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Tetsuki rated it
Child of Light
December 4, 2015
Status: --
really not up to the standard of the author.

Multiple changes of narrator. Selfproclaimed Hero... And the whole story is just like it's writen by a child.
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Tetsuki rated it
Legend of Ling Tian
September 16, 2017
Status: c22
This is one of the worst novels I have ever read.

It's like you are reading how the worst human scum is getting the most powerful person. He is so arrogant that he doesn't put anyone into his eyes. Like he is a god or something. And the author seems to support this scum. He even says things like "with me here how can you ever succeed..." He is like the one guy from "histories strongest senior brother" who was a reincarnation of some other guy. Anyone who read it knows... more>> who I mean. (I don't want to spoiler so I had to write it this way.)

Dropped!!! <<less
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Tetsuki rated it
Shadow Rogue
March 17, 2016
Status: --
2 Chapters where enough to know that this novel has so many logic errors that it's not even really readable...

He uses a skill that is described as having the effect of speeding up lvl x speed... He is lvl 0 and speed 2 and uses it... how did that make him faster?

Anyone gets random stats... at least that what is first writen in the first chapter... two senteces later it's because it's based on the real body. Than he gets unique skills because he has fulll points in 2 skills.... more>> It is set to be gotten if you have full points so how can only have the skill... and he can't be the first because as seen with so many already used names he isn't even close to be one of the first registered users...

And so the list goes one... It's like someone copied Shura's Warth but there at least there aren't so many logical errors... <<less
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Started out really good.

But later on she just wants to atone for her former sins and just can’t get over it. That get’s really tiring after a while. The biggest problem is that she has no other desire. And if she doesn’t have any desire than to atone where is it interesting for the reader?
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Tetsuki rated it
The Novel’s Extra
November 13, 2018
Status: c129

Oh and exuse me for my bad grammar.

I really don't get the negative reviews. This is basicly the best light/web novel I have read so far. No other novel had me so far imersed in it's world.

... more>> Unlike most other w/l-novels this one has a far more complex plot in itself. Different people have diferting and congruenting plots that cross and don't. Characters aren't just forgotten after one arc. People don't grow overpowered in 2 chapters.

Characters are understandable and one can imerse oneself into them.

The MC dosn't get everything without making hard decisions. So the MC must make decision that are not always good and he really is suffering because of them. <<less
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