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TheePieMan rated it
Hero? No, I’m an Ordinary Citizen (Monster)
October 24, 2018
Status: c13
I've only read up to the current translation at the time of this post and will write/edit the review at a later date to reflect my opinions and updated thoughts on it.

From what I've read so far it is enjoyable. Being a fan of the "transported to another world" or "Isekai" genre. Just like things such as DBZ, overpowered protagonists are interesting because there isn't a need to add tons of filler of training montages or needing to level up. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the characters... more>> have to rely more on their personality traits and story elements to create a world that can or can't hold them. The character in this story gives off a mysterious air which is quite a bit different than most stories. The introductory chapters give you very little information to go off of outside of setting the story which gives him more room to grow/change how his character interacts with the world.

I want to see more before rating this further. It gets four stars for being able to interest me despite reading many stories with similar "OP" protagonists. Once I get 100 chapters in I'll edit this. <<less
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