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Tobi rated it
Isekai Nonbiri Nouka
May 20, 2018
Status: c16
It's great. (Been reading the manga also)

Remember Harvest Moon? Yeah? Where you would like multiple girls but the game cockblocks you into Monogamy? Well in this novel, it doesn't take that rule.

In simpler words, Harvest Moon - Everything we ever wanted Edition.

It's fun, entertaining, such a boredom taker, and an all-around very peaceful novel where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the fun.

Oh yeah, the MC doesn't take bullsh*t in his land, he will attack whatever that wants to attack his area (at least in the manga)... more>> <<less
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EDIT: Friends called me out because I didn't include the fact that the re**** is a kid, well, I wouldn't have given this novel a low rating if she was a real kid. But from the looks of it, she's a reincarnated person, a person who had a life and possibly an adult. I'm not buying it.

It's weird. This is the first time that I actually really hate a character.

Bertia, a character that everyone is saying 'cuteeeee' and goes 'KYAA KYAA' over in the comment sections and the reviews. But... more>> for me, she's annoying as hell. Idiotic, and really re****ed.

She goes out of her way to be a villainess by getting the support of a lolicon that molested her, I'm sure she's an adult in her past life, how the **** can you not realize that you're getting molested?! Everything she does is on the purpose of forcibly making the MC fall in love with the Heroine when it's clear to everyone that he got his eyes on her.

The MC is actually pretty decent, he knows that he wants, and teases the re**** constantly. He's also pretty awesome with his knowledge and calm personality. A true noble. Unfortunately, he's paired with Bertia.

The other characters is also pretty annoying and practically average. Except for the maids and Zeno, they're pretty chill. <<less
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Tobi rated it
The Sword and The Shadow
May 17, 2018
Status: c54
It's bad.
You see, one of the things that made this novel kinda unbearable to me is the lack of the MC's development.

54 chapters have been dedicated to purely side characters with a few hints of the protagonist's contribution to the story.

It's like this. When you're expecting a good food that you ordered and you waited for over 2-3 hours, then came the waiter shoving side dishes straight down your throat expecting you to like it, there are some that like it and there are some that go "What the... more>> **** dude?". The latter is me.

The plot is scattered, one second we're on the pier of meeting the mercenaries, next second we're on the random and forced plot of Orc "Subjugation".

The dark "split personality" that the MC suddenly decided to take part of is very... forced? Granted that he is still a kid and still naive, but talking about naivety... you have been living in the slums, basically treated like hot garbage and tragedies happen around you, you change, you won't still be naive after experiencing such childhood, but the MC doesn't ****ing change! This... is forced to me. <<less
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Tobi rated it
The Legend of Futian
June 5, 2018
Status: c67
Overall, pretty damn good, too much bad reviews though which is sad. Warm and is sure to please you with some ass-kicking, face slapping, and good ol romance. Very noice.

Cliched done right. A lot of things in this novel is very cliched but it is fascinating to see that the cliches are making this novel shine.

The story is okay-ish since the plot sometimes moves too fast for my liking yet slow just as I want them to.
Harem, well... the Futian is still loyal to the Fairy so that's... more>> a plus, but I dunno about the future though.

All the main cast feels alive, especially our good pal Ye Futian.
-He's the definition of [I'm a dangerous man with some talents in my pocket] and [Arrogant yet justifiable]. He alone made all the cliches works, though there's a lot of hate at the start of the novel towards him.

-Let's not forget about our good love interest, the fairy beauty Hua Jieyu. Her character is also a unique one, not cardboard cutout at all.

-Yu Sheng, aka [ehh... this relationship is fishy] best friends with the MC and can keep up with his growth, saw someone complaining that he is just a servant to the MC and I have to say no. He's special.

-The side cast, especially the Professor/Father-in-Law, he's basically the older version of Ye Futian. Funny guy. <<less
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Tobi rated it
Tales of Herding Gods
May 2, 2018
Status: c243
EDIT-[I've seen people bashing the MC for his lack of motivation and a clear goal. I'm sorry but the novel doesn't need "I'M GONNA BE THE STRONGEST HURR HURR" kind of motivation. This novel is a journey, the MC is barely in his teenage years and people expect him to have a clear definite GOAL?! This is an adventure of the MC, meeting new people and visiting new places, plus uncovering who his family is.] -The MC doesn't have a cheerleading squad btw every character is unique and have their... more>> own specialties.


I kid you not, this novel is good.

