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Uggrock rated it
Skeleton Knight, in Another World
May 29, 2016
Status: c22
Starts out somewhat interesting but quickly declines in quality and loses my interest fast. The MC can't seem to make up his mind about how he wants to act, his morals seem pretty flexible and only turn charitable in when it concerns women.

Overall, the story seems to lack direction and what should be the central story feels like a continuous side plot. Also, explanations are scarce.
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Started out with an interesting idea but very quickly descended into puerility, lack of quality, etc. Basically, what i'd imagine an elementary or middle schooler might write for an assignment that they aren't really invested in.

i'd hoped for the MC to be a little profound or maybe humorous, instead it's just stupidity and narcolepsy.
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Uggrock rated it
Terror Infinity
May 31, 2016
Status: v7c4
I'm actually sorta torn on this story. One the one hand, it's leaps and bounds more original than most of the stories listed of novelupdates, on the other hand, if I compare it to a normal, properly edited story, it just barely rises to above trashcan level.

there are several areas where it really suffers:

the mish-mash of real poorly-understood-by-the-author science, fantasy pseudoscience, lots of factual misconceptions acquired from 'folk knowledge', and just general nonsense that the author mixes together to create his universe.

the story also starts out as if... more>> the people brought to the horror show belong to the 'real' universe that readers inhabit, which is good, but then the author completely deviates and just goes off the rails in his vision about how humans really evolve.

the characters have a plethora of powers, abilities, bloodlines, weapons, etc to choose from and yet, so far at least, the choices are fairly lackluster and dull, compared to the fun they could actually have with them if just a little bit more creativity was used.

sexism. it's not as bad some stories listed here, but it's certainly fairly obvious. it seems that pretty much every Chinese story of this genre listed on this site is just rife with it. it's getting kinda concerning with just how pervasive it seems to be.

survival of the fittest BS. I'm getting a little tired of seeing this excuse used to be unnecessarily cruel and/or ruthless to others. it's not so bad in this story, at least at first, but it's starting to crop up more and more it seems.

i could go on but...

anyway, I do enjoy the different powers and universes that are visited but that's honestly more of a pro for the original creators of those verses. still, this story is at least fairly entertaining at first. as it goes on, the author starts to run into several problems as to where he wants to take the story.

and of course, kudos to the translators. <<less
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Uggrock rated it
Against the Gods
May 26, 2016
Status: c336
It started out much better than a lot of Xuanhuan web novels and even kept the momentum going for longer but then quickly starts nosediving into the same ridiculous problems that the other stories run into.

Too many free power-ups for this type of story. It's ridiculous. A couple, sure, no problem, but come on.
... more>>

Sky Poison Perl
Samsra Mirror (could, I suppose, not really be seen as a power up, but come on...)
Genius Doctor Knowledge (this point I'm willing to concede that he worked and studied for since it was under a master in a past life)
Evil God veins (hax much!)
Phoenix Blood and Soul
Dragon God Blood, Marrow, Soul
Emperor level free weapon upgrade
Previously Unheard of Super Arts and Techniques
Ultra-Powerful goddess Loli sealed in his SPP
Profound Handle
Power up from emperor dragon corpse flesh

I know that some might argue that he worked for the Phoenix and Dragon rewards, but I'd still say that they're free power ups attained because of previous free power ups

I don't particularly care if a MC becomes a gary stu character but the least an author could do is put a little effort into the growing process and make it a little believable. At least give him a setback or two, or make it take some time, something other than this ridiculousness.

Like practically any other story in this genre, especially with chinese authors, women are treated as objects to be possessed at best, the worst, well, it get's very bad in some of these stories. Thankfully, relative to other stories of this genre, the sexism is relatively mild in AtG.

My main gripe with this story is that the MC starts out fairly smart, but the moment he gets even a modicum of power, brains go out the window and it's all about making sure to pay back a hundred fold any offenses committed against him, with violence. He practically challenges everybody and everything, creating huge future troubles for himself, when with just a little bit of smarts he could save himself a lot of trouble.

His ego is enormous and he pretty much expects any pretty girl to fall for him; he's building quite a harem of strong but pitiful women. let's not forget he can't stand being the less powerful one in a relationship.

Sigh, for all that is wrong with this story, most of the adventures are still pretty entertaining and some of the schemes quite fun, even if they are presented very straight forward and without suspense. <<less
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Uggrock rated it
Gate of Revelation
June 8, 2016
Status: c85
it's an okay story so far. One thing it has in it's favor is that the characters feel a little bit more real than most of the other stories listed on NU. Thankfully, the needless ruthlessness, cruelty, and sexism that so permeates Xuanhuan web novels is absent for the most part. The bad: a lot of missing detail and description about the mechanics of the world. Nothing in depth at all. The system is barely explored, so far. The background history/mythology that the MC just happens to know is pretty... more>> unbelievable and a lot of it is badly explained, if it is at all. Bloody boring repetitions. Everything seems to be repeated. Sigh.

