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Shuumatsu is one of those novels that I new right away that I would like. From the first chapter (yes the first chapter), I new that there was going to be a detailed story about some unavoidable series events that lead to a tragic story with a bitter sweet taste throughout. I was right.

The main character Willem is the last human in existence. Due to some (acceptable) circumstances, he was frozen for 500 years. He's not OP, he is strong but definitely not OP. He can't even fight anymore, but... more>> that's okay because the story isn't about him fighting, it's about finding a place to belong to and accepting tragic events. His task isn't to fight, it's to give solace to those that do fight.

The main reason I read this was because of the Romance tag, and I was glad to read something that didn't scream Fantasy Harem. The romance is cute and believable. In a sense it isn't a strong force in the story, but it's there and greatly appreciated.

I don't really want to spoil it so I've talked as vaguely as possible, but I recommend you try it out for yourself. You'll know whether you like it or not after the first chapter or 2.

If you do read it, get ready for them feels! Because they are strong in this story.

PS: The novel is a million times better than the anime adaption, though the adaption wasn't terrible. <<less
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Tet rated it
Altina the Sword Princess
October 1, 2017
Status: v13c5
Altina the Sword Princess is a hidden gem.

In the light novel scene where transported into another world and reincarnation stories are the norm, we have a story that doesn't do either of those two. The world has similarities of things found in history, but creates it's own unique world to fit the narrative of the story.

Altina is a princess (a sword princess!! Lol) who wants to better her country. Regis is a soldier with a unique mind perfect for a strategist. They meet and an interesting story of the two... more>> reaching their goal begins!

What I really like about this novel are a couple of things.
    1. Romance (though very slow).
    1. The story is interesting and feels unique.
    1. Dialogue.
    1. Not action oriented, but includes sufficient fights.
    1. No harem (you get tired of these after a while).
Of course, every has different tastes so you may not like it as much. I still believe that this is a very well written story and by far one of by favorites. <<less
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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (WN)
September 16, 2017
Status: Completed
Shield Hero (Tate no Yuusha) is easily one of the greatest (if not the greatest) transported to another world fantasy stories out there.

The main character doesn't act like a crappy otaku who is living his dream in this fantasy world. This is all do to the events of the first couple of chapters that make him into a bit of a cynical and distrusting person. This is great because it is refreshing to have a main characters who isn't after every girl in the story.

The story is well made. Nothing... more>> too different, but still enough twists to make it enjoyable and unique. Four Heroes are summoned and have to fight off these waves of monsters, etc... We get great character development and a very satisfactory redemption of Naofumi and revenge towards those who did him wrong.

Is there romance? Yes there is, but it takes a very long time to develop. This is fine though because it doesn't come off as unnatural or sudden. Plus, they make a great couple.

There is an anime in the works, and frankly I can't wait for it. I've been slowly buying the light novels as they come out in my country, and I only buy something if I really like it. <<less
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