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Warlock of the Magus World
June 6, 2016
Status: --

Heartless MC that will do ANYTHING to further his power, this include using and then throwing away little girls, classmates and anyone that he befriends later on the novel. His moto is if he has nothing to gain from them he'll throw them away, that or use them as bait. His ability A.I chip makes no sense at all, nor does the author bother to explain the plot holes in this novel.

There is no romance, friendship or teammates in this novel, the MC is a psychopath and as the story progresses he becomes even worse, some of the things he does is so despicable that they pale in comparison to what the villains have done. It starts out normal, but trust me you'll want to throw up by the time you get to the later chapters.

This novel is just below CCM, the novel that I regret wasting my time to read.

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Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
August 22, 2016
Status: --
Your typical JP novel. Read if you like any of these things below.

Long title, that is really more of a sentence - Check
Worthless chump before getting ported to another world, where he is treated like king or OP - Check
Beta MC that contradicts everything that they say and do - Check
Girls flocking to him, but MC is too beta to do anything - Check
Virgin - Check; oh wait, that explains why he's so OP, because he's a MAGE.
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A Monster Who Levels Up
September 4, 2017
Status: c55
Update after Chapter 55: My 2 star still stands, nothing much has really changed, MC becomes more overpowered, MC is still too dense and stupid most of the time to figure out what's really going on, that's why he has his employees do most the thinking. MC still slowly gathering his harem, but is too stupid to realize they like him. MC is still far too kind and helpful to humans that many do take advantage of him, despite him having his "all seeing eye" that separates the good and... more>> bad people, however despite this, he still gets scammed by the government and various other people. For example,


A government worker goes to him and beg for free handouts, telling him it's for the sake of Mother Korea and for diplomacy, in the end, MC falls into their scam and gave them a paper that allows you to to have the orc craft any weapon of their choosing. However, we later find out that they actually used that paper in a attempt to lure his werewolf form out if he helped them do something. In another case, he creates the athany dolls that gives a boost in recovery/training to the top knights guilds for free. There are times where MC uses his brain but for the most part MC is still a idiot.


Just your usual failure/poor loser that is shunned by everyone in society becoming overpowered. Lots of cliches here, like the usual MC saves damsel in distress, they fall in love, rinse and repeat.

MC grew up shunned by all those around him, his parents threw him out to live at a orphanage where he is mistreated and taken advantage off. He leaves, and starts working during middle school, saves up some money and rents his own little place to live in. One day, he receives some notification that he's obtained this skill that allows him to turn into different monsters. Hunters and Knights (much stronger than hunters) love to hunt for the sport and for money, they kill monsters without batting an eye, yet all the MC does is save humans that are in trouble in his beast form? Explain to me how that makes any sense, especially with how he was treated growing up. Now, don't get me wrong here, I'm all for MC saving people ect (cliche) by which how he's treated in the past, I just find it hard to believe.

MC up to this point has already saved multiple humans, he has no ambition what so ever and his only goal is to basically "survive" or sustain himself. To prove my point, the MC left a sample of a potion that is very rare and expensive to craft to a store to test and sell, before coming in there this guy did not even do any research on what kind of potions there are, and how much they cost. He just walked in, told them he has a potion to sell, told the clerk the effects and walked out like an idiot. For someone that has been poor all his life and had no one to care for, I find it laughable how kind he is to humans. If you're into self fulfillment, you may like this, if you actually care about the details off how the MC became who he is and does what he does, then skip it. Humans in this novel will constantly try to take advantage of how dense the MC is.

Decent read if you can bypass how unambitious, bland, and stupid the MC is. <<less
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The Returner
June 13, 2018
Status: c39
Edit: Dropped. Author tries too hard to turn this into a comedy with his idiotic family. The entire family is a nutcase, the mom is crazy, and the father is a worthless stealing passive idiot. Don't think i'll be able to stand 550 chapters of this nonsense. For a person that has lived for thousands of years, he sure is childish and ignorant.

Progress on this story is VERY slow, lots of useless boring information and interactions. It may seem fun at first but you'll quickly get tired of how stupid... more>> and whiny the MC is.

Story is about a 18 year old getting sent to a different world, Berafe where he is forced to fend for himself for hundreds or thousands of years. While there he amassed an army and become the king of hell all so he can go back to earth. He returns to earth where he is now 23 years old and find out that the earth is infested with monsters, monsters that hes fought back in berafe and that there are special people out there with powers that can fight them off.