Overall, it's an okay read for what it is, one just has to remember it is a translated chinese web novel, and not to expect too much. <<less
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Uggrock rated it
Legend of the Cultivation God
May 22, 2016
Status: c102
The first thing to know is that when 'they' say 'slow build up', it really means 'slow build up.'

A slow build up isn't necessarily bad, and LoCG thankfully doesn't do to bad of a job of keeping the reader interested until things pick up a bit more.
That beings said, sometimes the MC is pretty frustrating. He vacillates between being a genius and an idiot. For now, that can be excused since he's still a child but hopefully that will lessen as he grows.

What I appreciate is that the... more>> story feels more human than most of the web/light chinese novels i've come across so far. There MC doesn't discard his humanity at the first opportunity and even even strives to be something better. A refreshing read compared to the dozens of other stories where the MC just starts murdering people because they are in the way or some other nonsense excuse.

I'm looking forward to read the rest of the translation. <<less
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Uggrock rated it
Killing Grounds of Gods and Devils
June 11, 2016
Status: c87
Another entry into the "students in monster world" genre. All in all, it's mediocre at best. I've come to expect the overwhelming self-pity, selfishness, and lack of empathy in this genre from Chinese writers. The problem is that every single author in the genre seems to ape another's story, as a result, they're all pretty much the same. Unlike GaDW has game mechanics, while KGoGaD has mechanics more close to self-evolution (?) which is fine at first but get's a dull quickly since the author doesn't explore them enough. One... more>> thing KGoGad has going for it is that the MC lacks the senseless cruelty present in most of the genre. Refreshing.

The overall fail of most of these stories, however, is the absolute idiocy of all the characters involved. Cooperation to restart civilization? Forget about it. Let's throw out all the things learned in school, forget thousands of years of human trial and error, science, and more and revert to caveman days of everybody out for themselves. <<less
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Uggrock rated it
God and Devil World
May 20, 2016
Status: c222
Like so many other web/light novels the core concept behind the story, while not necessarily original, sounded fun and interesting. I mean, a story set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie, game-leveling world; what's not to like?

The problem (s) ? After the initial horror of realizing that life as the hero knew it came to an end and the establishment of the beginning of a decent power base the story takes a nose dive for the worse.

Rampant sexism. This is a pervasive problem in most Chinese web/light novels, as far as I... more>> can tell. Though this is the first one that i've come across where women actually seemed to be used as an informal bartering method. (most often i've seen women used as a kind of reward system in other stories). The author just can't stop himself from continuously harping on about how useless the female gender is, repeating himself constantly on that point.

Repetition. I know that for some reason repetition is a big thing in light/web novels. Why this is so I don't know. However, this story stands out as being particularly repetitious. Ad nauseam.

The author can't seem to keep things consistent either. Sometimes mixing up people. Seemingly unable to do simple math. 1+2=5 killed, MC is 7 times faster than a normal human yet still takes 6s to cross 150m, etc.

Clarity. A big problem. The game system is barely really touched on. Skills and jobs seem fairly inconsistent at times. MC's skeleton is at most times ridiculously OP, other times right when the plot calls for it, not so much. Kinda crosses over with consistency.

Some of the more fun and interesting things about the 'new world' are touched on once and then never mentioned again for long, long periods of time. The novice village? The place that should be ridiculously important for most 'players', especially since you can apparently buy food and better equipment there? Forget about it.

Racism. While not quite as bad as some stories, it's made quite clear that chinese are first. Though the class system and sexism are worse.

The one area i'll give the author some props on is that the MC didn't turn into a ridiculously ruthless, sexist, cruel, stupid bastard within the first few chapters. He only became that a few chapters further in. He also knows his military info.

The author seems obsessed with lolis and harem building. It wasn't a problem at first, but further into the story the MC just starts 'collecting' women left and right for his own personal 'use.'

One things that bugs me, and that isn't restricted to this story, is the utter inability of the authors of web/light novels to deal with the female body and their sexuality. instead they use all sorts of euphemisms to refer to parts of the female body. An example for breasts: ranging from 'jade rabbits' all the way to 'things.' To be fair, as I understand it, a lot of the authors live in countries with pretty broad obscenity and censorship laws so I can understand their reluctance/inability. That however doesn't mean that there isn't a vast gulf of improvement they could cross while still staying within the law.

