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The author clearly has similar tastes to me.

It's basically Guts from Berserk currently in a plot development that is similar to Goblin Slayer.

The main character wields a sword that is too big for normal men. He pays keen attention to detail in his doings that others clearly do not.

The ideas are not particularly original as of yet and the inspirations for the work are very clear. But I love both of the influences that I have seen to death, so I don't really see a reason to not read this... more>> also. <<less
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TheLastBossForm40 rated it
February 26, 2018
Status: c323
Probably my favorite work I've read thus far on this site.

Sevens is the story of young Lyle Walt, the firstborn son of a noble house who is stripped of his home and title by his younger sister. From a servant who is sympathetic to his plight, Lyle receives an abandoned family heirloom: a gem that is soon found to contain the souls of seven of his ancestors, including his grandfather, his grandfather's father, and so on all the way to the First head of the Walt household.

The beginning caught my... more>> attention because from the get go, the story takes itself quite seriously. When Lyle is upended by his little sister, there is little humor to be found when Lyle is coldly rejected by his family at large and thrown into the outside world with little idea of his bearings. From there, the story evolves in dramatic motion as Lyle takes in the advice and experiences of his forefathers to become a true man of the Walt house.

The web novel is among the most ambitious works I've read, spanning up to over 300 chapters and transitioning from the days of Lyle cleaning sewers to being involved in conflicts on a continental scale. And among these very ambitious novels, Sevens stands out as possibly the most well executed. The story has a good amount of everything, with great world building, plot, humor, relationships, and dialogue. Moreover, the amount of detail in describing Lyle's journey and bringing to life the world around him adds an impact that I have not seen in any other work on this scale.

There are many other things I could say to describe the appeal of this story, but at the heart I believe the most memorable part of the story is Lyle's growth. You begin to develop a personal attachment to Lyle's character as you watch him start from 0, accumulate experience and deepen his relationships, and become the man he was always meant to be. It's really a deep experience that I feel shakes the soul.

Anyway, I have only 20+ chapters to go before to close it out. There's both incredible excitement in seeing how the story will conclude, but also a deep loneliness knowing that the end is in sight. <<less
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