume don't really exist outside of Japan. He's a vending machine freak. He loves 'em so much, that he actually died because of one of those. And... he got reincarnated in another, much more fantasybendworld. Yeah, I know. Typical.

BUT, he got reincarnated as a vending machine. A mahou vending machine-cha... kun.

He has this game-like cheat-like predisposition that all recent Asian light/web novel protags gets, but this time it's not overbearing. It's radical, comical and man it's fun.

I'm in awe. A well deserved respect for the author, for coming up with something so amazing.
A concious vending machine in a fantasy setting.

I give it round 5. It's ain't a masterpiece, it won't be made into a movie, or anime or comic. I doubt it, really. But it's a fine 5 star novel, at least for me, because despite everything, it made my day much better. Much brighter, and dragged a handful of laughs of me. Which is what I've desired. <<less
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UncleOddball rated it
The Ultimate Evolution
December 11, 2016
Status: v4c78
I've picked up this one out of boredom, wich is quite frequent for me lately.

It. Was. Not. A. Mistake.

/|\ that's the short description for people who lack time and/or patience to bite my full review.
\|/ If you feel like reading some of my thought's regarding this novel, please do enjoy:

... more>> I've skimmed through various reviews on this novel, including indirect evaluement from other similar concepts. It pleases me to see this new sub-genre of novels to bloom one, after another. Off with the sidetracking.

There's a hidden challenge in reading the [Ultimate Evolution]. It requires you to crawl through first handful of chapters, wich are introducing the MC's background before he begins his [evolution]. And god bless my soul, it was awful, cringy, boring, bland and yuck. But I had struggled through it, and I do not regret. The story picks up it's pace after MC comes in contact with this mysterious and diabolical Nightmare Realm.

It makes me think of [GantZ], [Terror Infinity] and somewhat it has a similar taste to the [Evolution Theory of the Hunter].

Personally, I had dropped [TI] some time ago, and I do not think that I will return to reading it. I had seen some people comparing [UE] to [TI] favouring toward one or the other. In my humble opinion, comparing the two of them is similar to clashing [Log Horizon] against [SAO]. It won't work.

Both [TI] and [UE] are novels about a mysterious and devilish design of unknown origin, that's dragging people of our world into an everchanging, evertwisting and everbending carnival of violence, carnage, betrayal, greed and other intense emotions interwining with each other. They both show the ugly side of humanity, the darkness that dwells in those monsters that call themselves The Mankind. But, they do it differently.

Of those two novels I like [UE] more. It has a decent and fairly complex system carved deeply into the background. Nightmare Realm operates in ways that at first seem random and weird, but later are explained and some of them can be deduced by a reader earlier, if he/she pays enough attention.

It has greater diversity from [TI]. Our MC can and will get himself involved with so many different worlds, that I can't wait to see where it leads.
Below is a non-awful information about how many "movies" were done by the chapter mentioned in my review's status.

Currently the translation is at the point just after the third movie.


The loot system seems good. It has it's own charm and fairness.

Another refreshing point is the way the "movies" are balanced. [UE] places emphasis on the "weight" a character of the movie world have. Regular NPC are not a threat. Elite NPC are dangerous. Boss-class NPC are very powerful, and the Main Characters are simply dreadful. Also, each "setting" has it's own restrictions and they vary greatly, wich is another interesting fact.

There is a bit of info dump, but it did not rub me the wrong way. Actually, I find it an important part of this novel's charm. The notifications and battle logs that MC get's are like solid chains binding the story-telling aspect of the Nightmare Realm with it's game-like trait. It serves as a way to translate statistics we see from time to time into a reasonable proof of it's inner workings. What I dislike in most of the novels with [game elements] is their unreliability in this matter. You get some big numbers and capital letters for the ranks, but after a while you will crease your brows and think "bullsh*t". [UE] on the other hand seems more "well planed". Of course there will be some plot armor. MC is needed to survive all this sh*t. Duh.

But lemme' tell ya something. While reading this novel, you will not think about it. It's interesting enough to get immersed in it's coils, until you forget about everything else. Heck, I had started it recently as a way to kill time on the bus to my workplace, but I had found myself wasting an hour after a night shift, just to read a handful more, before going to sleep. Wich is why, I am giving it a full five star rating. Because it grabbed my attention with such a firm grip.

