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I admit that I'm not very far in but this story is kind of frustrating to read.

The MC is an OP badass but all of the misunderstandings and with how all of the reuniting and stuff happened so fast you'd think that the story would be a shorter one that didn't drag things out a ton, but it feels like it does and considering that there are 166 chapter and counting I feel like it's only going to get worse.

I do enjoy the multiple POVs and the somewhat-stuck-up-hero-bashing, but to... more>> be honest the womanizing hero who gets all the ladies attention and is showered with praise constantly by the main females ie. the childhood friend is getting really annoying.

Half of the characters I just really want to punch in the gut and I read a few spoilers threads and I get the feeling that the punch in the gut isn't going to happen at least not anytime fast.

As I said before I went to a couple spoilers threads just to probe ahead a little and I kinda regret doing that b/c it seems that it gets kinda weird...

appearantly a certain scummy goddess gets preggo etc.


As someone mentioned there, the stories really frustrating when you take it seriously b/c the story itself is probably meant to be read lightheartedly.

For now I have a pretty neutral opinion on this novel, its not a bad read and if read with the right mindset it could be very enjoyable, so for now I'll sit snuggly in the middle with 3 stars.

I think that with the way the story is written and the way the cover looks I expectedly a pretty serious novel, so I got really frustrated with reading it. For now, with the directions the story seems to be taking I think I'll be dropping this novel for a while.

I might come back to it later on and try reading it again. If and when I do so I'll come back and edit my review. <<less
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TomiNdumplings rated it
Dance With The Devil
September 22, 2018
Status: c4
Saying this from the perspective of someone who very much would like to get away from having to read mtl, as such I haven't read the raws, this story has started off quite good and gets through pretty quicky (idk what I'm doing, haven't really done reviews before) the main complaint is only that there aren't many chapters out, and it doesn't seem like there will be anymore out soon.

The so story so far is quite slow paced but quickly explains a lot of what's going on (kinda like in... more>> the intro arc if ya know what I mean). <<less
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TomiNdumplings rated it
Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne
August 12, 2019
Status: c83
A really cute, fairly funny and entertaining story overall. It starts out fairly interesting but seems to drag on forever. I seen a few complaints in some reviews of other isekai type novels about not spending enough time on the childhood of the protagonist but I personally think that this is taking it a step too far. I'm past chapter 80 but the main character isn't even three yet and from peeking ahead doesn't look like she's going to turn three for another 20 chapters at least. On top of... more>> that, the main character of this story hasn't even left the vicinity of the house yet, there's only so many chapters you can take of studying the words of Tiny and Smugface, playing with the dog (wolf) and the very occasionial mofumofu.

While I actually really enjoy the characters themselves and find many bits of the story very entertaining overall, the plots itself seems like its not going anywhere. I can sit through the chinese novels with 1000+ chapters becuase the it feels more like MC is actually doing something and slow life novels tend to be more entertaining in the long run too, compared to this story, because the MC of the slow life novels are actually doing something productive.

If you need a story to heal your heart this is definitely a story to read, its cute and fluffy and totally heartwarming (if you ignore that it's from a 30+ year old man's perspective), but as an actually story to read for entertainment its a little lacking (mainly because of how it goes at an extremely, EXTREMELY slow pace). <<less
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TomiNdumplings rated it
Mob… Sore mo Waki Mob no Hazu Nan Desu Kedo!?
September 22, 2018
Status: c32
Like many before me were saying, the story tends to drag out a lot of conversations to take like 8 chapters before were through, tbh it feels like they can be simplified to 2 chapters bc it just taking way to long to get through anything. Btw if you were wondering, I tried mtling it before but it was practically impossible for me so, imma hafta to drop it temporarily until it gets picked up again/updated more consistently.