The comedy started out okay, but after a few chapters you get tired of the same ole stuff after every chapter. The chapters have many repeated or rephrased sentences like many of the wuxia novels you have read before. His goal or dream after returning is to make his parents proud and make tons of $$, but after he found out that there parents is living well on earth, he became a bottom feeding scum. He stays at home all day playing and failing at league of legends and jacking off to porn. He refuses to use his special skills/power to help save people because all he wants to do now is lay around playing games.

After hundreds of years in a different world, he still acts like a childish brat. On the recent chapter i've just read, the MC is crying like a little baby because he couldn't have his "sugar rush" and wishes that all this would just go away so he can have his drink and go back home. Meanwhile people are dying right outside of where he is at and he refuses to do anything because he doesn't want to "die". The writer or tl did a vague job on explaining what sort of special skill power he has after returning because he said that a hit from the monsters would kill him and that hes only "a little bit" tougher than normal humans, yet he was able to pummel a goblin with his bare hands, while not even train professionals can do because of how tough the goblins skins are, yet he walked away just fine without a single bruise. In short, the guy is nothing but a passive beta selfish POS and if monsters were attacking people right in front of him, he would just watch without a care unless they started attacking him all because he doesn't want people to know that hes "a bit stronger" than others. Yeah okay buddy.

tl;dr - In monster world MC was a savage overlord, on earth he become a lying passive selfish whiny kid that sits around playing games and jacking off all day. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
September 3, 2016
Status: c81
Decent novel, similar to gantz during the start. Story is about a dropout/failure that dies while sleeping, but wakes up in another place with a 2nd chance to live. He meets all new people and befriends them, just when you think all is well, BOOM. This is where it went downhill, the characters he met prior were likable, now we are left with annoying clingy family members and fangirls fawning over the MC because he's strong, rich and so on. Bascially the arc after is about MC bragging how baller... more>> he is. Give it a rest already and move on, we get it; Korean people are gold diggers and very superficial. It's a decent read if you filter out the useless fillers.

Edit: I've dropped my rating from 3 stars to 1 stars. I just cannot tolerate the MC anymore. MC is a passively whipped moron. When he's back in the real world, his sister and gf are both gold diggers looking for free handouts. I've dropped this novel given how dense and hopeless the MC is.


Nothing really has changed, in fact its gotten worse. The MC has become more arrogant and idotic, the writing (if you can call it that) is more like a diary. MC is living his life carelessly, playing around, giggling and saying "i love you" to his gold digging girlfriend every time he meets her. She's a terrible influence on the MC, she had him buy a penthouse, and another house to hide what hes doing when his parents start asking questions. Maybe this is just Korean culture? All Korean women are superficial gold diggers while the men are idiots and falls for them?

Seriously though, half of the guys mind is how hes going to pleasure/bone his gf when hes back in the real world. We have a 9 year old in the other while MC and gf is thinking about how hard their going to screw when shes asleep.

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MMORPG: Martial Gamer
March 14, 2018
Status: c65
This may be even worse than mmorpg:rebirth. I was excited when I first saw all the 5 star ratings on this novel when it first came out. The first few chapters were decent however, it quickly became another wish fullfillment story after. The MC's ingame name is Iron Bull, which is the same as the author's name.

The MC is some poor sap martial arts expert, which apparently are extinct in this day and age, he gets looked down upon by everyone and is not able to find a job, his... more>> wife has been supporting him all this time. He complains all the time about how poor he is and wants to make money. He plays a class that rarely anyone plays and is considered to be trash just like how people think of him in real life, but it turns out that the class is OP.

This is when the story takes a dive. He becomes one of the first to solo a tough boss and all of a sudden he thinks he's tough sh*t now, acting like some rich billionaire because he made a few thousand dollars by selling some low tier items to rich players that he goes giving away tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of skill books and gear to people that he just met or to rude players trying to scam him. To top it off, apparently other classes innate skills has no effect on him such as stealth (thief/assassin), which is just stupid that they would not patch something that would pretty much make a class useless. MC can somehow "sense" invisible enemies, catch arrows with his bare hands, and can somehow dodge 100% of hits when confronted by a dozen or more players, what a joke. Note that we only 30 chapters in, who knows in 100 more chapters we'll see MC facing 1000 players by himself.

Don't even get me started on his real life. To prove that the writer is just here to full fill his fantasy, the female tenants somehow always catches him working out and showing off his sexy body and at one point he lets them touch his naked chest/body so they can "feel" his muscles. Apparently fit men are extinct in this novel aside from MC. This guy already has a wife whom has always supported him while all he does is work out and eat, what a ungrateful SOB. Seems like the MC will have a harem in real life or will cheat on his wife. One of the female tenants even stated she's a gold digger and wants a sugar daddy so she can laze around, so they aren't just some innocent virgins fawning over the first guy they see.

