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Tsugumomo rated it
May 12, 2017
Status: Completed

From Left to Right (clock wise) : 5th Generation - 3rd Generation - 1st Generation - 6th Generation - 4th Generation - 2nd Generation- 7th Generation

EDITED REVIEW: As a guy who used question and answer style review, I felt that it's too inclined to answer negative reviews, so I've decided to change it and to make another review which is aimed for readers who wants to give Sevens a try. This is a long Review, so take your time reading it or... more>> you can skip it and read the enjoyment section :)

Here's my Question and Answer Review

Hi, Tsugumomo (Val)

Oh Hello, Val (Tsugumomo)

Well I'm looking for a good novel, can you help me? (Val)

Sure. what kind of novel do you want to read? (Tsugumomo)

I've been reading a lot of Kingdom Novels, so I want something close to that. Oh a big reminder, I don't want some wish fulfillment like a guy introduces technology and stuffs from our world and decided to change the ideals of the world, the last kingdom novesl that I have read was unbearable that I have to dropped them. The novels wasn't bad, but it's too unrealistic and too pretentious for their content, and it's too idealistic for their goals they're trying to achieve. Oh I'm looking for philosophical novel with a lot of reasoning behind it, the last novel I read lacks of philosophical side and does only show one side of their ideology without showing any rationale human side of them. (Val)

Umm are you talking about the popular kingdom novels which has a lot of high ratings and readers? (Tsugumomo)

Yes it is, I thought they were good, yet they were bad. They gave me some expectations yet they betrayed me with their wish fulfillment fantasies. I'll never read something like those novels ever!! (Val)

Chill dude, your elitist side is showing again, that's why you don't have friends outside the internet, and you don't even talk to the anime elitist club you joined. (Tsugumomo)

I don't want to talk to those toxic guys, they bash a lot when it comes to adapted novels, the were only limited to anime and manga, they are not real elitist, pretentious elitist is the title fitting for them. Well those elitists can make sound argument when it comes to Anime and Manga debate. (Val)

Lets return to our real purpose, I want a Kingdom Novel which has a lot realism, that's the main criteria, I don't mind if it's a fantasy or sci-fi story, but I want the content something realistic and the crucial part, the characters. I want the characters to be realistic with having consistent characteristics with rationale mind, and I want the antagonist to be the same too, even if they are fodder to the story. Another demand, I want it only here in Novel Updates directories, I'm still not used to other sources and stories, even I'm an elitist, I don't explore too much besides the available Asian Stories. (Val)

That's quite hard, but foremost, but there's a lot of them in Palace Intrigue stories, especially the Chinese Novels. (Tsugumomo)

As much as possible, a Japanese novel, I want to watch the Chinese Novels adapted in Dramas like "Nirvana In Fire". I want a Japanese novel set in western premise since Japanese writers can accurately make a western story, for example Mori Kaoru was able to make a realistic English Love story "Emma" that an English bookworm like Archeon, a popular guy from My Anime List has praised it for surpassing the English writers with the same style of writing. Even though I want to read some of the western books, I don't know how, that's the reason why I don't want to read something beyond NU's directories. (Val)

Ok here's my List, I want to add more, but I think it's the best to give at least the top of my list (Tsugumomo)

  • Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan
  • Rakuin no Monshou
  • Nejimaki Seirei Senki Tenkyou no Alderamin
  • Madan no Ou to Vanadis
  • Altina the Sword Princess
  • Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
  • Spice and Wolf
  • Sevens
Oh, there's a lot of them, hmm... (*reading the descriptions of each of them)

I think I'll pick up Sevens, it's the only completed novel out of the seven novels you've recommended (Val)

Nice Choice, is there anything that you want to ask about Sevens? (Tsugumomo)

Here's my question About the Story:

How was the story told? Did the chapters fit together neatly into a continuous story, were they told from different times/characters in the story, or were they essentially stand-alone (episodic) ? Could it have been done better? (Val)

