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Tinsoldier rated it
Wife, You Can’t Run After Eating
April 10, 2019
Status: c55
I honestly tried to like this novel, because I was interested in how a female Casanova would charm her victims, especially in the conservative ancient era, but I was pretty disappointed in the end. The premise is new and refreshing. I was interested in how the novel would deal with polyandry and a female, who acted knowingly like a playboy and used her feminine charms as a weapon, but none of that happened.

First of all, let's talk about the plot. After transmigrating MC suddenly starts to break all the rules... more>> that women in the ancient era have and no one bats an eye! It's completely absurd. It would make no difference whether this was set in modern days or the ancient era, it's basically just for describing long hair and carriages. Then MC starts using her "powers of seduction" she learned from being an assassin, but there's no technique or thought behind any of her flirtation. She's not scheming at all and basically just has an OP magic ability to charm people, which is kinda boring. Then she starts indiscriminately cheating on everyone without any motivation. It's not for revenge or survival or even for fun, because it doesn't really seem like she is having any fun tbh. At this point the novel basically has no plot anymore and is just going from random scene to the next. There's no antagonist, the MC has no goals and nothing important happens for like 30 chapters.

The MC is also not very likeable. Like I said earlier, she has no goals or motivation for what she does. Does she want revenge? Was she traumatized by love? Anything? She has no personality other than being a lazy playboy and her life revolves around sleeping with guys. I expected her to cheat, but I didn't expect her to be just straight up evil. She tells kindhearted, genuinely nice characters that she loves them forever and wants to marry them, and then immediately goes to sleep with their brother behind their back or something. It's baseless cruelty and on multiple occasions she basically ruins these people's lives.

The love interests are completely forgettable. They all fall deeply in love at first sight and lose all their personality. They're all just love-struck, possessive and hot. That's it. The dialogue is pretty awkwardly written and the s*x is very PG, despite how much the plot revolves around it.

Overall, I don't recommend it. The story is cruel and pointless, and not very fun either. I'll give it points for an interesting and fresh premise, but that's it. Very poor execution and writing. <<less
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Tinsoldier rated it
Queen of the Mad Dog Knights
November 24, 2018
Status: c8
The concept was pretty interesting and I had fun googling pictures of all the dog breeds that showed up, but it became really boring really quickly. There's basically no plot at all, just a bunch of different dogs showing up one after the other. It's a fun concept of "what if dogs could become people" but very little is done with it and the gag gets old very quickly. All the characters are pretty bland and have pretty much the same personality of doting and loyal doggo. Honestly I wouldn't... more>> have remembered them if they weren't named after dog breeds. Maybe give it a try if you REALLY love dogs, but pass on it if you're expecting an actual story. <<less
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