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Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
February 4, 2019
Status: c456
The start was pretty good but the main female lead ruins the story.

She is an arrogant, willful and she is spoiled rotten by everyone. Mc's childhood friend is a lot better than her, she is good to him and has a nice personality and has some character depth. And ins't annyoying as hell as the main female lead.

The second thing that ruins the story is that the MC is giving pedophilic vibes and is attracted to the main heroine as he finds her alluring (and don't even ask how author... more>> describes these scenes). I mean damn she is just 15 (though her mental age is below 8) and you are 19 have some self control man.

The third thing is the paragraphs explaining the same female character always starts like ''she was like a pearl'' or ''her smile was so majestic that you can throw country for it''. And I am not even talking about one or two chapters it is in every chapter in which they are introduced. You know we get it they are pretty, but you dont have to be so repetitive about it.

The last thing is that after the MC cultivates to a higher level he becomes more handsome and dashing, until he walks with a female lead and other people are like ''Huh' who is that guy he is so bland how come he gets to walk with her''. I mean what is the point of saying that he becomes more handsome if you yourself are not acknowledging it afterwards.


If you are thinking that their will be character development in the female lead in the latter chapters than man you will be disappointed

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