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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost
June 9, 2016
Status: Finished
I cried a bowl of tears and finished this in 2 days and when I woke up my eyebags and eyelids doubled in size

And yes I was the one who added the tragedy tag (because I'm very sensitive to tragedies and I tend to avoid them) but I was tricked this time but I couldn't stop because the story was just that good.

The first half of the novel is quite lighthearted and funny because It's the world seen through the main character's eyes. She's thick as cow-hide and that's... more>> just her natural disposition.

I can't count how many times I bursted out laughing. The s*xual innuendos and jokes were top class.

(Should I add R15 to the tags?)

s*x is also mentioned in the story but the way it's written from JinMi's perspective makes it sound seriously innocent and child-like. But don't get me wrong, the story still had depth and seriousness to it.


Once the story descended into its latter half... this is where it gets unbearably dramatic. This is also the culprit of my puffy tear-stained cheeks. If I was the MC I would have killed myself over and over (7 lives or something for gods) and many others.

BUT I couldn't stop and the thing is once you start the sad part you wouldn't be able to stop too. So read it only when you have time to wallow in your pond of tears.

If I could rewrite the story


I would never let the mother give Jin Mi the unfeeling pill. That was her undoing. And that was what ruined the lives of others as well.


And the ending was sort of disappointing. Well at least for me.
It was a good wrap up...
the writing was sublime
the translator had near-perfect grammar and thoroughly transmitted the Chinese expressions and the feelings and quirks of each character...

But you know
If I experience this amount of tragedy there also needs to be just as much joy to reward all that pain. The ending (epilogue) was confusing as well. The author didn't elaborate enough about Jin Mi.

But that was an amazing story so if you want to go through an emotional roller coaster ride feel free to take the ride I just finished. <<less
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TwoWhiteShirts rated it
I’ll Live My Second Life!
June 6, 2016
Status: c47
I was crying at first. Crying REAL TEARS damn it

Princess Fii is treated with so much injustice as a reader I can't help but empathise

I was scared of that at first but it's not a 'tragedy' because Fii is a strong and brave gal who doesn't give up and starts to develop into a really interesting character

... more>> It's told in the 1st person POV and although Fii is the MC. Other characters also tell the story from their POV as well

This is what makes it interesting. I really like this and I can't wait for the next chapter

Sadly they're quite short <<less
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A Naive Short-tempered Girl
June 19, 2016
Status: --
This is in absolute bad taste.

PROCEED ONLY If you want to read about Terrible scum molesting/s*xually assaulting a poor woman. Women also seem to have low statuses in this story. They're treated as pieces of tissue paper to be used once and discarded. The author of this novel really is something.
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Stunning Edge
June 12, 2016
Status: c75
Even by the amount of reviews here it should be clear that If this isn't on your reading list you're missing out! It's another underdog story where the character slowly builds her self up and proves everyone wrong! Her personality is likable because she's not overly kind or overly cruel. She's smart and sensible and such a trickster too.

The plot is completely unpredictable and I've been enjoying myself so much
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It's good. I kept finding myself empathizing with each character. It's because the story is written from the POV of different characters. Thus, I don't particularly hate any character. They all have good reasons for their actions.

The romance is quite refreshing as well because the MC doesn't actively seek it out--in fact she tries to avoid it. Too bad that it doesn't seem to be getting updates anymore. It really is good.
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I want morrrrrrrre 😭
I like it so much already

I didn't think I would like it since its tagged 'genderbender' but it's really different from the generic genderbender because...


he was born as a she so when he was transported into a different world his body went back to a girl's


So there isn't this feeling that her gender changing is an unfair thing because it's meant to be :)
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TwoWhiteShirts rated it
Oni no Ou to Chigire
May 29, 2016
Status: c6 part108
This is so cute. That demon is soooo perverted and possessive it's cute

The translator is amazing and the reader can really experience the characters' struggles.

I have no idea why there are bad ratings at all. I mean it's yaoi. They can tell by the picture
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At first I was thinking WTF is this ****** prologue. The opening of the story was kind of lame but as the story progresses, the first person dialogue of Cordelia starts getting a little interesting. It's a dark story but I started hoping for a good outcome for the girl.

Also this might be dropped even though it just started getting good
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I don't know why so many people like this but I got kind of bored reading it. There aren't really any conflicts and it's not really exciting or interesting either.

The heroine also gets dumber and dumber over time even though she's got an advantage of about 10 years ahead of everyone. It just feels to me that the author is trying a little too hard to make the heroine dense and funny. But it isn't very entertaining after 11 chapters of can't be saved level of stupidity.

