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Thornq rated it
Magi’s Grandson
April 25, 2016
Status: --
Started out fun but got mediocre 20 chapters in or so. Some people might get annoyed with how women are portrayed in this LN, "Girls likes dresses and shinies and men enjoys swords and armor" that kind of thing. My biggest beef is how shallow all the characters feel. Will continue reading it though in hopes that it will get fun again.
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I really liked this at the start, It felt like a fresh take on overused tropes and genres. Then came the homophobia and it got real hard to stomach. I mean, I know that Japan have some rather dated views on LGBT and so on but this was a step further. I give it 2 stars for being somewhat new but other than that its an out for me.
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Thornq rated it
Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai!
April 19, 2017
Status: v2c3
This is pretty fun if you enjoy school rom com novels, but you need to give it until chapter 2 (or maybe 3) as the MC comes off as a pretentious a***ole brat at first. I was about to give up in the prologue but stuck with it and while he sticks to his ideals it didnt come up in an offensive way again, and you learn why he has that side to him (which is kinda anime/manga/lnish) so it somewhat stopped bothering me.

I like the heroine, she is amusing... more>> and quite charming (again in an anime girl way) and I also liked that the chapters are quite long. Another plus would be that the protagonist for all his faults have a personality that values himself highly but still helps others when he can in a way that feels smart and natural unlike in other novels (IE I feel the author struck a good balance). As for the bad, first up would be how I feel that the aftermath of certain events (attempted rape) are too easily skipped over and not brought up in any meaningul way as in how the characters feel or what they think about it which just struck me as forced and strange. Aside from the protag and heroine the other characters feels some what flat though that might get better as more chapters get translated.

In the end I like it despite my initial impressions and the various faults so I would recomend it if you like the genre. <<less
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