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Theory rated it
The Strongest Dan God
March 29, 2016
Status: --
Lame. That pretty much sums up the novel. It feels like a poor quality mash-up of other xianxia. All the dialogue and interactions between characters feels incredibly fake and forced. It’s just a low quality xianxia. Usually I would say if you’re bored you could give it a try, but this time I can’t. That’s just how fake and lame this novel feels. Actually comparing this to ISSTH is like comparing dogsh*t to diamonds. At best this novel could get 3 stars. Rating this 5 stars is utter nonsense. 5... more>> stars means ‘perfect’ (or close to). Can you honestly tell me this novel is ‘perfect’? Then again the ratings on this site don’t mean anything and are complete crap. <<less
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Plot is nothing new at all. The writing itself is also low quality. Unless you truly have absolutely nothing else to read, you should probably just ignore this novel.
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Theory rated it
Imperial God Emperor
March 16, 2016
Status: --
The beginning of this story sucks. If I had anything else to read I would have dropped it. However... As the story progresses it gets a lot better. There is still some occasional bad parts, but as a whole the story actually becomes enjoyable. Nothing amazing by any means, but still a enjoyable read. If you plan on reading this story I just recommend you force yourself to get through the first 20 or so chapters. By then I think it gets better.
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Theory rated it
Monarch of Evernight
April 29, 2018
Status: v10c1
So, the only thing the MC knows how to do is follow orders. Even in the future chapters where he is no longer a soldier, it's still all he does. He doesn't have a single independent thought. Literally the entire novel, consists of just about everyone using and manipulating him. Most of those people are actually his friends. They constantly manipulate him and say it's for his own good. They tell him to do something or go somewhere and when he asks why they all say, "You'll know in future,... more>> " "There's no point telling you now...." And when they do that he just says, "okay!" and goes along with whatever they want. There's one part in particular which actually made me drop this novel...


MC is manipulated and drugged to sleep with two girls and get them pregnant. They are from powerful families, so if they get pregnant with his child these families will offer support to him as the father. This is the plan his so called best friend created. If I was manipulated and drugged to get a couple girls pregnant, I would be incredibly pissed off at both the girls and my best friend. Regardless of what their reason was it wouldn't change anything. When he found out? He didn't blame the girls and instead immediately tried to take responsibility. Noble sure, but dumb as sh*t. His friend? Pretty much smiled and said you should be grateful. Which of course he immediately accepted and the whole scenario was glossed over like it was no big deal.


That is only one such scene. The MC never makes his own decisions. Everything is decided by other people using him and he willingly goes along with it. <<less
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