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Teunayven rated it
Battle Through the Heavens
May 14, 2016
Status: --
The story is impressively fleshed out and entertaining. The novel is basically split into many different kind of arches. Fights, Alchemy, cultivating, and story. Each side is given its time and described in amazing details. I personally really enjoy the sheer amount of detail the author describes the alchemy in the story with. How the flame used to create pills is moved and controlled. As well as the varying steps in mixing medicine. It makes you feel the effort and difficulty people are having crafting their various medicines. A nice... more>> part of these arches as well is if you get bored of one of these parts you will not have to wait too long to get to another part. It leads to an extremely varied and interesting story with many aspects to enjoy and pay attention to.

I also enjoy the MC who is very complex and follows his own internal code of right and wrong. Watching him get vengeance on those who slight him make for some of the most amusing and bloodiest scenes you will ever get to read. The MC's connections and the burgeoning romances among many different characters is also interesting to see as circumstances brings the MC close to a variety of characters and type of people. All in all it is a very enjoyable read that I think anyone can enjoy. I would especially suggest reading this if you enjoy stories about underdogs and bullies getting their comeuppance. <<less
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Teunayven rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
November 4, 2016
Status: c51
This story is amusing as hell. One of my favorite MC's and I really like the authors mind set. The ideology of the author, that I gather, is that as long as you put your mind to something and work at it you can succeed. The MC shows this the most. All of his skill and power are attained not through talent, gifts, or luck. They are achieved through hard work and sheer force of will. There is also a slightly tragic tinge to the MC's mind set which makes... more>> him even more interesting to me personally. It is not uncommon to see MC's that have strong force of will to attain some goal they hold dear. It is a bit weird that this MC developed his iron will as a defense mechanism against insanity.

I have seen some complaints about the MC's personality, but it makes perfect sense to me why he the way he is. He has lived most of his life alone and as an outsider. Estranged from other people so much that others can barely recognize his presence. He desperately wants social connection but has absolutely no clue how to get it. It is not a contradiction that he doesn't reach out to the people or accept those who try to get close to him. Its his natural defense mechanism. It feels far safer to continue being on your own, especially when you have always been an outcast, because it is what you know. The pain of accepting the hand reached out to and finding out it is a joke or a lie hurts much worse than refusing that hand yourself.

I would also say that it is not that amazing for a loner to be really weirded out when you go from completely ignored to being good at something and everyone suddenly wants to be your friend. After that happens I would be more amazed if he did open up to them.

I really enjoy the authors weapons choices. He pulls from some fairly esoteric but amusing items to have the MC wield. The battle scenes are awesome as well. The detail and the viciousness of the fights is too much fun. The MC's fighting style is also pretty amusing and brutal. He goes for any vital area he can reach which often time means the eyes to try and get to the brain.

There are some complaints that the MC is too OP, but to me it is power he has made for himself. Everything he has was achieved through his hard work and effort. He even has a handicap that the rest of the people of earth aren't dealing with, but still has managed to prepare and focus his strength. He has managed to fight and kill stronger enemies more often thanks to his precise judgment rather than his overall strength. I think people see him as OP because he has so meticulously prepared for his fights. He constructs weapons and strategies to hinder his foes. He also observes their movements and abilities before striking at the most opportune time. Some call it cowardice, but the world has become law of the jungle the one who lives wins. There is no need for honor in battles where your opponents are desperately trying to take your and other peoples lives.

For the actual story there is definitely something happening underneath the surface. The MC is mostly desperately trying to get stronger just to survive in the crazy changing world while sh*t is going off the rails of God's plan. I love how the Author kind of inverts the MC is transported to a different world by having everyone BUT the MC transported to different worlds, lol. There are a lot of interesting subversion to expectations that I find really amusing in the authors style. The banter between the MC and others has an interesting silliness to it where they sometimes comment on foreshadowing of different things. I could understand how some might find that pretentious but I would suggest giving it a shot. The story is worth it and not like anything I've read before.

All in all, I strongly suggest giving the story a try. I realize that I am pretty predisposed to it since the Author seems to share my overall philosophy that humanity can do anything as long as we keep working at it. I also like the somewhat tragic aspects of the MC that are mixed in. This gives the MC an interesting depth I don't see often in other stories. <<less
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