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Sylvia rated it
Against the Gods
December 30, 2015
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Amazing series~~~

It doesn’t rush off straight to action or cultivation instead it starts with building relationship between characters and very enjoyable story development which is unique for this types of genre. I’ll put a little bit of summary in spoiler box not all content just one scenario of 1st 20 chapters better avoid it if you’re already convinced.

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I skipped prologue here, It starts with MC waking up in another body of a crippled boy that is about to get married to no.1 beauty of city the same day he reborn due to promise between parents. We get to see how he keeps himself calm even when people mock him for him being a cripple in profound strength. His wife does not look down on him. She is very intelligent and treats him well. He was a genius doctor in his previous life so he helps her with fixing problem in her body from then just as their relationship starts to develop there is a trouble coming to city.

To be continued...

Dialogues between characters are written very well, Female leads are also clever & have adorable personalities. I really love how romance is done in this series.

Male lead is very humorous in teasing girls, sweet words and with insults to his enemy a smooth type. Action in this series is also very intense and spectators reactions are always priceless. He is selfless for his loved ones, strong willed, elegant (dignified) and ruthless to his enemies. Each arc has extremely good plotting and it also keeps getting better.

Best would be to see it for yourself, Male lead also solves problems in cunning way like through talking, manipulating enemies, conman and with strength etc. It has everything that I need in my novel romance, action, tear-jerker, epic story, great characters, adventure, comedy etc

I highly recommended it you should start it now!!!

I also agree with @Azurestone female leads all have separate arcs of nice character development with polygamy being normal in that era with no ntr, no love triangles just pure love and author had done a good job with all sweet romantic mature drama which you don’t get to see in harem novels. <<less
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