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Taoist Ty
Taoist Ty rated it
Legend of Ling Tian
November 18, 2017
Status: c77
World-Building: 3/5

Main-Character: 2/5

Side-Characters: 1/5

... more>> General Plot: 4/5

Comedy: 4/5

Writing: 5/5

TL;DR: Dropped as of Ch 77, this novel has great writing and is quite funny but suffers from 2D side characters that only exist to worship the MC. This novel also suffers from an MC that never has any real challenge and is pretty much a perfect god at everything.

This story started off extremely good. Here we have your typical reincarnation into another world and although at first this story seems to be your generic copy-cat; it surprisingly stands well on it's own. I've dropped this story at chapter 77 for biased reasons which has to do with the writing of the side characters.

The author's world-building was done quite well, he doesn't try to introduce to much at once while he also doesn't slowly wait to introduce the world as the MC progresses.

The MC Ling Tian is a bit off-putting for me. He's virtually perfect at everything, he's a supreme being that rarely faces any real trouble as nothing ever surprises him. Instead of feeling like a real character he feels more like the author of the story as he bends all things and people to his will.

The main reason for me dropping this story is the side characters that are not only 2D but also suffer from Hero Worship Syndrome. Although some of them may have cool introductions, great fighting skills and tragic backstories; they all inevitably turn into mindless drones that do nothing but worship the MC, love the MC, live for the MC and die for the MC. When I come across a story that has this element, it's almost an instant drop for me. If anything, the relationship between MC and side characters reminds me of the relationship between Griffith (Berserk) and the rest of the Band of the Hawk.


MC meets Bobby

Bobby tells MC tragic backstory

MC thinks of some reason to recruit Bobby.

MC gives Bobby some bread.

Bobby changes his name to MC Bobby and begins to fervently worship the MC as his all mighty savior.

The plot was done well. Not much to be said here without spoiling anything; basically the author sets out to tell a story and I would say that he accomplished this.

The comedy was very good, it had me laughing about twice the usual amount compared to the average novels on this website.

The writing itself was the strongest point of this novel. The author is extremely detailed and has real skill at building tension, choice of words and especially writing a more mature feeling Xuanhuan.

Overall, I would recommend that you give this novel a shot. I really was enjoying it at first but I sadly found myself lose interest after seeing how the MC basically had no challenge and because of how plain the side characters are. <<less
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Taoist Ty
Taoist Ty rated it
Peerless Battle Spirit
August 28, 2018
Status: c807

It does well what other stories do badly, and does badly what other stories do well.

With that said, if you get ticked off easily by annoying characters or annoying situations repeatedly happening, this story will make your blood boil.

The author is a master at writing irritating scenes. Example contained in the spoiler.

... more>>

The MC on numerous occasions will need to go through a tribulation of lightning in order to reach the next realm of cultivation, however every time the MC is about to finally break through, some idiot shows up and ruins his tribulation and attempts to cripple him... EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Also one of the characters introduced early on named Princess Miao Miao is extremely annoying and exists for no other reason then to tick off readers and cause trouble for the MC.

Or how about useless canon fodder characters constantly escaping death so they can annoy the reader at a later date? Plenty of em.


With all that said, the story isn't too bad and has its good points. <<less
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