It has it's flaws, I won't tell you a lie that it's a perfect, or the best novel out there.
To all of those that had reached this bottom line, still unsure whether to spend an effort with this novel: It's worth a try. <<less
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UncleOddball rated it
Seoul Station’s Necromancer
November 20, 2016
Status: c77
3 starts - the ok mark.

This novel is ok with wobbly balance just before falling to either poor (2) or good (4).

MC is very unlikable, he's a selfish a***ole, indifferent toward human's life. A tyrant (especially seen later on, when he interacts with x**). I think his personality is one of the worst we see around lately. He doesnt act like a spellcaster should, no intellectual approach, just brute strikes.

... more>> The "system" is also lazy and bland. Meh taste.

The only pro I can think of, but quite decent one is that the setting is pretty unused yet, and despite his terrible manners, Woojin at least explained his "don't give a ****" policy in recent chapters with surprising reasonable way. <<less
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UncleOddball rated it
Spirit Realm
November 24, 2016
Status: c185
It's very pleasant to be able to give something 4 stars.

Spirit Realm was a novel I did choose to distance myself from at time, after skimming through a bucket of negative reviews. As I am constantly in lack and desire for new stuff to read, I've decided to pick it up yesterday. It's, you know, chinese novel. Supernatural martial arts, beasts with "cores" and a web of goddamn rankings. There's faction ranking, cultivation ranking (a lot of ranks too), artifact and medicine ranking. And there is usual realm-breaker trope. Like,... more>> the fights shift toward person with higher lvl weapon/cultivation, but our MC can overcome that. A minor fault. Also, no surprise here, chinese twisted perception of woman is also crawling in this story. Now now, I'm aware it's not racial trait, but seriously, xianxia writers act like they have never been on date or even seen a woman. In this particular novel you can find pearls like "woman's vicious heart" and other xD

So, why it's 4? Well, it's nothing new, a lot of common and boring tropes, but the MC is likeable, albeit some plot levers make him look like a re****. The romance here is mild, wich is definitely a positive, as xianxia writers can't write a decent romance.

I like the sect twist. The first sect he joined forced him to leave, and the one that picked him up later made him their heir. Now there's some nonsense going past 180sh chapters, but I hope it will be resolved quicklyy and we go further with the story.


Well, the upside of this overcomplex setting is that it gives a loooooooot of freedom and possible content, wich is also an aspect that made me rise the rating.

In the end, what is left to say is the most important reason, I did enjoy reading this, even with it's flaws. <<less
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UncleOddball rated it
The Man Picked up by the Gods
December 12, 2016
Status: v5c10
It's a solid slice of life.

MC is peculiar, but likeable.

Gods are hilarious.

... more>> MC's fabricated background is interesting.

I'd love to give this one five stars, but I can't.

First, the MC, altho' a fine guy, has those silly cracks in his character, typical to japanese writing. One of the examples would be his fervent drive to stay in the underdog position pretty much every single time. Despite being an adult mentally, he seems a typical japanese MC blockhead when it comes to socializing with girls. And those are not the only flaws of his.

But I'll give it 4. My only wish, toward this particular translation, would be to pick up on a pace. Because the release rate is extremely painful, up 'till this date I had actually forgotten about this novel few times. That's how rare new chapters are. <<less
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Tales of Demons and Gods
September 12, 2016
Status: c409
Oh boy, where do I start?

This one is pretty complex to embrace.

The MC is one of the most annoying pests you will find in any of the oriental novels.
He is so terrible and hate-able that it's a wonder anyone can read this for more then a dozen chapters.

When the story starts it appears he got somewhat send back in the past and tapped lightly the "underdog" theme. A big fat nope. It's not an underdog at all. He's an OP guy with a sleeve full of nasty surprises and... more>> he constantly skips a whole "realm of strenght" wich was supposed to be impossible. But whateva', ppl can't do it, but Nie Li is an MC so he can kind of policy.

All worse, it kind of makes sense once you get to the point where he get's back to the powerlevels he's used to. If you judge his first arc environment and the one that happens past it, the difference is clear as daaamn.

Still, it does not make it easier to swallow MC attitude toward anything.

You can do a way-too-long list of why you hate that guy, but the shortest and most accurate description I can make is this: Nie Li is a cancerous piece of sh*t.

Despite interesting concepts and a lot of stuff going around the story is poor.


I remember dropping it for months when he got to meet "goddess" and she teached him the laws thing and he got it so fast and deep that even "her", a "goddess" was all jealous and wtf - and for me it was *flips a table* F*ck you Nie Li!


