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TheHawkk rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
March 19, 2017
Status: c57
The fact that the MC is a sad loner who's unable to carry out any form of social interaction is perhaps the most pathetic excuse for not writing any compelling characters. It seems everyone except the angels and MC are unexisting in the story. A lot of the side characters seem like they should have a bigger part in the story than just being side characters, but in the end, he never really talks to them, so no relationship is properly formed and they're just brought up whenever the author... more>> needs them for something. Perhaps side character isn't even the correct word, they're more like extras.

Yes, he talks to angels, but the angels are boring as f**k too. At least where I'm at in the novel, both of the angel characters sticking near him, have fallen in love with him just from looking at him working, or at least that's how they realized their feelings. It makes no sense and is one of the worst written potential harems I've ever seen. I say potential because, guess what, MC's sad ass character shines through again and he's a dense ass virgin alike one you might see in a japanese lightnovel with a reincarnation theme that's written by an author self inserting himself as the MC.

Also, breaking the 4th wall? Really? Yeah it can be funny, but this doesn't seem like the kind of story that should include this. Especially when all it really consists of is just the MC pointing out all the foreshadowing. Foreshadowing isn't necessarily meant to be obvious and in your face, I mean, come the f**k on author, try a little harder. This is your job, not a f**king story you wrote as a 12 year old while immersed in your fantasies.

The general plot relies on accidents from other people. Either god f**ked some sh*t up again and MC has to fix it, or... Actually wait, everything relies on god f**king some sh*t up. Time after time, everything happening around him is all due to god failing, and now it's all up to the MC. Spoiler ahead, but it's not too big of a deal considering how loose the story is anyway.

He's left behind because god f**ked up and somehow because MC is born with a powerful concealment ability, but really, god f**ked up. Then he's stuck on earth alone for 1000 years instead of 10, because god f**ked up. Then the monsters on earth are too strong, because guess what... God f**ked up. Then the traps don't work, because... God f**ked up. Then some dude wants to invade earth, and he's able to do so because... Yep, god and his angels f**ked up. God f**ks up > Hey MC fix this sh*t > Big reward > rinse repeat.


Oh yeah, and as an end note, 90% of the story is just f**king filler. We spend so much time in his workshop seeing him crafting items, but he'll always come back in a few chapters just to upgrade or replace it. <<less
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TheHawkk rated it
I’m Really a Superstar
October 10, 2017
Status: c558
Writing characters unreasonably really does not make for a very good story. Time and time again the antagonists are introduced, being some of the most irrational people with the most childish views and behaviors. But then again, our very MC behaves this exact same way. However, he's too much a f**king idiot to even realize what he's doing. Hell, somehow his goal is to be an international superstar, despite the fact that he is probably the most xenophobic person in existence. It seems like he truly hates each and every... more>> single country that isn't China. It irked me every time that foreigners were introduced, cause the author really had no idea how to portray their culture properly. People behaved in polar opposite ways than should be expected, and of course, this was PURELY done so that the author could justify Zhang Ye's blind hate of them.

For someone who's become famous due to no feat of his own, he really is one prideful, egotistical, boastful maniac. There's literally nothing for him to be proud of. Yet somehow, he still sees everything he plagiarised as his own accomplishment and goes around "scolding" other people for their bad works or the like. Zhang Ye could be an interesting character if the author intended him to be seen as this maniac who's lost his sense of reality. But trust me, he's not. It's not ironic, it's not on purpose, the author is just... Bad.

Not to mention that Zhang Ye is one of the biggest hypocrites in the universe. He criticizes other people for being shameful without even realizing that he himself is the most shameful, vile, despicable character in the whole story. Bad things are only OK when Zhang Ye do them. And honestly, how the f**k did the author think it was a good idea to make him seem like a retarded man-child who burps everytime he eats?... I mean damn, he's even a typical Xianxia MC who can't ever take an L, even when he is slightly or somewhat in the wrong. Nonono, he's a stupid moron with a warped sense of morals so he will never bow down, cause guess what? He doesn't ever think that what he did was wrong. For someone who has so many means available to him, surely he could resolve a situation differently than attacking someone and his bodyguards?

Then there's the godawful plot armor in the story. I mean Jesus Christ, just recently Zhang Ye was thinking that he needed to upgrade his Lucky Halo because his luck wasn't good enough. A few minutes later... He wins an upgraded Lucky Halo with a Lucky Wheel spin. It's just too convenient... Everytime. And damn, all the f**king luck stuff is retarded in the first place anyway. Why doesn't he just activate his lucky halo and lucky bread at the same time and then proceed to throw the dice? After he got the 5x difficulty reduction why didn't he throw another die? I don't f**king get it.

