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ThatOneJester rated it
The Hero Suddenly Proposed to Me, but… (LN)
April 14, 2018
Status: v1 ss1 part3
Up until CH2 of V1 I rather enjoyed what I was reading, you know?

However halfway through CH2 up until the end of SS1 which takes place just after chapter 23 my opinion plummeted rather low...

You see, if you read the Title, description, and the associated tags you have a story about a hero who go's above to norm to propose to some character with no real relation to the story.

... more>> It could have been wonderfully adorable and romantic.

Yet the actual story has nothing to do with Romance or Comedy?

You see that "Male Yandere" tag?

Yea, that's the entire novel in a nutshell.

Now that's it for my non spoiler-ish review alright?

The novel is written in such a way that I can't give really any info on why I hated it that would NOT be a spoiler...

If you read the continuation of my review it pretty much explains the entirety of up to CH23 in a shorter form.


The Male lead A.K.A the "Hero" is a yandere creep of a stalker who quite literally forces the marriage onto the Female lead.

Aria after hearing what she can about the "Hero" almost immediately go's to try and quit her job and leave the country, but is stopped by one of the "Heroes" party members as soon as she tells the Princess of her plans.

Which also irks me a bit by the way, EVERYONE is working together to get Aria to accept his proposal (Except maybe 1-2 people who are never heard in their rejections).

I mean he literally puts a device on her wrist in the form of a Marriage bracelet that not only ties their lives together (yea if one dies so does the other...), it also has a magnetic effect pulling them together.

The "Hero" seems to force anyone getting between his getting married to her with force.

Not to mention I saw one of the later volume covers showing Aria being held in the "Heroes" arms while smiling..... yeaaaaaa not likely.

Her only skill lets her view things in a realistic manner as well as be blunt with her opinions on things around her.

The only way that cover will be true is if she is brainwashed or he saved her life or something from let's say a demon out for revenge against the hero.

But even that would probably not happen since all the past stuff would be such a turn off for a relationship that any woman except one that is really into having other decide their every life function.

I have to say I wasn't expecting to be so creeped out by the "Heroes" many actions...

I won't rant anymore about the bad stuff I guess, but let me tell you there are at least 5-10 more things I want to post in this but am too tired to do so.....


My final judgement..?

1.2 stars and a wonder if the Goddess of that world has something against Lady in waiting A...

(That.2 is only there for Aria who's only skill added with her personality made me smile on occasion, but was not enough to raise it a star.)

If you love agressive guys when it comes to love, and women who are all about caving into pressure, this is the story for you!!! ;D <<less
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ThatOneJester rated it
Lv1 Skeleton
November 21, 2017
Status: c49
I have no where most of these people actually called quits to this novel, but most of the reviews re kinda lying. Except that one that just seemed like advertisement... Anyways, the title is indeed about a person reincarnating as a lv 1 skeleton. But sorry to say to those who hate it, he becomes OP-ish after maybe 20 chapters? Regardless it was a decent read for what is available, and I would recommend it to others. The characters are alright in the personality department (especially a dragon far later... more>> in the novel). The plot seems decent since for a large part of the available chapters he has to use his brain a bit to level up or solve issues. There is not a lot of character development, but in how the novel is written it didnt bother much. my only problem with the novel is there are a lot of characters he meets who are completely biased in a way that pisses me off, not listening to reason when it is in their face with actual proof. Great novel though. Try not to listen to such negative people in these reviews. If you just look at the actual ratings you will see those people are hating on a novel they probably skimmed through. 9/10 times you would rate this novel with 3-5 stars. <<less
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Decent novel with great characters and an interesting plot.

I can't go anymore into it if I wanted to, not that it would need more said.

It was picked up by J-Novel at some point which is an instant drop for me.

Not that they do bad work, but because I have no money for a subscription.

For those who can pay for things like that without it making them wonder if they will have dinner that day? Good for you.
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ThatOneJester rated it
Succubus-san’s Life in Another World
October 24, 2018
Status: c53
I feel like people are doing 1 of 3 things most of the time for this novel.

1. Reading the first couple chapters then downplaying it in votes (in some cases reviews).

2. Going into the novel seeing it is about a succubus without read what it is about or the tags.

... more>> 3. Being trolls who dont want this novel to succeed because they are homophobes.

In my opinion this novel is great. Of course not all people have the same tastes, so don't take my words as fact for everyone. This novel is about a male doujin artist being reincarnated into a female succubus from one of his works by a perverse god. It takes the route of him once being male, so he still likes women. It has an adorable and fluffy setting in some cases but is not devoid of all action. One review states her being a succubus affects nothing but being able to give others lewd dreams. This is false in every sense. As a succubus she needs life essence to live or she will soon become weaker until collapsing. Sorry for this first bit being a sort of rant. As for my main review? The story/plot flows in an alright fashion. The characters have some depth to them. The setting is interesting up until the chapter I am writing this review for. And finally the translator is not leaving many mistakes in grammar (although he/she is translating rather too slow for my tastes). All in all it is a fantastic read that I have 5 stars. <<less
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ThatOneJester rated it
Maid in Isekai ≪Fantasia≫
May 22, 2018
Status: c1
Where to start...

I added this novel to a not yet reading list around 1-2 months after the 1st chapter was translated.

Since then no other chapters were put up?

... more>> It seems that the TL just up and disappeared about 7 months ago.

Which is depressing since the novel looked interesting.

I read the prologue and 1st chapter that was translated after all this time to see if I was right and lo and behold it was VERY good.

The premise from what is shown gave the right information to suggest corrupt nobles, an in depth magic/alchemy system, and finally an MC who seems like to have a future decent personality.

Sadly that's all I get figure out from only these 2 chapters.

5/5 for good potential, so far likable characters, and being a rare golem novel.

(I just wish it was never dropped). <<less
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ThatOneJester rated it
A Wild Last Boss Appeared
March 26, 2017
Status: v0c7
Finally able to read some chapters! I quite like this novel, although it looks like it will be one of those novels that is updated maybe once a month. It has rather likable characters, and the plot is alright. So far the only thing that bugs me is the MC is another cheat, who just so happens to not care enough about entering a game world as his online character who is the opposite gender of him. Otherwise good job so far and I look forward to the future chapters.
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ThatOneJester rated it
Hakushaku Reijo ha Chito Tensei Mono
July 31, 2017
Status: v1c7
So I was only able to read 7 chapters in since Zenith Novels seems to have deleted their translation of the novel?

Regardless I wanted to be honest about what I felt about it. The novel wasn't bad, although I preferred her personality before she remembered her past life. The MC is honest and kind, while being an air head sometimes. I've yet to see what people meant by not caring about human life though? When the teachers ask her to reuse the magic she used, she was reluctant. Also without... more>> knowing who it was she ran in to save somebody on ch7?

Would love to read a bit more, and maybe I put too little effort in finding the rest of the chapters. Oh well, I liked the plot I saw, and the characters were neat.

Review over! <3 <<less
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ThatOneJester rated it
I’m OP, but I Began an Inn
March 22, 2017
Status: v5c3
This novel seems to take an easy going kind of approach to the reincarnation genre. After the first few chapters you dont see much action per say? I suppose it was a nice change of pace, so I didnt have much to complain about. But if you want to see monsters, fighting, or adventure you should look elsewhere.
This one only has a mex between fantasy, and everyday life.

I actaully rather enjoyed to be honest, but it seems to be an aquired taste if you read the reviews above...

So remember... more>> to read it yourself before just following the others opinions on this one. Who knows, you may just like it? <<less
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