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I'm giving this 1 star, not because it is terrible, but so you read this and are warned. WARNING: Both the translator *and* the author have dropped this work. There are a few more chapters untranslated, but apparently they do not go anywhere and resolve anything.

I wish I had found this out before I hit the last chapter, because I was actually enjoying it. It's fairly standard as far as fantasy harem WNs go, but the writing was crisp and event flowed smoothly. Pity.
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A fun read with a variety of interesting characters, all with strengths and weaknesses. Yes, the MC can be a bit of a ding-a-ling and the fiance can be a bit overprotective, but it is those flaws that make them more real and fleshed out than most light novel characters.

The biggest shame is that the translator dropped this about a year ago, and no one has stepped up to continue it in the meantime, so it "ends" in an awkward place.
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This is a nice departure from the standard "In a game world with a god-given cheat power" story without abandoning the form altogether.

The MC is powerful, but not absurdly so, and he suffers setbacks and difficulties as well as triumphs and victories. Though he has knowledge and memories from modern Japan, the most earth-shattering thing he has introduced into the world is mayonnaise. The various ladies in his life have distinct and complex personalities, and well as their own lives to pursue. And there's a ticking clock to the end... more>> of the story, but that's 20 years away, so there is ample opportunity for the MC to change and grow as a person.

It strikes a nice balance between the godlike wunderkinds of some stories and the helpless victims of others. <<less
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The Magnificent Battle Records of A Former Noble Lady
September 21, 2017
Status: c16
Before we start, let's review the last part of the Description above:

"This is the story of Syltina slicing off enemies, playing the part of a Straight Man (tsukkomi) and sometimes, the Fool (boke) to her companions."

This, along with the Comedy tag, would seem to imply that this is a light-hearted farcical romp, with the protagonist rolling her eyes and shaking her head at the antics of her party.

... more>> Don't believe it.

At least as far as Chapter 16, this is a grim, bleak, desultory story of vengeance and a hidden secret that seems to have something tangentially to do with the "girl from a different world" mentioned in the description. The characters who are not in on the secret are all portrayed as hopelessly vapid and incompetent. The characters who are in on the secret are all portrayed as brutal and merciless. If there has been any reason to laugh in this story, I have completely missed it, if it exists at all.

If you are looking for a less morose, yet still realistic, story featuring a protagonist dealing with the effects of being in an "otome game" world (not a spoiler, check out the tags), read either Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter or Haunted Duke's Daughter. Both of these are very well written but won't leave a taste of dirty ditch water in your mouth at the end of every chapter.

But if you are looking for a somber, pitiless story about a young woman who is taking advantage of the people who falsely condemned her, then you should enjoy this. The writing is not great, but it is solid, which puts it above about 90% of web novels you might encounter. <<less
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Thormation rated it
Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritai
December 28, 2016
Status: c22
What do you do when you have mastered every type of magic by the time you are six? You wander around aimlessly looking for Japanese food and getting into hijinks with your stock character family members and townsfolk. This is the story of a guy who gets sent to Fantasy God in the White Space by Truck-san. God says, hey, what do you want for your life in Fantasy World. Guy says, I want an easy comfortable life with no challenges whatsoever. God says, well the reader is going to... more>> get bored of you in no time at all, but whatever, it's your life.

This slice-of-life story of an OP reincarnator is neither offensive in its awfulness nor delightful in its wonderfulness. It is the epitome of "meh". If you have nothing better to read, then it will go down easy and fill the void. If you have anything better to read, then read that instead, because there's no nutritional value here. <<less
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Thormation rated it
Help! Gooogle-sensei!!
September 28, 2016
Status: c8
This story had potential and was on my reading list for quite a while. The MC was one of those feckless political chessmasters who do all the work but get very little of the credit, due to the fact that they don't look like ikemen. The manga had a stylized and breezy tone, which kept it lighthearted, even when discussing war and fights for survival and such. Then came v2c4, and that all went right in the crapper, as the MC shows himself to be an amoral sociopath who will... more>> do whatever it takes to succeed and not lose a wink of sleep over it.

Don't even bother with this one. It will just disappoint you in short order. <<less
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Thormation rated it
Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World
September 16, 2016
Status: c143
Two and a half stars would be more accurate for this. It's not awful, but it sure ain't good. But when you are waiting for your once-a-month updates for the actual good stories to update, it's a way to get a cheap Japanese novel fix without making yourself nauseated.

The novel features an MC so bland that I don't even remember his name, and whose entire personality can be summed up as "mildly paranoid and frequently horny". He's OP, of course, because heavens forbid that Japanese novels could ever feature characters... more>> who face actual conflict and have to struggle to make incremental gains. This MC's entire life goal, once he finds out it is possible, is to accumulate a slave harem that can help him fight in dungeons so that he can get money to expand his harem. MC's OP cheat is actually something that could be interesting, but not in the hands of this writer, who seems to be as monofocused as his MC.

After the first 5 chapters or so, where the character and fantasy world are being established, the story breaks down like this: 65% fighting generic video game monsters in the most uninteresting dungeons ever imagined; 10% shopping for new harem slaves, gear for said slaves, and food; 10% cooking and eating; 9.9% bathing and getting aroused enough to do s*x acts with his slave harem; 0.1% descriptions of these s*x acts (this is literally the least s*xy R-15 novel I have ever encountered) ; and the remaining 5% of the time exploring the extremely generic game fantasy world that the MC has been thrust into.

The s*x slave characters are more fleshed out and interesting than the MC, but only just. They are given a bit of description and a few characteristic actions and behaviors, but once that is nailed into place, none of them ever grow, either as characters or as people. The few recurring characters outside of the harem are barely given names, let alone personalities. And the settings are so thinly drawn, you can't really distinguish one town or village from another.

There are worse examples of the "Japanese HS student is teleported to video-game-like fantasy world and is given a cheat power" genre to be found on this site--*much* worse--so the relentless tediousness of this doesn't earn it a single star, but if you are bored and are all out of stories on your reading list, I encourage your to take another plunge into the Series Finder and dig a little harder. I have 99 better stories than this in my reading list, and only delve back into this one when I am bereft of any other updates. <<less
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If you are looking for a farcical slice-of-life story about a guy with a godlike OP level who stays in his (sentient) house all day and is thick as a lead brick, then this is the story for you!

If not, then run for the hills. This series defies the logic of common sense, even WN common sense. 25 chapters in, there have only been 5 named characters, not including the MC who has not actually been named. His name is not important, it seems. All we, the readers, need to... more>> know about him is that he was a Japanese salaryman that lived alone in his house, and one day he woke up and he and his house were in the middle of a fantasyland forest, and his house was also a hot chick that wanted to be boned by the MC, because reasons. And in the first chapter, he defeats an entire invading force, simply by yelling at them.

You will need a strong love of the ludicrous to appreciate this series. If you have that, then you might find this a pleasant distraction, as the chapters are fairly short and preposterously easy to read. <<less
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Thormation rated it
The Prodigy Sefiria’s Overpowering Program
June 17, 2016
Status: v1c28
As of chapter 28, the protag is both OP and a 10-month-old baby. I suspend a lot of disbelief when I read Japanese LN/WN, but this is just a step too far.

World Teacher also goes over the line in this respect, but not nearly as much. World Teacher is also better written by a hundred-fold.
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