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The Little Red Child
The Little Red Child rated it
Love Me Again
July 10, 2017
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In a certain way, this novel, was very good. The characters were well developed and I loved how heart wrenching the scenes could be.

Only, from my perspective, I am unable to give this all my love. In the story, the MC held on to hatred for 10 years. Even after death, it lingered with her. She softened as she learnt that her father and her adoptive step mother and brother did care for her but, even in her new life, she was work focused, but was a little nicer to... more>> them.

It was amazing how the author incorporated the way that 10 years of unhappiness could not simply be washed off so easily. Only... What happens in her new life makes me incredibly upset. Yes, she has a new chance, yes she may have improved herself and her family, no matter how somewhat cruel the process may be and dragging her onto the 'right' path.

But, I absolutely hate that in fact, there is no resolution for her anger.

The ML chases her, they fall in love.
He is the clingiest and most cruel to her heart of the lot.
He does not understand. None of them do.
The MC tries to get away by working away her troubles. They drag her in... her rage, her pain were for NOTHING

The pain she felt doesn't technically 'exist'

No resolution for that time.

She hurts and it is never fixed.

Its good angst.

Just extremely upsetting and to me, a loose end.

I don't think I can finish it. I hope it gets tied up at some point in the story. <<less
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