All of this isn't to say that there aren't points to recommend this story but this review has already gone way longer than I really wanted it to be.

White Bones is pretty awesome though.

Ah well... I think i'll stop here for now. <<less
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Uggrock rated it
Renegade Immortal
May 18, 2016
Status: c230
It started out good, but pretty much like every other chinese Xianxia/Xuanhuan fic it descends into pointlessness. For a fic like this a relatively big deal was made out of the MC's attachment to his parents and family but in typical Xuanhuan story fashion that disappears quite quickly. One thing that really bothers me about these stories is the absolute pointless murders and other crimes that the MC commits, just because he can and because in the past he's seen others do so. There's never any attempt made to rise... more>> above baser nature, to strive for a better life. Morality and ethics are seemingly foreign concepts to the MCs to be discarded at the soonest possible opportunity and never looked for again. As is typical of these stories, Xian Ni is no different in its treatment of women, sexism is rampant. Xian Ni just kinda drags on for a long time. The central mystery of the Bead is pushed back further and further.

Ultimately, it's hard for me to really tell how bad the story is versus the quality of the translation, though I'm inclined to think that the story quality is actually quite low. I will confess, however, that some of the scenarios and situations that Wang Lin finds himself in are quite intriguing. <<less
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Uggrock rated it
Tempered Immortal
May 29, 2016
Status: c57
TI, so far, is basically your run of the mill cultivation story. There's only really one instance of originality where the MC uses brains instead of brawn. That was pretty much the only highlight of the first 57 chapters.
Nothing much at all happens otherwise.

Like all the other stories of this genre, the MC basically is a selfish ruthless bastard that sort-of understands right from wrong but unless it profits him gives a rat's ass about it. Nothing original there either.

Kudos to the translators, but otherwise, the story isn't really... more>> all that interesting yet. Hopefully that'll change. <<less
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Uggrock rated it
Global Evolution
July 5, 2016
Status: c1
Pretty slow to develop and quite a bit of pseudoscience/misunderstanding mixed in with real science but overall, so far it's an enjoyable diversion from the same ole' same ole apocalypse type stories with the zombies. Plus, the MC doesn't appear to have gotten an instant upgrade/hax like soooooo many other stories. It's not that I mind OP MCs, just that they shouldn't get the OPness within the first few chapters without any work for it.

Sexism is pretty low key, so far, which is refreshing compared to most of the chinese... more>> stories in this genre. (It's a very real, very present problem) <<less
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Uggrock rated it
I Shall Seal the Heavens
July 17, 2016
Status: c800
Compared to all the other Chinese web-novels in the Xianxia genre i've read so far this is undoubtedly the best. It also enjoys a much better quality of translation and editing than most others. As far as Chinese web-novels are concerned, it's great. (Though there's definitely room for lots of improvement)

Romance-wise, well, it could be much better in my opinion, and xu qing was dealt a very bad hand. I'm not referring to what happens to her in the story but the way the author starts treating her. She... more>> started out as a powerful cultivator but by the 2nd arc she's been reduced to a "simple" girl. I do like that there isn't a huge harem situation going on. Those have become quite tedious to read. On the other hand, so far, the story has done a very poor job in resolving hao's relationships with the other girls.

One thing that continues to bug me about the whole cultivation genre in general, is that nobody in them is ever concerned with the betterment of life, society, culture, as a whole. None of them bat an eye at killing for frankly trivial reasons. Ah well.

Anyway, as I said earlier, as cultivation stories go, this is the best I've read so far, both content and quality translation-wise. <<less
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Galactic Dark Net
June 26, 2016
Status: c108 part2
Well, as stories listed on here go, this one is slightly better than most, but honestly, that's not really saying a whole lot. What it has going for it is the setting, which is pretty original. There are, however, several negatives: Immediate and massively OP MC. Nothing new there. MC, a teenager, immediately gets involved in the dark net, and is okay with the stuff he sees on it ie: slavery, drugs, torture, rape, etc. He goes from kid to underworld netizen in an afternoon. Way too many windfalls. He... more>> complains that everything is so hard but not 5 minutes later it seems like things fall into his lap. Multiple times.
of course, like most stories in this genre it contains the usual sexism, xenophobia, etc. Though it's not nearly as bad as in others.

Overall, it's an okay story for what it is when compared to the rest of the bunch. <<less
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Uggrock rated it
June 10, 2016
Status: c125
eh, more interesting than most listings here, but does suffer some problems. Fight scenes kinda su** or sometimes are omitted entirely if the fight is considered trivial for the MC. The world system isn't particularly well explained and could be made to be much more fun and interesting. Pacing is a bit out of whack, and stuff that should be important isn't expanded on, the opposite is true as well.
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