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Ugfluffyturtle rated it
The Reborn Demon King’s Goddess Hunt
October 29, 2018
Status: c1
Aight I can't tell if this is suppose to be a comedy or it's legitimately trying to be er**ic. No matter what I can't see this as anything other than trying to be funny. Yes TRYING.

First off this guy doesn't seem like a demon king, he talks in stutters like a beta Japanese stereotype. Second, The words *slurp* and *gulp* aren't er**ic, they're words that personally disgust me. And third, things like "My magic cannon" and "Blade of Darkness" are nothing short of cringy.

This is all in chapter 1 so... more>> not even worth me putting a spoiler tag. The translations are pretty well done soooooooo 2 stars. <<less
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Ugfluffyturtle rated it
Dragon-Marked War God
April 1, 2019
Status: --
Lightly going over chapters 1 to 10...

... more>>

Alright so I see what people are sayin. This isn't the best piece of writing. Tbh it's something you turn off your brain to read. Even then, it's still pretty eeeh. Everyone unanimously chooses to respect the MC after his first conflict with the Murong family. Which is chapter 7.

Apparenlty he's done 'evil deeds' before the reincarnation, but no one really brings that shiz up. It's only stated and not explained. The whole killing his adopted brother kinda just goes out the door after it happens too. His father pretty much doesn't care. Which wouldn't happen to a real father especially after he raised him for years.

Everything feels straightforward and low IQ. Like muh bruh, the MC decides the whole marriage thing is a plot by the Murong guy, but what if it wasn't? He said he 'suspects it' since the girl is sooo super, extremely, unbelievably ugly. He even says he thinks shes not even the guys real daughter.

Wat? You just gonna assume that someones daughter might not be their daughter because shes ugly?

This just shows that the author wants his MC to be so assured of himself that even his assumptions will be undeniably right. What if he was wrong about the whole plot? He's never met this Murong family before. There needs to be inquires and investigations, not just assumptions and 'intuition'. A single doubt about the marriage and situation could be looked into, but nah he's so assured that he's right, which, in turn, means that he will be right. Cuz author.

When an MC says shiz like "Yes, I am indeed a genius, possessed with a god given talent that no one else has... I managed to produce a restoration pill with 100% effectiveness on my second attempt." It makes ya wanna slap the ever-living piss outta him. He doesn't even conceal the fact that he can do this stuff even though he shouldn't be able to do it.

This just seems like a power jerk and wish fulfillment story. That's fine I guess, but only if the story was written well enough. It needs more substance. If the story exists just to stroke the MC's big pen-, I mean brain, then what makes it better than all the other stories?

Two stars since TL is good and at least cultivation is decently fast. I have a feeling that everything the MC will do will be the 'correct' decision. An MC like this can do no wrong. Cuz author.

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Ugfluffyturtle rated it
Yuusha Ni Narenakatta Ore Wa Isekai De (WN)
August 20, 2018
Status: c1.1
Aight look I tried oh-so-hard to read this, I did, but it was boring and tedious. It was so bland that it made me mad. The descriptions are nonexistent and it feels like everything is simplified to the point of it being nothing but a summary or outline of an actual novel. It give the feeling of "this is how the events go, this is how I want my story to be". It feels like there's nothing here. Its an empty story with characters acting in such an awkward or... more>> weird way that its hard to care about what happens next.

Also the whole "Birds are chirping piyo piyo" and "A composed voice, bikuu, comes out of nowhere." Is super annoying. The sound effects are unneeded and out of place. Idk if its just because I try to distance myself from Japanese novels, but my god does this destroy every form of immersion in the story. Especially when there are "sound effects" for silent actions. Like "The woman gives Sora a sweet smile, Nikkori." HOW DOES A SMILE GO NIKKORI?? <<less
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