Sevens was written in Light Novel Format Structure, Sevens novel is structured neatly with good organization of chapters by clustering them into Volumes. Oh a reminder, there's a lot of re-introduction in prologue, so better keep it in your mind or you might find Sevens repetitive. The chapters have fit together, it's written on standard continuous like One Piece style, actually it's thoroughly planned which makes it better to most popular novels I you can easily find. If there's anything that could have done better, it would be the implied writing style which is quite disadvantageous to casual readers who were not exposed to these kind of writing style, well it's understandable since Syosetu has a limiter when it comes to number of characters in each chapter. But I do think the author could have done a better job by writing Sevens in Graphic Form while not removing it's Implied form like "Kumo Desu Ga", well it becomes a demand if I say it like that, anyway I think you'll have no problem since you're used to Kingdom Novel. (Tsugumomo)

Oh so it's in implied writing, so a lot of details will be left out to the readers to think up to themselves, hmm... that's fine for me but I have to take it slow when I'll read it. (Val)

Another question:

Was the story overly simplistic or complex? Did that appeal to you or was it too boring/confusing? (Val)

This is hard, If you're going to take Sevens as a whole, then it's quite simplistic like "One Piece" and "Naruto". But if you're going to talk about its intricate details, world building, reasoning, logic, and kingdom elements, then Sevens is clearly superior to the popular series. If you're going to compare Sevens to other Legit Political Novels, then it falls short than the other. Basically, Sevens is in the Center of Standard Teenager Stories to Complex Political and Logical Intrigue Psychological Stories. In fact, Sevens is one of the most believable story from the beginning till the end, while it has some of the traditional writing style, the decent details of Sevens makes it exceptional to others. If you're going to ask me if it's boring, then it is, I won't deny that, but it's not confusing either. Sevens was written in which you have to read it slowly, while I admit that I did't care about it before because I was only concerned in the Music that I was playing to synchronize Sevens, it felt confusing after reading it for the first time. Its implied realistic details combined with few detailed content what makes Sevens boring if you're not used to it, well it's still pretty entertain when it comes to Character Department? (Tsugumomo)

Very Reasonable. I like Sevens Simplicity and complexity. Hmm... It has 345 Chapters plus side epilogues, I guess I'll take your word as an advise, since it's grouped into Volume, I'll limit it to 1 Volume per day pacing. (Val)

Another question:

Is the story unique? If it was predictable, did you enjoy it anyway because you like this genre/set-up? (Val)

Yes it was predictable, but I love the genre and its set-up. I admit that it's still in the realm of predictable plot, but I love the progress of the plot, from the beginning till the end, its predictability was cast off out of the window since the story itself didn't mind from the start. It focused more on the foundation and sensibility of the story rather than making crazy plot twist and hidden out of the box surprise plot. Plot wise it's predictable, but it didn't abuse any repetitive element like Naruto did to many flashbacks fillers to make the enemies empathizing or One Piece repetitive plot Go to another country and save it. Sevens is easily predictable due to its consistent plot, but it's complex plot foundation and logic compensated to its predictability. To make it simple, the Process was complex while the Result was Easy. (Tsugumomo)

I still have some questions about the story:

How was the pacing? Were there filler episodes or places that were rushed? (Val)

Actually Sevens is fast paced, I've already told you that it was written in Implied form. Well Sevens Volumes make every arc slow, but if you're going to take a look take it on a bigger picture, it's faster than most novels with a lot of chapters. Well I do get people why they complain about how slow it is, the plausible reason was it is still being translated by Yorai, even Yorai's fast translation can't keep up with Wai's fast paced released that Sevens before was treated as a slow novel last year. There's no Filler, but there's a question corner and some special chapters, but I can't call them filler. Sevens is not rushed, but to be frank it is quite rushed in the later chapters, too many implied writings and low on details, but at least it's still consistent till the end. (Tsugumomo)

Here's a crucial question:

Were the individual elements of the story done well? Was the comedy funny, the mystery enthralling, the ecchi/fanservice desireable, (action, romance, suspense,...) etc.? (Val)

The Elements of Sevens (Genres and Tags) were done well, from the beginning to the end, it's sensible and logical.