Don't waste your time reading this, unless you really enjoyed mmorpg:rebirth.

MC personality:

Chapters 1-10~ = Some poor guy that is trying to find a job to support his family and not have her wife do all the work.

Chapters 15+ = Some arrogant cocky guy with white knight syndrome that thinks he can do anything he wants and give away rare items and skill books worth thousands to strangers because he thinks they're "trash" and "protecting females ingame while killing everyone that isn't in his sect or is a female. <<less
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Dungeon Defense
July 14, 2016
Status: v1c3
Very good KN novel, MC get ported to a game that hes beaten as the lowest rank demon lord. If you like defense games then give this novel a try, lots of twists and planning going on here.

Chapters are VERY long 7-10k words, props to the translator, he/she is putting a lot of work doing this for us readers.
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Kill the Hero
November 12, 2018
Status: c5
Your typical k novel with new tiny bits here and there, which I don't mind. However there is one big issue I have, not with the novel but the translators of the site, some may disagree or blah blah at least they're translating it ect, but reading 1 chapter a week is not worth my time at all, and with how many k novels myoni has dropped recently that I've really liked I will have to pass on this. Spending hours reading a novel that you like and find out... more>> that it's been dropped due to not enough readers/little profit/or translator losing interest is not fun at all and a waste of time as you'll probably never find out what happens in the end.

In short, it'll take 4 years to finishing reading the novel at 1 chapter a week, with a fairly good chance of it getting dropped, is that worth your time? <<less
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The Skill Maker
September 20, 2017
Status: c37
MC obtains this amazing ability that will hopefully get him out of his current shitty life or perhaps he'll get kidnapped and forced to create op skills for rich players by how shady and stupid he handled the his ability. While reading this, you'll find out how smart (not) the MC is and how stupid the rest of the people are in this world. The MC will be the first to create scrolls, potions and many other things, which I find pretty stupid as korean's are considered to be pretty... more>> smart in rl, so why hasn't anyone ever try to create a potion, or pick up the various herbs and loot lying around in the dungeons?

When MC created his first skill to sell, he decided it was the best idea to sell it on the forums where he has no reputation, but you see scrolls are very rare and difficult to obtain, so they are usually kept privately for guild use or sold discreetly. I can think of 10 much better alternatives he could of handled this matter, and 10 other things that could go wrong for what he did. He's a nobody selling this rare/expensive scroll, and could of gotten robbed easily, but since the characters are nothing but mindless drones I guess no one ever thought of that. Why hasn't anyone wondered how he was able to obtain such "rare" scrolls numerous times and had him followed, or investigated. The way he trades the scrolls is even out of the ordinary.

Characters are boring and predictable, all of them are there to either, worship the MC, harem, or stomp on MC only later to get beaten later on. While reading you'll find many typical cliches such as how MC saves high ranked heroines family/sister and she falls for him and so on;repeat 10x.

Overall nothing really special here. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
Emperor of Solo Play
September 16, 2017
Status: c173
MC is a foul mouthed masochist. This is another reincarnation rpg novels, with your usual scheming villains that can't see mount tai and is out to plunder his loot.

Before MC died, he was in a guild which everyone hated and was being hunted down by them. Eventually getting betrayed by his own guild mates. At first you would think, what a scumbag move, but after reading further into the novel and getting to know what kind of person the MC is, I probably would too. Once MC got his 2nd... more>> chance and reincarnates, it was basically him vs the world. He thinks everyone is out to get him, holds grudges towards people that pked him in the past by cursing at them with degrading words. Numerous guilds have tried to recruit him, and not only were they rejected he started to hate them even more, meanwhile the guilds are like ??? Why does this guy act like we killed his entire family? In the later chapters half of the story is about him complaining about the stupidest things like, f*ck, why is this monster so strong that no one else have been able to kill it, but he himself is able to kill it with ease, or why are these health pots that heals me to full health so expensive, why his life sucks, why he's always eating crappy food in real life, or why is this game so hard that he's able to solo anything throughout the game so far;something that no one have been able to do? All these are retorical questions and every time I see them I just shake my head and skim pass it.

MC treats himself like garbage in real life by eating unhealthy, cheap food such as ramen, bitter coffee or by starving, which he ALWAYS complains about with words like "f*ck, the things that I need to give up to become the top player or get my revenge". Meanwhile this moron wastes literally hundreds of thousands if not MILLIONS on his character ingame? Explain to me how that makes any sense, he's too cheap to spend a few extra dollars everyday for food and improving his health, yet he spends money in game like he's wiping his golden poop with $100 dollar bills. Get out of here.