Now hold on a second here, I'm not saying that this novel is a masterpiece on the same level of some of Er Gen's works or a particularly strategic novel like Grandmaster Strategist that everyone likes but trust me when I say this, It's not bad.
Story - The story is above average but below really good, somewhere along the lines of "Interesting". I don't want to spoil anything so I will not say anything about this. [4/5]

Characters - Oh god, this is one of the reasons why I love this novel. The characters... hmm... How do I explain it, Lifelike! Interesting! Makes sense! The varieties of personalities in the characters are the best thing in the novel and I like what the authors are doing here and hope that they never change. [6/5]

Fight scenes - I'm no fight scenes expert but I like what I read. It's better than explaining stuff in 3-5 paragraphs and then ends the battle and it's definitely better than wasting a lot of chapters in useless chatters and content. [4/5]
The world building is good, not cliched or used, the mysteries makes suspense and the backgrounds of the characters are interesting. [4.5/5]

I'm thoroughly recommending this novel to the masses, don't listen to what anybody says, just read it for yourself, see how you like it... or dislike it.

[For the romance peeps here (like me) The romance is slow, but I can see it budding, as it is a harem novel there will be a lot of romantic moments. If you're here for romantic interaction, just do yourself a favor and busy yourself with the really good interaction between the side-characters first and then wait till the romance. Trust me.] <<less
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Tobi rated it
So Pure, So Flirtatious
September 29, 2018
Status: c266
It's enjoyable. Simply, no more to say since it's actually enjoyable with interactable translators and growing members. I'm here, to leave this review here simply because I want to.
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Tobi rated it
God of Illusions
August 10, 2018
Status: c54
To be honest, I was attracted to the title and the summary. They're a perfect setup for a story that I would enjoy!

For the first 25 chapters, I enjoyed it. Really do. And then the "Savage Class" appeared, I'm okay with side-characters development but these characters? I really didn't give a sh*t about them, hell, I don't even remember their names! Even worse is that the novel focuses on them (currently), I was devastated.

Expected a cool novel with the main character similarly to Bai Xiaochun, which I got. But the... more>> story is completely ruined in other aspects. The story is there! The history of what happened was set up! And the mysterious backstory of the MC is there as well. Alas, the other characters are simply not endearing enough.

I dropped it once at chapter 35 for reasons, picked it up today and read to the latest, still wants to drop it.
It's early AF but at the same time, it's 55 chapters in. Maybe I wanted a solo run like all Xianxia/Xuanhuan but so what? I like them. <<less
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Kinda of re****ed that all the 1-star reviewers or 4 stars kinda forget that Zagan is a guy who is brought up in a very rough upbringing, being so ridiculously stoic and emotionless at the start that the only possible guy he can conversate with is Barbaros who is over the top.

It's not a ****ing surprise that he's not used to women or anyone in general (he gave thought on women at some point when Barbaros brought them up) He's lived his life as this Demon Lord, Evil Mage, who... more>> can do any morbid thing to pursue his Immortality. Nephie just changed his life, he fell in love with her (for the first time) Therefore anything that can potentially make her hate him would be disastrous!

Beta cuck? More like an awkward stoic monster who fell in love with someone, therefore, doesn't know what to do with her.

My word, just read it. I never ****ing trust anyone who screams "BETA CUCK" because it's very likely that they're pieces of awkward human trash in real life who never touched a girl's hand OR a douchebag who treats women like garbage but thinks of themselves as gentlemen, they should die. <<less
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Tobi rated it
Martial Arts Master
August 18, 2018
Status: c450
Varno is the prick that never actually dated someone before.
What? You can't like a person because of her looks? Hey, let's be realistic for a bit. At chapter 99, they've just started to connect to each other. Yan Zheke has just begun to like Lou Cheng and Lou Cheng has been entranced by her beauty and wants to get closer since forever. THEY INTERACTED LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE, SURPRISED?! And later on, she is one of the best character I've experienced, period.

Back to the actual review.
Simple percentage for it
[60% Romance / 40% Action] or 50/50

The fights are detailed, it's quite hard to follow if you're illiterate, which some... more>> of us in the review section here are clearly one. Except for a few Translator mistakes here and there, it's basically manageable with quite a collection of unique powers like some of Lou Cheng's future opponents, for example, they're good.

Characters are simply great, everyone is likable, everyone makes sense, and everyone is humble. Because who likes rude people? MC's rivals are good and not arrogant, they rise up the pins together and there's a lot of characters that strikes me interested like the MC's master... He's quite unique!

Female Lead is basically unknown to us at the beginning (few 90 chapters), but we get to know her when the MC took the initiative to actually know her as well. That's why the prick who never dated someone complains about the Female Lead, because he expects the MC and the readers to suddenly know her without exploring her character. Hush all of you, because she's one of the best characters yet.

Romance is ****ing amazing, not gonna lie, it's one of the best. Although I'm someone who very much enjoys harem... This novel does not need a bit of it!

World Building is basically meh, you've got a mysteries like the MC's "cheat even though it's not really a cheat"... Let's call it a fortune, the MC's power does not deserve the title of [cheat] because it's simply not that overpowered.
Because of the power levels, they kinda make sense? The mysteries won't get revealed until the later stage when the MC joins the ranks of the Physical Invulnerability which a lot of people have achieved by the by.