Also, I really can't see how it will work out with all of his abilities in the future. The dude knows waaaay too much for any singular human. Oh sh*t, you were bad at math all your life, but suddenly you just solved a mathematical conjecture? Great job dude that totally makes sense. Oh?... You were calculating everything instantly in your head while doing it as well? Yeah okay... We're not going to ask too many questions, I mean, we'll do a short dig but that'll be it, don't worry about it. LIKE HOW THE f**k? I don't wanna be seen as a conspiracy theorist but man governments would be abducting him for sh*t like that.

And then there's the fact that the story just isn't very interesting. It reads like one of many sh*tty Xianxia's where an arrogant antagonist who can't see Mount Tai (Urgh) just won't stop. And there'll be 9587 more iterations of this same antagonist, but slightly different, to come. Everything in the story is repeated constantly with a slightly different packaging to it.

The fact that I even read 558 chapters of this makes me want to kill myself. But hey, it's one of the first novels I ever started reading (And dropped), and the nostalgia of that was enough to make me constantly pick it up again, only to drop it 50 chapters later. It's been a long ride but I'm truly done this time.

Oh, and as a final point. You f**king dumb commenters almost made me want to kill myself while I was reading this novel. I even had to hide the comments through CSS to escape your delirious views. You're blindly defending everything Zhang Ye does even though it's clearly bad writing, bad character design, bad plot, bad f**king everything because this author's only skill is wish fulfillment. So you f**kers can sit and jerk off in your room all you want but f**king hell get the f**k away from me and never let me see you again. It's incredible how many of you dumb f**ks exist. This novel has a goddamn preposterous 4.1 rating! <<less
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TheHawkk rated it
I Alone Level-Up
May 19, 2019
Status: c166
The fights are just so dull and drawn out. Chapters and chapters of the most boring generic stuff you could imagine.

MC has no real character development and neither does anyone else in the story. Several love interests are introduced, but so far MC has done nothing to further his relationship with any of them. If the author has no interest in writing just a slight bit of romance, how about not introducing these characters as love interests and then doing nothing with them. It's both frustrating and just needless.

In this... more>> regard, the descriptions in the novel are painful and mind-numbing. Every single time anything happens in the world, expect to see endless paragraphs about people's reactions and descriptions of the scenery. Or if the MC says something, you can expect a paragraph or two explaining the thoughts or meaning behind what is he saying. It's as if the author thinks we are all little kids, incapable of understanding the grand meaning behind what the characters are saying. The reality of it is that it's all very obvious and not complex in the slightest.

The MC's skill or fighting strategy is also detrimental to the overall development of the story. He's basically a lone wolf, but that's really hard to write well, something the author clearly isn't capable of doing. The plot ends up becoming nothing but him solo grinding on and on, barely developing a friendship with anyone. It's mostly a badly written wish-fulfillment where you get to see the MC level up over and over, with nothing else of lasting impact happening.

It's a boring story and not much else. <<less
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TheHawkk rated it
Castle of Black Iron
August 6, 2017
Status: c1
The first chapter is a giant info dump. Couldn't even be bothered to read it. I don't understand authors that do this, they throw a bunch of information at you about a world you're not invested in yet. No-one will remember it.

Don't bother reading it, if the author doesn't even have enough common sense to not make his first chapter an info dump, then his writing skill is certainly subpar.
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TheHawkk rated it
Taming Master
January 26, 2018
Status: c65
Urgh, leveling novels. Disgusting.

There's nothing worse than an inexperienced author that sets an MC out on an adventure all by himself. The characters we meet along the way are nothing more than simple extras, passing by never to be met again. Except of course for the rare few, who we'll meet once in a rare while. Few characters get any sort of development at all in the story.

Personally, I love dialogue and character interaction the most. It's where I learn the most about the characters and their personalities are fleshed... more>> out. A loner, who's traveling with nothing more than dull animal companions is one of the most boring things there is. It makes the world feel unreal to me, and like there's none else living in it. Like everyone else is nothing more than an extra to this story and it makes for a very lifeless and static world.

It's really goddamn repetitive too. The MC just goes around from area to area spending his time leveling. Grinding grinding grinding. How could anyone possibly think that's a good story? Not to mention that this MMORPG is just unbalanced as hell.

I don't know man, it's hard for me to review this novel at all because it's just so unmemorable. It's chock full of tropes with little no writing ability at all. Nothing much happens at all except for questing and leveling. Yeah... It's just there's nothing interesting about this to make it stand out from all the other countless VR novels, and when you combine it with the carbon cutout self-insert MC + the glaring issues with the storytelling, it makes for a very forgettable read. <<less
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