If I were to rate it, I'd go with 2. Not one star, I had some amount of fun while reading it, but the quality of the story and its characters is constantly blinking in the "sh*t zone".

There might be people who enjoy this novel, but again, there are people who enjoy ATG. You know what I mean.

PS - I still read it. But not because I enjoy it. I simply have not enough novels around to read, and after a couple of hundreds of sips of this terrible brew of a tea, I'm already numbed to it - Still I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, even a mortal enemy. <<less
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I Shall Seal the Heavens
April 20, 2017
Status: c1300
An update past 1300s.

Disappointment is a good word. Seen it in a few reviews, but only now, so deep in, I've understood it's hold on this novel.

The presented world is vast. It's damn big. Only recently we get to see just how complex and amazing the power-chart of ISSTH's word is. And sadly, it was tainted.

Cross-Realm techniques or strenghts are common in this type of stories. Wich is kind of sad. Some layers are introduced, they are mind-shaking and absolute... for anyone but MC. And well, it's kind of like... more>> our western "sad moments have to be acompanied by a rain" thing. Just accept it. And usually I do. But in ISSTH it's bullsh*t.


MC was doing it all the time. It was straining, but ok. A part of charm maybe. But then it went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay of charts. The moment he got to Immortal stage, allheavencrap***ot, the sh*t hit the fan. Immortal taking down shallow Ancients? Ok. Middle Ancients? Umm, ok. Peak Ancients? *starts to sweat* Dao lords? He ****ing owned up to 4 essence dao lord when being in immortal stage. And now that he's in ancient stage he holds his own against dao sovereigns and survives paragon's attack BULLsh*t


Well, apart from that another major awww from me (not the cute one, the sad one) was how re****ed fighting got. When the story has begun, it was florishing with interesting techniques, the fights were actually more interesting than the crap we get from around the moment immortals became peasant lvl. All ISSTH fighting for hundreds of chapters now is waving fingers, sleeves and my god the snorts. Just stop, and try to imagine those fights. Two adults standing in the air and snorting at each other while waving loose sleeves and fingers while generic-described techniques fly to-and-fro. Pitiful. And the sheer amount of deadly crisises and blood spewing is a cherry on the top.

And don't get me start on how re****ed our MC became.

I like ISSTH, still. I think. Well, sentimental-like for sure.

I'll propably finish it at some point. But man, my heart is broken.

Current verdict: Poor novel. Two stars. <<less
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It's an enjoyble read.

A nice fantasy-type adventure with "summoned hero"... with a twist.

No op MC. No OP (One Punch) kind of MC.

It's refreshing story of courage, determination and bitterness of the monarch.

A bit slow paced and still winding-up atm, so we shouldn't really look down on it's potential.

The only thing that annoys me is the split translation between two forces, which goes kind of slow (weird, considering it's done by two folks/groups). But, that grief goes outside of novel's rating. 4/5.
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UncleOddball rated it
Lord of All Realms
November 14, 2016
Status: c85
I'm writing this opinion after catching up to the current release (c85) in one sitting.

I like how this novel unravels its content, albeit it's a little like Ze Tian Ji, over eighty chapters done and it barely ended a first major event happening.

MC is likable, despite some damn common tropes hanging around. He's the underdog, small fry clan member, ofc his clan underestimates him greatly... he eats more then a dozen people because of his special physique...

at least the novel is moderate with other values and they don't count every... more>> damn thing in numbers that came off author's ass only to make it "epic" - more like epic dumb - *I'm looking at you Magus Era*

Sadly, all conflicts that stemmed so far, are born out of the typical and annoying behaviors. Someone was a sh*t, got his ass beaten, it made a sh*tload of trouble, then we meet a b***h with b***hson, the b***hson gets beaten, after a while we meet him again along with his cousing who's a bigger b***h and they want to cripple the guy out of hatred that was born from their own volition... judging from how it progressed further there will be more of this crap, people who try to harm, cripple or kill MC, get their ass beaten and scheme even more troubles out of rage that they did not have their way.

I'd go with 5 star if not for that heavy weakness. <<less
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UncleOddball rated it
I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (WN)
August 23, 2016
Status: c31
The description is extremly unaccurate!*

A word of advice. To truly enjoy this story, it is recommended (by me) to survive until he (the sword) gets an owner.

