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TheGreatSage rated it
Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife
April 28, 2019
Status: --
Warning: This is a from a person who is biased to the book.

This novel is what I have been waiting for! It is what I had imagined to happen in most novels I have been reading!

Most people would say that this is a story similar to the reincarnation romantic stories with female protagonists, swapped with a male protagonist, and it is. However, it is so much better for me, because this time it's the guy that actually has to do the hard work and suffer and do some slapping. Also,... more>> I find having a male protagonist in this kind of novel is better... the angst is painful, it makes me cry yet smile foolishly. (I smile because this is what I wished to have been reading most of the time.)

This is like the heartbreaking stories this time in the male point of view.

The chapter upload is slow, so I hope it picks up a pace hehehhehe

Thank you translator for translating and

Thank you author for writing this.

Give it a go guys!

... more>> <<less
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TheGreatSage rated it
True and False Young Master
January 26, 2019
Status: epilogue
My real star rating is only three, but I accidentally clicked four.

The story has a very yandere ML.

The most cold hearted based on the novels I have read so far.

This is definitely a case of Stockholm Syndrome

... more>>

One time the MC thought to herself and said how she feared his obsession and evil ways but becomes attached when he shows her some gentleness


Not mucj explanations really everything felt like it was solved for convenience.


Like how Song Die married Qin Yaotang's second brother, but it was never mentioned he had another second brother. MC was the only second brother mentioned. How the MC planned the robbery was not explained thoroughly. It was straight to the robbery scene and suddenly MC just states that she planned it awhile ago and everything to get away because he treats Die'er better. Though she only really saw that when she was in the carriage with them just right before the fake robbery.



There is also the last twist where the real owner of the body came back, because she got injured and made her vulnerable so when ML met her again the real owner of the body came back and tried to fight for the body. Obviously MC won and got married to ML saying she was full of grief and happiness. Definitely Stockholm Syndrome


A novel to pass time.

Definitely has r*pe so you should be prepared. <<less
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  • Actually, as the translator said for the first parts you would like this novel if you were new to this kind of genre. However, I've read many of these before and they got boring.
  • The genders are literally reversed.

    The ML is the one that gets pregnant and is pregnant at the start.

  • I would have liked it if it was just normal roles and Male MC because I like revenge and regret but for a male to feel it.
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TheGreatSage rated it
Chongfei Manual
July 21, 2018
Status: Completed
In my opinion, this story is very amazing and very heart warming, at the near end. The story is one of my favourites, because it is a reincarnation story and romance. It has quite a lot of cute and mushy parts, which most of it I like quite a lot. However, the author is quite ignorant of a person's consent.

The story progressed pretty well from the very start 'til the very end.

Wei Lou (MC/FL) is very cute, magnanimous and lovely. She loves taking care of her physical appearance. She... more>> is very protective of her loved ones. She has a lot of amazing and great qualities as a person.

Zhao Jie (ML) is quite domineering. He is a bit manipulative. However, he is also very pampering towards Wei Lou. He loves Wei Lou to bits! He gets jealous quite easily.


When Zhao Jie's and Wei Lou's son (Zhao Xi) was born, Wei Lou spent most of her attention to Zhao Xi, so Zhao Jie ate a lot of vinegar.


I love this novel!

Thank you author for writing this amazing novel!

Thank you translator for sharing this amazing novel!

(Fuyu Neko thank you!)

(Funghe Youyue thank you!) <<less
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