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Still, Wait For Me
December 14, 2017
Status: c57
This novel has one of the most hypocritical Male leads in the CN novel history.

He went back in time with intense feelings for his one true love, but once there he turned into a lady killer.
He resolved himself to not ulter the reality too much, but all he did was changing the past. He casually stole famous songs and worked as a cupid for his friends love life.

He used the reason "I am kind and soft hearted" to produce feelings for him in the heart of girls complicating his... more>> relationship with his one true love in the process.

It would have been alright if this was a harem novel but, what he is doing is in no way justifiable just by the reason that he is too soft hearted.

At one point we see him wavering in his feelings for his one true love. He will cause other girls to produce feelings for him with his kindness, but he will reject them for his one true love, this just goes to show how much scum he is.

This novel is about how other girls fall for him and how he rejects them for his one true love.

But this nobel is not without good points, this novel is written excellently and the translation quality is very good. <<less
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My hate for hypocritical Japanese MC's was nothing new but today while reading the highly ranked novel, [ Death Mage Who Doesn't Want a Fourth Time ], I realized something entirely different, it is that I hate the Japanese authors even more.

I noticed this novel because it had good ratings and great reviews, so I started reading it.

... more>> As usual the life of the MC started like sh*t just as most generic Japanese MC.

I found hope!!!

I thought he would be ruthless with what he experienced till now, and will be the perfect antihero I always dreamed of, but in the end the hypocritical justice driven line of thinking of Japanese authors kicked in and my expectations were smashed into pieces.

The MC suddenly developed a sense of justice, he began trying to be a good guy and live a happy life, this killed my will to read further into this novel.

I can already predict, how he will lightly punish the people of the town and how he will spare his classmates who took everything from him.

I can also predict, how he will *UNINTENTIONALLY* help and save people and will be *FORCED BY FATE* to become a hero.

I just can't believe how hypocritical these Japanese authors way of thinking is, they try to create a character that is like a angelic saint who can forgive anything and anyone and make it look like the traits of their culture and people.

I've read too many Japanese novels like this.

This was the finishing blow for me and my future as a reader of Japanese novels.

*breaths* <<less
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Thousandswords rated it
November 4, 2018
Status: c52
I have read a lot of novels in my life but none of them had a Protagonist as crappy and self-centered as this one. I highly doubt his identity as a human being. Why?

He is a person who is capable of joking and flirting with girls immediately after all of his teammates were killed. After his entire team was wiped out, his first thought was to ask if he would be able to stay and get benefits from the organization or not. We see him sorting out his skills, flirting... more>> and joking with his sister's friend. He forgot about his teammates and their death like they didn't exist in the first place. This Protagonist is the worst kind of person there can be. A total hypocrite.

If this was a novel about an antihero, then his inhuman personality would have been logical. But, this Protagonist was a normal person not even a month ago. Although, we get a glimpse of his selfishness from the very beginning of this novel, but as the novel progressed this selfishness reached an inhuman level. He becomes too disgusting to fast. <<less
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Thousandswords rated it
Nine Yang Sword Saint
August 29, 2018
Status: c209
I think the author pretty much hates this MC himself. The MC faces nearly endless troubles one after another to the point I started to think that why doesn't this guy just die and go to hell. His life in hell would be more enjoyable for him than being alive.

At this point the amount of duels he lined up and the pressure of it is enough to make anyone insane.

Read if you want to know the story of the most unluckiest MC in CN novel history.
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Thousandswords rated it
Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai
March 29, 2019
Status: c60
At first I thought it would be something different, but this is clearly a reverse harem story. The main male lead (for now) is not in focus anymore and there is a new harem member named Clous who is in the spot light now. I think there should be a reverse harem tag.
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