Even though I've said it was predictable, Sevens didn't resort to cheap writing like the popular Kingdom Novels did. Resorting to introduction of advance technology and showing it to people just to see their repetitive reaction while showing the author's unrealistic naivety when it comes to policies and ideology which would not work in reality. The author of Sevens showed its superiority when it comes to knowledge, she showed the complexity of Nobility, Common People and Royalty, the author showed how hard it is to actualized what most popular Kingdom Novels is trying to achieve, Ironically Sevens is more rationale to to other popular Kingdom Novels out there. The Author also knows how to limit her knowledge in writing her content by making the novel quite convenient, making it in a premise after apocalypse or else the Dreaming side of Japanese readers will not appreciate too much historical reality which should be left unknown to readers. Fantasy set in medieval makes Realistic approach irrelevant, that's what Wai said to her question and answer portion, which is reasonable. (Tsugumomo)

The Top 5 Cores of Sevens are: The Realistic Adventurer Lifestyle which showed the world building and game elements; the Schemes and Manipulative Characteristics of Walt House which is the staple food of this novel, and amazingly which is the overly done in many stories, the Harem, which is the most exceptional harem I've ever read, it's very complex, realistic with a lot of logical reasoning on it, one of those stories that shows friendship can be fragile which turns into rivalry, also another thing about harem was their rationale behind it, it's not your typical Boy gets girls, it's the Boy needs to get Girls plot style: The Kingdom Elements set in medieval era, or set in future fantasy apocalypse was thoroughly researched, a lot of complex discussion about them, and a lot of logical aspects and reasoning that you'll only find to legit kingdom novel: And lastly the Mysterious Element, which was shown in the early volumes, one of the most sensible plot foundation from the beginning until the end. (Tsugumomo)

Oh Nice!! I want to read it right now, but here's another crucial question:

Were there any deus ex machina or other literary techniques/tropes that were overdone, or conversely, done well? please no spoilers (Val)

This is hard to answer because you're not asking for specific technique and trope. Oh well, Sevens is quite standard when it comes to Literary Technique which made it predictable, but when it comes to Plot Structure and Foundation, Sevens excels in making its story solid. If you're asking about deus ex machina, then there's some, but it has a secured plot arm, thus the lack of intensity, still it doesn't matter. For Perspective Narration like Multiple POV, I admit that Sevens excels on it, Sevens is quite good when it comes to highlighting its cast, and it never used Multiple POV as its reaction pieces unlike RTW which is quite repetitive. For Style, the use of Imagery was good, it's easy to imagine in Sevens. The Theme was the Distributing recurrent thematic concepts and moralistic motifs among various incidents and frames of Sevens. Skillfully crafted tale, thematic patterning may emphasize the unifying argument or salient idea disparate events and disparate frames have in common. (Tsugumomo)

This is the simplified version of tropes I know: Zero to Hero saves the world, Womanizer who gets a lot of girls, Conqueror Hero who took the Steps to become an Emperor. (Tsugumomo)

I'm smiling right now, ok for the Last Question about the Story:

Was the ending satisfying? Did they explain everything or were there plot holes? Did it have an open ending or an abrupt forced ending? Again, no spoilers please. (Val)

