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June 7, 2018
Status: c16
The novel is basically decent. OP character IRL becomes OP when he plays the game, typical stuff you can already guess just by reading synopsis. Character Setting and Development is very japanese, I'd say. The usual... not that I hate it. I would have given this around 3-4, IF NOT for the bad quality of translations. It's like it came out straight from an MTL and was skimmed through with a little bit of edit. It would be understandable if the updates are also fast, but it's suspiciously slow for... more>> such a low quality translation. Plus there's quite a bit of I'm talking bad about the translators here, but this is my honest opinion. Heck, I have a high chance of dropping this due to the translation quality itself. I'm grateful for the free translations they're doing, but I would like to criticize how poorly they did it. It's not like I don't appreciate their efforts in churning out chapters.

TL;DR 3-4 for the novel itself, 1 for the translation quality and speed. Overall score of 2. <<less
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It was very very cliche. I won't spoil anything (and there's nothing worth spoiling) except for the chapter where I dropped it to explain why I did so.

So first of all, I don't particularly dislike cliche romance with predictable "development" and stuff. The writing style is also bland, basically everything is cliche and bland except the first chapters, to which the whole title explains what was happening. After that, it's just a whole bunch of cliche romance, bland style of writing and forced development. However, one particular development made... more>> me stop reading completely. I'm gonna tag this as a spoiler but you should read this in case you don't want to be disappointed.


Ever liked re****ed soap opera dramas? Well here it is at Chapter 33-34, Basically main heroine get super jealous due to ridiculous reason of MC talking to his first love at middle school, his co-worker or other girls (note that MC and main heroine are already dating, also 'first love of MC' has a boyfriend already. They were technically both in love one-sidedly to each other before but aftaid to confess, until they got apart and their feelings changed). So then, MC apologized once but when main heroine saw the MC talking to his co-worker (co-worker's feelings for the MC is one hell of a very forced development btw) and seeing that the co-worker looks like she's in love, the main heroine thought "he doesn't need someone like me cause he has other girls". Do note that THE MC AND CO-WORKER WERE SIMPLY TALKING. There has also been no evidence whatsoever that the MC does not cherish the main heroine, he did fell in love with her and even argued with the heroine's mother and announced that he'll marry the main heroine. Bruh what the **** is with this chick's brain? Afterwards she decided that they should break up, to which the MC was ofc sad and thought that it was his fault for making the main heroine jealous EVEN THOUGH it was because of the utter stupidity of the heroine. I feel like it was so forced considering that the scene about arguing with the heroine's mother about marrying the heroine just happened a few chapters before, and very coincidentally after the forced romantic feelings development of the co-worker. Judging by the current development, there's no doubt that the author will push the co-worker to the MC to which some sh*tty drama will happen and then at the end the heroine will come back to the MC, only to have another sh*tty forced development to happen that will once again break them apart only to get back again. I don't want another sh*tty Domestic na Kanojo roller-coaster development.


I would give a 3-4 on the first chapters since I don't particularly hate cliche and like fluffy stories, but when after around chapter 30 it's 2. If the development goes the way I see it and doesn't change, then this novel is just plain bad and wholly deserves a 1. <<less
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