Will I still be reading this? Probably, but not because I like the novel, but because so I can laugh at how idiotic the MC is. You treat others like dirt (and yourself) and you get treated like dirt. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
Swordmaster Healer
May 24, 2018
Status: c17
This is a 2.5 for me so far.

What we have here is a MC that is shunned by everyone because he's practically garbage when it comes to his class (healer), no one wants him in their party because well.. His healing sucks and he's a pathetic person overall and very spiteful one at that. He hits the jackpot after discovering something that unlocks his past life potential and skills. Right away his personality takes a 360 turn. He turns into a psychopath. Peoples lives mean nothing to him unless he... more>> can benefit from them, as in making $$ for him and his father who's in the hospital. He'll watch people die, torture pkers/people for information. Some pkers tried to kill him in a dungeon raid, he killed all of them and then made it his life mission to kill all pkers, his reason? Because pkers tried to kill him. He becomes so arrogant, greedy that its off putting and make me want to just hope someone stronger appears and just kill him off, and I'm only 17 chapters in. As stated from one of the previous reviewers, the MC is a antihero. I don't mind antiheroes but the way this one acts is just pathetic and selfish. I'll probably drop this somewhere along the way. <<less
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Green Skin
August 12, 2017
Status: c47
This is your typical failure of an MC that gets reincarnated with all his memories attached. The only difference is instead of coming back as a human he comes back as a goblin to get revenge on all those that looked down on him (which is basically every human aside from 1 prostitute, who, oh happens to reincarnate along with the MC. LOL, really?) There are a few funny moments while reading this, but the jokes get recycled and gets old fast. The MC gets all the chicks, goblins, fairies,... more>> dryads, humans, in the future, he'll probably be banging gnomes, hobbits, orcs and chickens too.

The MC talks to himself a lot, so often times you'll be reading useless muttering about him telling himself that I must get stronger, and not become a useless buffoon this time, and try to save the prostitute he was sleeping with and make her come to her side, many, many times. Yes, it gets annoying. You'll also hear the MC comparing himself or his weapons to other weapons saying something like "Hmm this sword is good, but its not better than the sword one of the top humans use", or "I'm strong, but many humans can still defeat me, so I need to get stronger" numerous times.

Basically, because he was a loser in his past life, he now sees every human, aside from his pretty, but overpowered female harem members as enemies and sworn that he would kill them all, while getting stronger, oh did I mention he wants to get stronger? Well get ready to hear that a lot while reading this, at least half to a third of the chapters have him mentioning this.

Read this... if you like loser MC's becoming overpowered, thick MC plot armor, in hopes that MC's harem may rival even Genghis khan, useless mutter, and repeated use of the manly word "I want to get stronger" <<less
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TheJudge rated it
Shadow Hack
January 4, 2018
Status: c19
Just your typical self fulfillment, face slapping, and avg MC hitting obtaining some life shattering cheat becoming OP. This is currently ranked #1 on current power rankings which I find laughable as there's only 20 chapters and nothing about this story really pop outs to me so far. It's an okay novel for now in my opinion and can go either way later on. 2.5/5

MC finds a old machine which he bought for cheap at a store, boots it on and sees a message at which he thought was some... more>> kind of scam, but he clicks yes anyway and poof, now he somehow is able to use his shadow to fight monsters, people and gain experience. After a few fights he got lucky, yet again and obtains a rank A skill book which has like a 1 out of blue moon of dropping. Throughout this novel, you'll see many trash sneering and looking down on the MC, only to get their ass handed to them or faceslapped and probably lots of "lucky" drops as well.

Someone mentioned that the writer is racist..I loled. The writer is more ignorant than racist, I doubt he's seen many black people in China or travel often, so he goes by how others may see them as. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
Tales of Demons and Gods
May 23, 2016
Status: c200
Like most Chinese novels, they start off really well, but then gets repetitive or too biased for anyone to read or like the MC. This is one of them, I dropped this early on because the pattern was pretty obvious at that point, anymore reading and I'd be wasting my time. If you read one of the stereotype MC becomes strong due to luck, you've read them all, and this is one of those.

Don't waste your time.
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TheJudge rated it
Heavenly Jewel Change
January 18, 2016
Status: --
Nothing new here, MC is a snarky, cocky and arrogant fellow who justify his screw ups as being "possessed or just young and innocent (lol yeah right). I stopped a few chapters in after the r*pe arc when he kept a "souvenir" to remember what hes done. The excuses he gives for doing what he does is pitiful. This author always seem to make good introductions in whatever he writes, but they fall off to oblivion when it comes to everything else. His stories just doesn't hold my attention, and... more>> when it does I always facepalm at how stupid MC is. <<less
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A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special
March 24, 2019
Status: --
This review is based on both the manga and novel, both are similar so far from what i've read. I had very high hopes for this novel/manwha in the beginning, unfortunately this had turned into one my biggest disappointments.