I'm quite satisfied with the Ending, or not. I mean it was literally good that Sevens Ended in a good way without going downhill, from the beginning it started going in upward slope when it comes to story. I won't say there aren't plot holes, but they were insignificant if you're going to compare it to the majority of web novels and popular works revered as masterpieces. It's not a forced ending, it's planned from the start. It's quite remarkable that the story have focused on what's beyond the Ending, a also shown it's balance side by showing what's to fall and what's to rise, a lot of Philosophies has been said. Sevens is one of the best series you can use as an inspiration to write, A lot of stories has been left and can be easily use as a starter, even I wanted to make a fan fiction of Sevens because there's a lot material that can be use. Overall Sevens is a great novel and the ending was good, I hope that the author will make a sequel of Sevens. (Tsugumomo)

Thanks buddy, It's really assuring when you're the one who recommends, nut I still have something to ask. (Val)

Wait what, you're not satisfied with my answers? I thought I gave my all to explain what you want. (Tsugumomo)

The questions that you've have answered is only concerned to the Plot and Story, now I want to ask about the Characters and their characteristics. (Val)

I'm tired, it's hard to explain Sevens and it takes time to elaborate the ideas that the author did, Sevens is the hardest series to review, you can easily make praises for it but most of the time it's off.

Well don't worry, I'll just simple question, and you can give me simple answer.

I hope you're not joking

Were the characters well-rounded? Did they have flaws and strengths, or were they unusually strong/smart/stupid?

Damn you Val, I thought you're gonna give me simple questions, that's too broad if you put it that way.

If there's anything I want to talk elaborately, it would be the characters,

I think I will not answer this question with simple answers. The answer is Yes to all, but I won't stop by just saying yes. If there's anything unique in Sevens, it would be the Characters shown in this series, they have their own strengths and weaknesses, they have their own dreams and ambitions, they have their own characteristics that defines them who they are, they are the characters you would call believable. I want to proclaim Sevens as the best Novel with great Characteristics of each characters. The Reason why there's so many people recommending Sevens including me was because of the Characters.

Hehehe, sorry pal, I know that you become easily passionate when you love something, here's my another question

Did the characters react to situations and events in a realistic way?

Oh damn you man, I really hate you for giving this question. My answer is Yes...

Well considering that Sevens has a great characters, I won't go into details on what they are doing, but what made Sevens unique to popular novels is the Realism of the Characters, I've already stated this when you've asked about the plot, but I don't think I've justified it enough. Sevens' characters is what you call rationale, they act on Human Thinks, the author didn't make any characters which is shallow and boring.

Well you love to answer my questions in short paragraphs, what's the harm about that?

It's quite harmful, I can always answer them just by nodding, but Sevens need justified answers, not affirmative answers.

(PS TO THE MODERATOR: there's an error while trying to paste it on a copied material that I can't type my review on the other sources like wordpad, I have no choice but to type it here while editing it again and again. Also I'm still not done on this review) <<less
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Tsugumomo rated it
Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki
November 5, 2017
Status: --
This is quite average for its Political themes and average for it's Slice of Life Theme... but I don't like its unjustified scores it's getting because of some people who can't understand this Novel. (Val)

Oh seriously Val, putting stressing yourself in some useless argument because someone doesn't agree with you. (Tsugumomo)

I have to make a justified review of this Novel, this one is not bad, but there's a lot of Negative Reviews with a lot of Likes which placing them in the top, and I don't agree... more>> with them (Val)

And that's what I'm talking about, sighs... Anyway "How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom" is already popular, and it's getting a lot of sales right now, so I don't think trying to defend it while pointing out its flaws at the same time will benefit us from reviewing this. I would rather promote Sevens, since that Novel is truly beautiful when it comes to "How a Villainous Hero built the Empire" but it's underrated and it doesn't have a Manga adaptation or ranking spot in the of Sales in Oricon Charts.

