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I Shall Seal the Heavens
January 3, 2016
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Dropped at chapter 105

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MC gets kidnapped to sect for cultivation, He was trash there at first then he found op mirror which helps him to cultivate. There was one strongest guy in outer sect which everyone like in sect. Somehow MC ended up offending him. He beats the MC up. There is revenge plot in which MC found that guy legendary sword and treasures while roaming in forest then beat him using it into outer sect duel.

After that he found some op scripture because of that his sect get dissolved. It’s just running from his enemies again and again from there. He also keeps finding more treasures while getting chased. Some people give him free treasure misunderstanding something later send someone to kill him. Then again same chasing for many chapters.

Only good part in 1st 100 chapter was his sect patriarch he was bit funny that is only few chapters too bad. He also takes all the patriarch treasure which was absurd amount of treasure with too many OP items. He goes to cultivate in cave with some red rope in which he find some sealing hex skill, jades scripts that whole cave thing was weird.


Really boring novel, Too much getting chased by everyone. The amount of treasures he comes across in just 100 of chapters I can’t even imagine later on. MC cultivation method is just eating pills with the help of his treasure no training at all. Fights are bad too with just showing collection of MC treasure.

Characters were nothing special, didn’t like female lead at all she talks nothing, thinks nothing her actions are also not noticeable. Even one dimensional character would be better than her. There are many silent characters out there I like them too but this one is more into mute category with no personality. Aside from her story did not keep me interested to read it more. It was drag to read it, while always thinking it might get good soon I finally give up now I can’t see this getting anywhere. Some people said it was all word building and character development that is such a lame excuse all novels has that author needs to make it fun too. This also gives idea on author writing style so I can’t really expect much, disappointed on this one. <<less
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