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I haven’t read many slice of life novels so I can’t compare this against any, but I can easily say that this series deserves a five out of five. It is a romantic comedy but don’t fool yourself into thinking that it focuses on this. In all honesty I would be fine if the main character ended up alone. (There is a whole shipping war that would disagree with me though.)

Each novel will deal with a single problem, “request” rather, and along with that the characters deal with each... more>> other and develop along the way. I, myself, don’t like a few characters but it isn’t for their lack of detail or depth; it is simply my own personality and opinions not finding them enjoyable. I am sure that if you read it you might find a character that you don’t like, but even if that happened you would probably still enjoy the series like I did. The main character, Hikigaya Hachiman, is about as cynical as it can get. He thinks poorly of life in general and because of this, his narrative is quite funny and enjoyable. It is a first person narrative so you are getting his thoughts on everything. A typically simple dialogue might end up being really long because of his intermitting thoughts. Because of that I would recommend giving one novel a shot to see what it’s like. If you like it then you will like the rest; if you don’t like it then just give up because it is more of the same and the only thing that changes is that the story picks up in the second half and the author gets better at writing. His character is most certainly developed but it will still be more of the same so it’s quite critical that you like the him.

Before reading this I watched the anime adaption but it skipped a lot of details and thoughts. If you watched the anime and found that his thoughts were annoying then obviously this wouldn’t be for you. If you found them to be enjoyable then you would definitely like reading this. Except you might find it tedious rereading all of it. The first six novels definitely have character and story development but it is no where near the developments that start with volume 7. I would say that the first six volumes are definitely worth reading but if you watched the anime I don’t think you would be missing out on too much so you would be perfectly fine starting from volume six. Better to start on five though so that you can get used to reading it rather than watching it because the mediums are quite different and some events and exchanges actually require a bit of comprehension on your part. Most novels hand their content on silver platter for you but this one won’t be as explicit as most are. <<less
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