Well I don't want to promote Sevens due to its complexity and hard emphasis on implied writing, a lot of readers get bored at it, and worse they will just spread their immature review that does not justify the novel itself, and it will be like a falling domino, rating it very low when they can't understand it. Honestly Seven's a Veteran Level Novel almost close as Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings with a lot of Japanese Elements, so it's like telling a grade schooler to learn Advance Calculus while the appropriate math level for them is basic Algebra. "How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom" is what should grade schooler read... I mean people who wants to learn complex politics without knowledge about them beside from the Lying news (like: Fox news and CNN) or Basic History (Val)

Ok, I understand... so what are we gonna talk about? (Tsugumomo)

Let's focus first on the Story... you review it (Val)

When you are the one who's trying to act like high and mighty about justifying it, but you're just going to make me do the work? Give me a reason why I should not leave right now. (Tsugomomo)

Well, I might not be able to speak it on a rational way, since I let my emotions speak for my self, and you know... (Val)

Hmm... As much as I hate your irresponsibility, I'll do the job since I agree in some of your idea when it comes to reviewing this novel (Tsugomomo)

Ok let's Start (Tsugomomo)

"How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom" is a generic story by utilizing the common tropes of being transported to another world with a twist of focusing on politics, domestic affairs, economics, rehabilitation wars and diplomacy. Most of the problem revolves in the Kingdom of Elfrieden, the country of the royalty who summoned the Protagonist Souma who eventually became the King due to his Vast Knowledge and Realistic Mind (but the author didn't said anything about him liking history or politics) (Tsugumomo)

Now that's the basic story, but here's some problem, the Author has granted the MC too much convenience that there's no people from the lower levels tried to question the legitimate king about his decision, also there's a lot of problem of how the author tried to utilized Souma's Authority, it was so quick that I don't find it realistic at all, quite ironic to its title. (Tsugomomo)

The Reason why I still wanna defend this series because it's still a Decent novel with a lot of educational preface, I've learned a lot from this novel, and without reading this. Realist Hero is my first Political Novel Aside from the Anime Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Realist Hero did a good job on giving me some education when it comes to Political Novels (Val)

It has a lot of historical references too which are books essential made for leaders, the notable book of Sun Tzu's Art of War and the book of Machiavellianism references which were always used in this novel. It makes Realist Hero acceptable as a Political Novel and recommendable to newbies who wants to try Complex Novels like Sevens (Tsugomom)

Ok back from reviewing the story (Tsugumomo)

When it comes to technical writing, the Author has used Future Perspective which gives a lot of spoiler, and a lot of people like me doesn't like spoilers, especially in a Political Novel. But again, this novel is not for veteran political readers, but for newbies. Also the Author is using a lot of Slice of Life theme like "The Cook of the Mercenary Corp" which also uses a lot of similar elements of Realist Hero. And it's too smooth as a political novel which requires a lot thinking and logic, not some simple preface of strategy and diplomacy. (Tsugomomo)

And the biggest Problem was there's too much emphasis on the Entertainment industry made by Souma, this is the same with Release that Witch, but Realist Hero has taken it too far to the point of making use of modern entertainment like promoting Idols and Singers, the story focuses too much on it that it's quite ridiculous on how impossible it is to be acceptable as a norm. Also It hit me hard when the MC tried to recruit one of the enemies that has indirectly insulted him, in Sevens, that person will be punished.

While some negative reviews pointed out what they saw, I don't think their reviews can be considered as a cautionary to stop you from reading this. This one of the most Acceptable Novel even with glaring flaws, since there's also a noticeable of Strength and exceptional elements which are rare to mainstream Japanese web novel. (Val)

That's right, also this is surprisingly relaxing, easy to read, unlike our favorite Sevens which is quite stressful that requires thinking while reading it. (Tsugumomo)

Yep, as far as concerned, I don't have to think about cliff hangers because of the future perspective by spoiling the future, there's also too much convenience that makes novel smooth, and lastly, the happy interactions of the characters when it comes to Slice of Life scenes. (Val)

Overall it's 5/10 for the story alone, it's Average (Tsugumomo)

Ok Let's talk about the Characters (Val)

Sure, I'll wrap it up nicely (Tsugumomo)