The translator does an... more>> incredibly fine job but the plot is a little lacking. Although I might come back to read it again and have a better opinion later. <<less
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Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru
June 22, 2016
Status: v3c8

A combination of adventure, world conquest, comedy, and a dash of ecchi. The main character turns into his mmorpg character after death and in thrown into the role of a monster ruler/demon king. His tragic past gives him an advantage in dealing with the shrewdness of people although he is quite weak in reality. By his side are numerous allies he collected in the past and with their undying loyalty he reigns supreme once again... not really since there are others who are much stronger than him and... more>> there are many unseen dangers creeping up. <<less
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Tenonaru Hou e
June 1, 2016
Status: c3 part68
It's a really slow paced story and the prologue is pretty long.

Also it's little emotional at first because both characters have circumstances they struggle with but it's heart warming to see how they both find each other and their friendship makes life better for both of them.

I'm just anticipating the romance between them XD
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TwoWhiteShirts rated it
Sore, Itadakimasu
May 27, 2016
Status: v1c3
The MC is an underdog. She's naive but not in the Kyakya-fluffy-happily-ignorant way. It's kind of funny because she thinks she's smart, but the situation escalates beyond her control.

I'm just so excited to know what will happen next
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TwoWhiteShirts rated it
Dragons Flies Phoenix Dances
June 28, 2016
Status: c23
Why didn't anyone review this yet? It's quite good!

Although it seems to have been dropped for a while it might get picked back up.

The heroine is clueless and all alone when she wakes up but she tries her best to do whatever she can to be good to others. However no one treats her nicely other with the exception of one man. Even then he doesn't treat her too well because everyone's got a reason to hate her. Little by little she discovers secrets of her past self, but the... more>> more she knows the more mysterious it all seems. <<less
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Assassin Farmer
June 4, 2016
Status: c3
This is actually pretty interesting. It's very descriptive without it being overdone and I feel like I'm living with the character herself :)
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Marietta-hime no Konrei
May 26, 2016
Status: c4
The story is really cute. I'm so excited anticipating the moment when they'll start to know each other. It's a cute story but not too light/fluffy/air headed. I'm just so hungry for the next chapter

Oh yeah. The humour, it's great. Hahahaha
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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
July 24, 2016
Status: c62
The author is amazing.

The MC is little girl who is robbed of her family, her real powers, her everything and shoved to the side like a piece of trash. But the mind that enters this body of hers doesn't give up on her, she's decisive, cunning, and unwilling to allow anyone to treat her badly even if she has to do everything while pretending to be stupid. It's so exciting to watch her grow, trample all her enemies without them knowing, and impressing all those who have the fortune of... more>> meeting her. I love it! <<less
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TwoWhiteShirts rated it
Demon Wang’s Golden Favorite Fei
June 10, 2016
Status: c22
I'm am smitten with this story

The MC is a ruthless and cunning. Although she has a dark side she treats those good to her with even more good will

It's ironic and funny how a she is an underdog because her real self isn't recognized by others. So a lot of people mistreat her and overlook her (which is to her advantage because she just can't be bothered) but even though she hides her true self (which is exceedingly charming) there are those who see past that and support her... more>> and like her genuinely

I'm just so excited to see how that 'demon' King captures her favour. Because so far no man can be a match for her. <<less
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I am in love with this. It's really interesting as if I'm discovering the world along with Misuzu

She's pretty smart and her nature is basically good so I like her too. Her reactions are really funny too lol

I'm so excited for the next releases. The translator is really good too!
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This is super weird yanno

A girl in a boy's body romancing other hot boys is really weird

What happens after she achieves a love ending? Won't it be pitiful for the real Makoto to return to his body and find a guy in love with him but unable to return his feelings?

Then what about the girl Mako that gets transported back to her old world even though she's fallen for an in-game character? Ahhhhhhhhh this is a dead end unless the author gives it a super plot twist
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I’m Back in the Other World?
June 30, 2016
Status: c38
I didn't like it It began with really slow moving chapter about the basic setting, background, and the main character.

The more I read the more interesting it became. It's amusing to see how Sakura's personality is influenced by her previous life. And it's nice to see her working hard and making a place for herself in this world.

The Prince doesn't treat her badly nor is he a perverted demon. He's sort of a hits-jackpot-at-being-an-unintentional-pervert if I could put it that way. Albeit somewhat insensitive,... more>> he genuinely cares for Sakura.

I don't think she becomes a dumb damsel in distress sort of shojou character. (Contrary to opinion) Rather, her cute appearance invites a lot of trouble and people treat her like that. But she herself isn't that way. Along the story, you'll see how she adapts quickly and treats others well even if others don't treat her well. And it results in people realizing her good intentions sometimes. (Life's not perfect) <<less
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