Overall seems to be quite fun and cute, I'd compare it to something... more>> along the lines of Alsar and 4 Ikemen with it one game set up. I don't read this set up (the otome game one) very often, but I do recommend it to just try out. <<less
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TomiNdumplings rated it
Rebirth of a Supermodel
December 29, 2018
Status: Completed
I just binged this in about 3 days and I have to say, as a slight closet fujoshi who currently has a very strong attachment to their phone aka the internet, this is hands down one of my most favorite BL yet.

The main character is a strong willed black belly type character but has faults as well allowing for the character to be more human and adds little tidbits of comedy... more>>

As an example, while our beloved MC is an amazing model their handwriting apparently looks like a dog wrote it except for their signature and is terrible at acting (though he does improve over the course of the story)

He avoids falling into the more stereotypical Japanese uke/shou category where they whine a lot and are constantly rejecting the seme/gong appearing weak and honestly a little pathetic as a result (don't get me wrong I enjoy reading those stories too). At the same time the MC also doesn't get stuck in the typical black belly Chinese romance novel cutouts like the Non-BL Hidden Marriage for example (again don't get me wrong I also enjoy reading those too) in those the MC is often shown to be more omnipotent like being really pretty, good at fighting (was some sort of underground boss), also great actor, also great model, etc. I personally found that Rebirth of a Supermodel's MC to be a lot more human.

This is a little less true for the ML as he is more of the typical ML cutout character (aka super handsome, super cold, super rich, some sort of industry bigshot unattainable by the common celebrity etc.) but there are still parts that make him more human as well: the constant eating of vinegar, the cute back and forth conversations full of dog food for the single dogs aka PDA, and apperant fear of all furry creatures (?) I particularly enjoyed the extras where we get to see a little more into the MC's and ML's characters

especially the side account extra and the MC's past extra


All of the characters have little bits of charm that make them feel more human overall, I won't go over all of them so you can discover them for yourselves.

Despite all of my praise, I decide to give 4 stars instead of 5 (if I could I'd rather give a 4.9). The reason behind this was because I felt that the story had a rushed ending, perhaps it was partly due to my habit of reading into the wee hours of the morning, but I found that there were parts of the story that felt like the author has dragged out an ark and then directly skipped 5 months. The lead up made it feel like something big would happen at the end but there was no big bang, I felt like just two chapters ago a yearly contract was just renewed then all of a sudden the year had already gone by and the contract expired.

Now I might be saying this but I still think that up until the ending the story was well written, it captivated me into reading more and more, the story was interesting and new how to build up anticipation, the author almost always seemed to follow up on the events that happened prior allowing for everything to sum up nicely. (excluding the part where it seems God X decided to give up on Small Mushroom's handwriting...)

Truth be told, I'm the type who'll read the ending first to decide whether or not I'm going to read something or not (and before that I'd go over to the forums to read the spoilers and before that I'd read the reviews...) and when I read the ending, despite not knowing who all the characters were or knowing exactly what was going on, I was completely taken by the ending (it may have only been a teensy bit of my inner crossdressing fetish...) Though I admittedly didn't go to read the story properly right after that, I came back later and made sure to read every chapter for start to finish and even reread the last chapters.

If I could, I'd give a 4.9, only marking off that one tenth because the ending felt rushed, that how good I thought it was.

Of all the BL's I've read I can confidently say this one is one of the most memorable, if someone asks for a recommendation this will definitely be on the top of my list!

Oh and P.S. the first kiss seen was pretty juicy if I do say so myself and the smexy scenes weren't all fade to black (thought there were only two) !!!!!!!! (°□°) / I loved the emoticons used by the author, I'm not great at coming up with them so the one above is the best I can do, they seem to particularly favor table flipping and shrugging though...

I decided to give a 4 instead of a 5 because I wanted to show that although the story was amazing there were still some flaws, I felt there were parts where the author could've slowed down or sped up.

I find that not a lot of people mention this but the translation quality was great, only a few typos here and there (Translators thank you for all of your hard work~). <<less
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