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Welp! This is my first time to give a review!

Truthfully, I want to review once this is finish but can't..

So 1-21



Well, the novel is currently in HIATUS since the translator wants to finish Kill the Lights first (which is one of my favorite)

But for now, I'm giving it 5 since it's freakin amazing!

The MC, Jude is LOVE!

... more>>

He's totally not an ordinary person! I just love his attitude and like how he doesn't give a care about the murders.

I love when he said that he doesn't have a strong stomach, it's just that he's partner has an weak one.

This is where I thought :this guy is not normal...

Any normal person would at least puke a little when they see a murder or worse, a tortured person.

And when he caught Alvin, as alvin said, when he saw jude, there's no fear even though he's chocking a women.

And that Jude's eyes says that he's totally bored and lazy!

He's even constantly angry since there's so many work to do since killers keep popping out of nowhere! And of course! The killers, I love their styles in killing!!


Then alvin!


Well, I love serial killers! This guy is totally nuts! Just love when jude (MC) meets the first killer (the guy who killed his mom?) Cause the killer said that he wanna be like Alvin then...

MC said that no one can be like him cause he is totally a serial killer (no feelings and constantly smiling (like innocent) :CRAZY!

And Alvin, for my opinion is a Psychopath!

This guy kills with no reason! He just wanna see or rather 'experiment 'with humans

He have no specigic reason! He'll torture cause he wants to.

This guy smiles even though he's facing police LOL

And as jude says, this guy totally have a normal life in the past.

He doesn't kill animals when he was young, no crazy doing.

Like when he became an adult, he just casually thought 'Let's kill! '

I swear, if he's a true human being

This world is gonna be in chaos


Ah well, it's just 21 chaps in, so there's nothing interesting so far.

I still want to wait for the other chaps.

But it's interesting! Totally worth reading! <<less
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It's actually a really cute story. As you have seen in the synopsis. A uke named Toki had a dream about his future seme who ... more>>

was a prince because as of Chapter 19, Assam, the prince a.k.a seme wanted to give up the throne because he didn't want to take any concubines when his friend asked him if he want to take some concubines because Toki can't give birth.... unless this story is unexpectedly M-preg

is a prince.

It's a very very fluffy story, I'm only at Chapter 19 and the prince is already showing his possessive side which I like!

Toki is really cute and adorable and he's a boy that deserves the love of Assam because of all the suffering he has felt.

*wipes imaginary tear*

Poor him.

Anyways, I might update if the story had continued updating because Translator-sama have a test so I'll wait because it's worth it. <<less
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TheImperfectGirl_994 rated it
As the Spirit-sama Says
September 24, 2017
Status: --
Definitely doesn't recommend this to those who are close minded.... well sh*t! I think even those open minded people can't accept this piece of cr*p.


... more>>

Using the little princess as a f*cking toilet??! Holy fu***** sh*t! The author of this story literally have problems with females or maybe that person just really did this thing for sh*t and giggles.


And seriously??! Isn't anyone in this people maybe anti-god or something??! all of them just believes what he said when its freaking obvious he's doing something wrong!!!


There is this prince who doesn't want to believe but in the end, became a girl and got raped and even after that, more or less, she/he became a s*x slave. That smartness in the beginning just got thrown out of the window when she/he became quite addicted to s*x


But seriously, it's sh*t and I'm trying to say this so you do not experience reading this but if you still want to try, then go ahead... <<less
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TheImperfectGirl_994 rated it
God of Crime
May 28, 2018
Status: c33
You could say that this review is pretty unfair because I've only read up until chapter 33. (Maybe I'll update it if I continue reading it)

I stopped reading it because

... more>>

There are so many ****ing idiotic moments, the side characters are sometime even more smart than the characters that are kinda important especially the MCs sister!

She's so naive and innocent that it's so disgusting. Up until chapter 33, there have been like 7-9 crimes already that is made by DIFFERENT people (one is still a mystery and unsolved) and 3 of those crimes is connected to that naive motherf*cker sissy.

If you read the story in the Wuxiaworld, you will see in the comment section some comments about how idiotic the sister is and the MC. The MC is passable because in the start, he only have 4 for intelligence (but when that improved to 40+, it's okay) but that sissy of his is smart (how? and where do you see that she is?)

I feel like the only good thing she can do is get killed by an enemy and that triggers the MC to be the God of Crime he really is.

Maybe she'll change and get badass or something but the way I see it, if this early in the story, she's already a troublemaker, I don't know what to expect from her in the future.

I get it! She's a pretty good sister, but she makes way too much trouble that it drags the MC down, all because of her doings. It's annoying, okay. If you read it, you might also get annoyed or nah but.... She really is annoying.


I might continue reading this if I have free time. <<less
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