Great start, got me interested then like many novels the story, action and everything else takes a dive. The MC have already experienced many of the events yet aside from the usual "we need to prepare so we don't die in the shadow world " we know NOTHING, until the event occurs.... more>> Might as well call the MC a guy with vast knowledge rather than knowing the future because that's what has been happening so far. He tells his party absolutely nothing except for the fact that they need to "trust him and do as he says", that can only get you so far and I'm getting tired of it. I mean cmon, least you can do is explain why you want them to train this way or what his goals are, but nope, what we get is MC patting these two toddlers on the head for a job well done, and some giggling.

The pacing for this novel is all over the place, but for the most part very slow, especially once the party enters the first shadow world. MC also ends up making many mistakes and overlooking many important easy to spot problems because his mind is so clouded with "how to prevent the end of the world bs" that he fails to see what is right in front of him. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
September 25, 2016
Status: c12
Has potential, but pacing is very slow right now. MC is more of a side character atm, he's always thinking in his head and has very little to nothing to say; probably to get a feel of the people he's paired with, but nonetheless it's very annoying. I even forgot the MC's name because the villainous side characters are the only ones talking, but we all know what happens to those kind of people; they die shortly after. This sort of writing feels like I'm reading a wuxia novel. You... more>> know, how those no name villians running their mouth, wasting writing space and end up dying 10-30 chapters later. Which is mainly why I stopped reading them; if you read one of them you read them all.

EDIT: Two star rating

This novel is a mess, some of the later chapters you will see many characters talking in their POV (point of view). You'll find it very difficult to find out who's talking since all you'll see is "I, you, he, she, me". You'll be spending more time finding out who's talking than reading the chapter. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
Praise the Orc!
August 22, 2017
Status: c104
Silly plot, lots of plotholes, not much of a story here, just self fulfillment. I'm just going to list my gripes because this story is unbelievable. Go read BEM instead.

MC picks the worst class which apparently no plays because its a bug and/or they look ugly, out of the millions of players, the MC just happens to pick a class that everyone knows about but is not played, yeah no. MC has a sister complex because he was in the military (some sort of elite secret force) and wants to... more>> surprise her by showing up ingame as an orc (what kind of stupid logic is that).

He met a girl in rl that he oh so happens to save while he was on duty, who so happens to be the relative of the CEO of the game he's playing. Saves his sister from her "friends" that got her drunk, and thanked them for it by paying for their meal. Compared to other players, he's like some god ranked player, but to other npcs he's nothing but a newbie. The reason is because he was in the military and knows how to fight (then so does almost every male adult in Korea, because of military training). Many of the players he meets ingame, happens to be female, most fall for him, and seems to live near him in rl. <<less
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TheJudge rated it
MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian
April 21, 2017
Status: c59
Basically a rip off of kings avatar. First 10 chapters were good, then it sorta went downhill after he joined the parties/dungeons. Half of the next 15-30 chapters will be about other members of the party calling MC newb, but when they see how he strong of a tank he is while out damaging the dps, the idiots go full derp mode. Meanwhile there's one guy that gets especially jealous only to make an idiot of himself. Afterwards you will see the MC forming parties and getting world first while... more>> sharing loot with other people. I read up to chapter 30ish before I stopped cause it got so boring. Story has been very predictable so far.


The MC sure loves to give strangers items worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in rl cash, on top of that theres this new big breasted girl that always seems to get lost (while stumbling upon world bosses, whom the MC help kills) calling MC a newb and taking advantage of him, and guess what, the MC seems to actually like it. With how the author is describing the MC, he can pretty much solo anything, but yet he chooses to give others credit. If the side characters weren't so useless I would not care as much, but they're just there to either insult the MC or praise him and call him a god.

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TheJudge rated it
Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki
October 31, 2016
Status: --
Decent writing at certain chapters, but very slow and boring, and like almost all jp novels, MC is very passive and beta like.

One thing I can't stand is the author gave the MC a very strong ability, and even demonstrated in one of the chapters on how op it is, but refused to take advantage of it because it's "too powerful". Yes, basically the MC wants others to leave his little nation alone so he can move on with his life, living a pleb, but refuses to take the... more>> appropriate measures.

Not going to bother reading an half ass MC/author that refuses to take full advantage of the skills given to them because it makes them "op". Why bother even telling how op he could've been at all? <<less
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