Until then, the sword-bro is kind of dull, wich I've enjoyed myself actually.
Why? Because it makes sense to me. He was just a random normal dude, who died and found himself being a sword. An object. I believe we can fairly count his initial attitude as a post-dying shock, as his character expands greatly when he got an owner.

Sword-bro post meeting Fran >... more>> Initial Sword-bro.

As for the story, I'll give it a solid 4 for now.

I enjoy the relationship between the protags. It's healthy, cute and my god it can't be from Japan.

Ah right - *one of the reasons I did ignore this novel so far was the description. It is wronging the story terribly. It made me think that it's another silly op main char story full of crap. And instead, so far as 31 chapter goes, it's quite heart-warming (Sword-bro and Fran interactions kawaaaai :3) and finely paced. A lot is happening and oh boy, can't wait to get more. <<less
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UncleOddball rated it
The Magus Era
July 21, 2016
Status: c52
Now, I've been thorn between waiting with a judgement 'til 100s, or past 50s, but in the end, I'l go with the latter.

This novel, as far as I can see, has a good potential, interesting presented world and certainly is worth of a try.

It's far from being something I'd call masterpiece, but ain't as bad as some things with outrageous amount of 4s and 5s on the star-scale.

... more>> I give it, for time being, a solid 3. I'll update my review past 100s.

The reason why I'm giving this piece such neutral mark is because it has a flaw, wich makes me cringe a lot, and actually made me to double-think whether I want to continuu or not.

I like stories about op MC. Am somewhat displeased with arrogant shiets like Nie Li or Yun Che... and this story MC is somewhat more reasonable... but what truly grinds my gears is the magnitude of stuff that author throws into us, readers, and that magnitude smacks us like Stalin's light of goodwill shining upon starving Ukraine.... very early in the story, like chapter or two, we get a basic powerlevel measure. The stones - wich I find refreshing term btw - wich comes from a piece of rock that u use to put on childrens back when they run around the "village". SO far it's fair 'nuff. Even when those were stones enchanced with some magic, after Dragonball turtle-backpacks I can pretty much eagerly accept it. But what came next made me frown, literally. Because just after estabilishing this basic measurment unit, even noob-class characters strenght is measured in thousand. Everything is measured in thousands. Things that should be a handful are in hundreds, things that might come in dozens are thrown in hundreds of hundreds. People are knocked hundreds of meter by a punch, a random savage bandit tribe has thousands of guys, the MC clan is old clan, fair 'nuff, some past-glory underdog trope family, but it has thousands of branches. Author mobilize thousands of peoples over simple tasks and everything is big, outblown and outstretched.


Well, if you can stomach ridiculus and embarassing "big numbers" you might enjoy the thing. <<less
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UncleOddball rated it
Sword Art Online
June 27, 2016
Status: v1
The rating is solely for volume one.

As it was mentioned in different review, the first volume of SAO was the best. Actually, if it could be stretched - because there are some heavy time-skips in it - then it would be the best.

SAO was the first vrmmo-type I've read and boy I did love it. There was mystery, action and thrill.
Characters were pretty fine too. Despite slightly forced harem route, wich was at times making me cringe, the support cast was actually pretty well done. And boy, there were... more>> also some heavy feels there. Ugh. Christmas just won't be the same for me because of SAO.

Anyway, the first volume/arc has solid five. Second and what's further are like 2-3. They have their own charm, but compared to opening act it's quite worse. <<less
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UncleOddball rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
December 28, 2016
Status: ch74
I'd go 4/5 on this one. 4.5/5 wich is official average is also situational acceptable score.

I'm glad, that I was initialy repulsed by negative comments. It got me a chance to gulp almost three "books" at once.

EER is (of course) a story of supernatural, op and dense MC. He was left alone on earth for ten (lol) years with everyone else scattered in different worlds.

... more>> Our Earth changes, so do the common sense.

I love the way author sneaks nods and winks toward popculture here and there.
It's been a while since I laughed so much.

I wont give it full score, because it's obviously Desumachi/OnePunch Man kind of comedy, wich hallows story quality. And MC, despite being fun, is a "lovable idiot with sensivity of a brick", wich was tried to be justified, but still is a nope from me. Also he gets convenient sixth sense/luck, wich makes everything play out on easy difficulty for him. Plot Gundam, cus plot armor is too weak expression.

Still, a good read. <<less
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