The characters in Realist Hero are quite exceptional, albeit predictable, sometimes they are being used as a reaction pieces and plot device, sometimes they do realistic actions. If you're talking about strengths and weaknesses, then the author failed in some area, while he excelled in the other, but it's still in realm of typical mainstream writing. (Tsugomomo)

What about the Main Character (Val)

Souma, the main character is terrifyingly smart, but it was mentioned in the future that he just knows how to utilize his personnel, which is true. Though most of the supporting characters are flawless in assigned area, which destroys the redeeming part of the novel, which is realism. Souma also is not good with woman, like most of the mainstream novels, and he's worse than Lyle when it comes to interaction with his harem. The Harem interaction of Realist Hero and Sevens are too wide if you're going to compare their gap when it comes to quality, and honestly I didn't like Realist Hero when it comes to Romance. Speaking of Government Capability, Souma is quite decent so far, not bad but he still lacks the quality to become a leader, which is acceptable in some ways or not, since the Author bragged about his references, he should have been consisted on that references. There's only one war that has happened in the story, unlike the War Story Sevens, this one is quite light. He's acceptable as a main character, but he has so much flaws to fix, and I don't think the author knows what he was doing when it comes to developing Souma. (Tsugumomo)

How About the Supporting Character, care to review them (Val)

This is biggest flaw in Realist Hero, the Supporting character are practically a plot device to move the plot easily, and sometimes they were used as a reaction pieces to MC's idea and items. Though I did like the commend of the Duchess who predicted the genocide of the real world. But there's an exceptional Supporting character in this novel whom I can't Forgot, Carmine, the General, I love his character, one of the best supporting character I've ever seen in my Novel Milestone.

Ok, how about the Antagonist which is easily being written cheaply by a lot of novels? (Val)

It's quite a surprise that Realist Hero are good on making Antagonist, I've never seen a lot of novels which depicts the reasoning and the purpose of the antagonist. Realist Hero did a good job on this area, which is also one of the reason why I rate it higher than RTW. If there's anything that I love on this novel, it's the philosophy which the antagonist leaves, they don't easily die as a fodder, but as a human threat that needs to be killed, and even after being killed, they still leave a lot of legacy which would make another antagonist, and these antagonist also acts like a real human, quite interesting that Realist Hero showed a potential of improving in the later Volumes which I don't find in RtW. (Tsugumomo)

Overall 5/10 for the Characters (Tsugumomo)

I'm quite tired, just go and give them what you want say (Tsugumomo)

Ok, thank you for your hard work. (Val)

Realist Hero is truly an average if you're going to score it. It has a lot of flaws and a lot of exceptional factors which keeps me from scoring it higher and lower. (Val)

First of all, this Novel is comparable to a Burger, it taste good but it's bad for your health, and I think this is truly enjoyable to many readers. It's not bound by desires, it's just a story of simplicity rather than showing the intelligence of the author. (Val)

What I like in this novel is this is easy to read, easy to binge, and easy to recommend, only a few handful of people will not like this especially like me as an Elitist or Tsugumomo as a Veteran Reader and Researcher. This Novel is truly captivating if you're a casual, and being a casual has a lot of advantages than being an elitist, since being a casual does not hold you back from reading a lot novels and liking them, unlike me who's quite reluctant on reading some novels and I judge so much that I forget my real purpose of reading a novel, another reason why I missed a lot of simple yet good stories. (Val)

Realist Hero is not pretentious, it's just a political novel with a lot of generic writing and slice of life themes, therefore, I truly recommend this story if you're clueless on realistic politics which are present in Sevens. (Val)

Overall my Enjoyment in this novel is 8/10 (Val)

You;re the one who'll decide whether you'll read it or not, reviewers like me can give you some insights. Recommending it is part of my objective, but I won't force it to you. (Val)

Thank you for Reading (Val)


I did the most work though... (Tsugumomo)

Never mind, I'm just gonna read some novels out there. <<less
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