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Tanah rated it
I Shall Seal the Heavens
January 24, 2016
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2/5 stars based on 1st and 2nd books, if it only 1st book then its 1/5 star.

Like others said, it have a slow start and very boring. It takes me 2 month to just pass 1st book (i am curious since many people rec this so I torture myself to finish the 1st book, maybe I am a M).

i will list whats good and bad in this WN.

... more>> The good :

1. MC have a good character development,

2. Story is pretty good if you past 1st book.

3. Smart MC and not a bloodthirsty. Its nice to see MC that not always pick a fight with others.

4. Have a good World Building.

5. There is crafting/alchemy (Book 2).

6. Humour is pretty good but not a comedy gold.

7. Traditional Xianxia that all about dao.

The Bad :

1. Very slow start without anything that could pique my curiosity too keep reading. (ZTJ have a very slow start but still interesting to read).

2. The story is all about dao so it can be boring especially the 1st book.

3. The romance is Sh*t, there is no development with the main heroine. Heck, there is more interaction with other girls than the main heroine.

4. Lack development for side character (they dont struggle like MC, some of them suddenly become important)

5. Lack interaction with other character, it can be said that is a solo adventure of MC.

6. MC become strong just using pill and treasure without training.

i dont recommend this for newcomer in xianxia, its better to read TDG or CD first before this.

i also dont recommend it for anyone that expect a good romance since the author is halfhearted to develop it. Its better to have no romance like DE. It’s a shame that I cann’t enjoy this WN, good luck to anyone that reading this WN for the first time. Maybe you can pass the 1st book and get a great story like other 5/5 stars people said. <<less
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