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Tom rated it
The World Online
June 21, 2018
Status: c24
Man, it was incrediably painful to even get to this many chapters. I constantly dropped, and came back to it hoping it get better. It takes so long to get anyway. Village construction for literally so long. Like I understand construction necessary, but you need to have things in that excite the reader. Which only really happened at around c22 with some bandits. (There were some boars, but MC performance was average at best).

The MC played as a halberd or something for 5 Years surely he should be stronger,... more>> but he feels so weak. Like with other novels the MC has combat experience. I really don't see him using any of his time travel knowledge yet. Surely you should be stronger in combat. He just relying on village strength. Don't get me wrong, he does fight. But he'll prob rely on cultivation manuals later on. And even when he has fought, is that just casual knowledge, or is he using past experiences (i.e. fighting bandit camp, did a gamer come up with strategy in past life or does he use old knowledge? It doesn't say. Maybe in future battles it might...) All he did was use time travel knowledge to acquire best village token and spot. After that it doesn't even feel like he has time travelled, I kept waiting for something. But as I see it, it's just so boring... Maybe Read it if you want to learn something if your making a novel around army building, or kingdom building. Another thing; This novel heavily focused for chinese readers. I mean literally chinese people, culture and all. I did enjoy wuxia novels, but even this was too much for me.

One of the Biggest Issue I would have to say is probably the MC's performance combat wise. I don't feel the MC is strong. I don't want it to just rely on manuals (cultivation) later on. I want him to be skilled. But I guess that's to be expected since it's army building (plus I haven't read far enough to judge). Don't see his 5 years of combat experience come into play. The End.

P.S. I skipped all stuff outside game. What nonsense. <<less
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