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Tenacle rated it
After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy
July 31, 2018
Status: --
The potential for an amazing novel is sky high. The concept is unique and I outright fell in love with it. Reading the first few pages I immediately thought that this would be one of my favorites. I was excited of how it'll all go. But, disappointment.

The main character feels like he's disconnected. His curiosity is all over the place. Conveniently to where the author would point the story to. He seems like he is suicidal. I mean, does he not care about his own? He makes no effort to... more>> clear misunderstandings and just goes with the flow. Even outright insinuating and reinforcing that his other half, his own, is an evil person. Is this the character's true personality? Or is this just the author forcing his own ideas? Bending the character's decisions and situations for convenience. It's infuriating. Unless the main character is a deviant from the start, that is not how one should react to things. I am sad. The potential ruined by forced story telling.

It was but a short while. But I loved this. I could've loved it more. Now I'm just left heartbroken : ( <<less
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Tenacle rated it
Grimgal of Ashes and Illusion
January 8, 2018
Status: v7
A lot of people drop this LN because it is too slow. Thought it is true that the progression is slow in the beginning of the series, I regard it as an important and necessary thing as this is where the author introduces the world of grimgar and the characters themselves. It deepens the reader's connection to the characters to the point that reader's could strongly feel every bit of development the characters experience.

As the world of grimgar is set and concepts solidified, the story begins progressing quite fast. And... more>> this goes in parallel with the characters too. Meaning that decisions, reactions, emotions and many more are carefully lived out and thought through that it doesn't leave any frustrations to the reader. The character development is well made that I would find myself in deep thought on what would happen in their future. HABITS and PERSONALITIES are carefully introduced and solidified in the first few volumes that in the latter ones, their decisions and reactions wouldn't need any explanations. In fact you would feel a deep bond with the characters for every twist and turn they go through. A smile would casually come to my face as the characters make decisions that needed courage, and a bit of an ache and tear when I know it affects them negatively.

Regarding their world, character strength and some hints of their future:


As it is already obvious they have traveled to another world. As the story progresses they eventually discover other ones. The charcters do not just stay in grimgar but in fact have traveled into other worlds as well (two worlds other than grimgar). Though they were forced into the other one (a world that would test their limits completely). Though this doesn't happen until the latter chapters, it is here when their skills are heightened completely and gives a whole new level of exitement (like how would their friends react, and OH BOI THIS IS IT) that is incomparable to common stories (OP already ir not so OP > time skip/cheat progression > super OP = not much anticipation or emotion/connection but a lot of hype instead). SNEAK LEVEL, DARKNESS ALL AROUND, DRAGONS, HARUHIRO'S FEELINGS, SHIHORUS POWER, I want to read more : (


This LN has been a good one for me. It's all serious and lovely. Every choice they make has drastic consequences and you could feel it because the story itself progresses from that. A slice of life you could say. It's curretly my favorite LN. I would recommend! <<less
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Tenacle rated it
<Infinite Dendrogram>
April 12, 2018
Status: v6
tldr; I like it, I'm reading vol6 right now!! But it feels like the author is controlling the MC rather than writing about the said MC. Inconsistencies with the MCs thinking and overemphasis on his character that would other wise be known already, it just makes it a bit stale. We know what should have been already known. You don't need to put words on the mouth of the MC.

It's a good novel but..

The main characters thoughts are too long. I wouldn't mind if it enforces an idea or fact,... more>> or if it adds depth to the story and helps with empathizing and imagining things but it doesn't. He goes into and explain every detail that readers should have gotten by now. He goes into a full circle and a half before concluding things and it gets frustrating because of this.

Also, because of the overwhelming attention to unneeded detail, it misses up on otherwise important ones. This also makes things inconsistent as the reader would conclude the MCs actions based on this, but will leave disappointment in the end as his actions go about otherwise.

The exaggeration and overemphasis on some detail drowns out the overall impact of the story. It makes me feel like I can't think for myself. I can't use my imagination because trying to conclude with the overemphasized information and detail would give me a different outcome. The MC is supposed to be this and that but fail to be one. What is he really? <<less
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