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Pursuit of the Truth
October 31, 2017
Status: c302
Okay, so before I start the actually review I think it's fair to mention a couple things- one, don't be turned off by the large amount of 1-star reviews here. This happened a little while ago, but if you don't know, there's been a big kerfuffle going on between wuxiaworld and the relatively new quidan international. Quidan did some sh*tty sh*t, and f**ked Wuxiaworld out of a bunch of translation contracts, which Wuxia world then posted about. A lot of the fans of Wuxiaworld got angry, reasonably, and started a... more>> kinda ban on Quidans translations.

Okay; background done. Why I'm telling you all this now. This translation, when I first read it, was called beesech the devil, and it had a VERY high review on this site. It got to about chapter 113 or so until that translation got dropped, but it was a quality translation, and the story was great, so the average review was around a 4.5-4.6. Then this novel got picked up by Quidan international. The translation quality stayed the same, the story remained just as good, but the overall reviews changed pretty drastically during that time. To put it into perspective, the overall reviews may have only dropped about.5, but the 1 star reviews increased from about 3-4 percent to about 13. It's relitively dramatic, and, while I can never know for certian, I'm pretty sure it's because wuxiaworld fans came in and shat a little on the reviews.

Anyway, all that aside, whether you belive me or not, this is a great story. I suggest reading it yourself to see. It's gotten decently far in the translations, so there's a sh*t ton of intersting stuff to read. The character of Su Ming is extremely well written, he's an intersting character and he cultivates in an intersting way. Su Ming overcomes his problems in a very satisfying way, he doesn't really have bullsh*t on his side. He's not stupidly "smart" cough cough, lucky as hell, and the world doesn't always work out the way he thinks it's going to. He actually develops and changed as the story progress, gets more mature and experiences changes in his personality. It's probably one of the most well written Wuxia I have ever seen. The novel is, fair warning, pretty depressing. That air kinda lingers throughout the whole novel as far as I can tell, the story never really becomes funny and Su Ming isn't exactly a guy who you can laugh with and love in that sense. But that doesn't take away from the stories beauty, or depth. I would say, if you're kinda in the mood for a classic Wuxia story, one with the dark protagonist who faces up against impossible odds and pulls himself through by a combination of luck and skill, then give it a try. <<less
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