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It is a good novel (as far I can see for now). This is a bit different than your average jp novels that you can find in this website.

This isn't about a OP protagonist who lives a happy life with his harem. Rather, it's about a [Broken] character in this new world. In fact, this is basically the novel's main selling point.

The summary describes him well in this regard:

A young man who lost everything five hundred years ago, the last living human awakened from a long, icy slumber.

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The story might flare up your emotions as you progress your reading, with how bleak and depressing it can be. I don't think it's at the level of some tragic masterpieces, but it is more darker than your average japanese fantasy novels


There isn't any [mecha], so that might be a turn off for some people who likes it or must have it along with their sci-fi. Other than that, you should try giving this a read. <<less
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