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TheHeroicDelinquent rated it
Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex
February 13, 2017
Status: c110
This is my first review on Novel Update so please bear with me. I was roaming NU searching ''For Academic Purposes'' materials and accidentally clicked on this novel, as I was reading this, my Dragon was ready to spew Fire but unfortunately it didn't, or rather, it cant. Its not that the H-scenes aren't arousing but I found myself clicking NEXT as soon as I finished reading a chapter. RAPE isnt my thing but I stayed solely for the Netori; I want to know how the MC will break her... more>> and will she ''love'' him. The deeper I go into the rabbit hole, the more I became interested with the story. Heck, I even forgot why I read it in the first place. The story is complex and has twists like a twister in Kansas; at first the MC seems shallow and empty but it was explain in the later chapters as to why he's like that but of course also why the women are in love with him.


Everyone in the novel, from the MC to his waifus, are Broken and you know what they say ''birds of a feather, flock together''


The author did a very good job in making the Heroines interesting. Each of them has secrets and that made them ''unusual'' but also strangely loveable. The downside (to me anyway, apart from rape) is the slow progression of time. I believe 3-4 days had pass since the beginning of the story and my goodness, the MC's life is too eventful. Its amazing that he's not dead! I mean a lot of things happened in just that few days! If you do read this novel, please read on. Its worth the read. <<less
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