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Trenien rated it
Doomed to be Cannon Fodder
October 4, 2017
Status: c105
I read this until around chapter 100. It then became really obvious the author intended the MC to end up with the ML, which made me drop it.

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Others have mentioned the relationship between the two includes what amounts to rape. That doesn't surprise me in the least: apparently the author finds it completely acceptable to have a love interest who has a woman beat to death because she tried to sleep with him, and torture another because she finally snapped after having pined for him for a long time (I would have found it acceptable for her to simply be executed. Having her fingers be cut off one by one, not so much).


Overall, the author seem to think a domineering, cruel and abusive man is an interesting and enticing ML. Sorry but no, and considering the overall treatment of the MC (she keeps a very modern point of view), the simple idea she could find the above-mentioned monster attractive simply broke it for me. <<less
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I must must be some kind of bastard. I mean, you get the standard "summoned to save the other world" fare, followed with with the MC getting a somewhat unusual OP ability and then the same MC gets forced, without being asked at any point, to endure hellish training at the hand of some bitch who has a great ideal and a somewhat harsh past... And the MC just goes along.

So, once again, a spineless MC who just does what he's told to.

I can't help but think that in the... more>> same position, any normal person would firmly state very high conditions for them to accept any of that or, failing that, would just defect from the selfish bastards who have put them in such a situation at the first opportunity (or at least plan to do so with lots of bitterness involved). <<less
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