Plot armor is not there yet there at the same time. The MC does lose an averagely understandable amount of time. The fortune is explained simply at the beginning, read through it.

DO NOT LOOK AT THE RATINGS, THESE HIPPIES THAT JUST BLINDLY FOLLOWS QIDIAN HATE TRAIN (which is understandable, though currently, the hate has settled a lot and Qi has mellowed a bit) AND VOTE 1 STAR FOR NO ****ING REASON!! I'm pissed!! Also read the reviews carefully, the people that voted lowly are neanderthal that likes action without brains and emotions. Ye, s I'm insulting you guys because you're making people leave this gold! <<less
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Tobi rated it
Crazy Detective
May 25, 2019
Status: c649
Crazy Detective

A Story that started out with nonsense that is fun to read but not compelling. But after chapter 80+ it becomes super engaging.

As the story title points out, the MC is extremely crazy and hoodlum, but here's the thing he's actually calm and serious when figuring out a case. Overtime through the novel from chapter 1 to latest chapter you can visibly see that his action and his character mature. He's still crazy and uses force all the time but he is one of the more interesting main character that stayed true to his craziness.

Characters are interesting, story is actual mystery and detective work with the MC using his brain and system to his advantage. All the cases are amazing and the culprits of the cases are all... more>> using common sense.

There's a lot of women in this novel but I can tell that only the true female lead not the MC old flame llookalike is the one in his heart til the end. Her character is also amazing.

All in all not deserved of the 3 star, a good 4.3. Very entertaining and compelling. <<less
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Tobi rated it
Skirt-Chasing Young Monarch: City Lady-Killer
January 1, 2019
Status: c144
As a regular ass reader who spends his sh*tty time reading novels 15 hours a day.
This novel and the main character makes me more imaginative than any other novels.

The MC is Su Ke, a shy and innocent guy who always got involved with extreme beauties that want to gobble him up, albeit there are some laid back girls that he's building a relationship with.

The story is simple, it's a flower pick up a system that takes Dating Sim and crosses it with RPGesque convenience. Example: First Kiss Quests, Helping... more>> Romance Target. Or doing good deeds.

I like it because it's easy for me to put myself in Su Ke and imagine the story completely going off course or some sh*t like [Su Ke has Emperor Powers or something and he protects China in the promise of the previous Emperor] or [Being a god that takes pleasure in fighting and shocking his family and romantic interests]

I was going off course, but it's good if you like romance. Still waiting for some of the bird and the bee though. <<less
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Tobi rated it
Valhalla no Ban Gohan
July 31, 2018
Status: v4c1
A story where the main protagonist gets treated like an item without any moral dignity.
Everyone wants a piece of him for their own selfish desire, even the female 'lead', it makes me irritated with its more ways than one ability to completely degrade the main character.

If you dislike the main character who is kind of beta and a plethora of characters that reeks of hypocrisy and 'innocent' selfishness then, by all means, please have the will to not punch a hole in your desk.

Don't get me wrong, I know... more>> that the MC is a pig, someone who voluntarily accepted to be cooked multiple times because of some stupid ass reason but goddamn is the other characters annoying. And the fact that his meat can improve and heal Valkyries and warriors is annoying as well since they really don't deserve them.

When a new animal got introduced that made everyone go gung-ho about the taste and how much stronger the meat improves their abilities they tossed the MC aside like garbage, and the MC being a cuck wants to be accepted back, to be cooked again and does everything he can to be accepted again. At that point I hated every character except for Loki, that dude is a bro. <<less
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Tobi rated it
My Cold and Beautiful Wife
July 21, 2019
Status: c623
Fair WARNING The start is kind of similar to My Wife is a Beautiful CEO BUT it's fundamentally really different.

You see, for the first 100+ chapters, you'd think the MC is the usual Mary Sue character that is a pervert and would like to bang all day kinda similar to Yang Chen. Well that's true, except the Mary Sue part.

The MC is a talented man that shocked the Underworld since he started his journey, but wait, he crippled his own Inner Force, reason being to search for a new... more>> 'path' for himself. A cultivation he made up on his own.

The Characters especially the female leads are endearing, but the main female lead is a complex one, not what you'd expect by the title. She is made of pureness and cuteness BUT she is very deceitful, even tricking a few people of her 'kindness' to make use of their service, but deep inside she is indeed kind.

The Story, phew, my god the amount of good sh*t in the story. Besides the usual filler of flirting and doing stuff with the MC's girls, the story inside is so tense. It's actually filled with mysteriousness, especially the weird feeling knowing that some characters in the story is doing something in the background to release it to the world.

Aside from that, I also enjoy the ass kicking in this novel, also the MC's background and past achievements is so interesting to read, different from Yang Chen of that novel yknow. <<less
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