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Syila239 rated it
Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor
March 18, 2018
Status: c735
Its a good story. Less detour/filler/nonsense chapters and very straight forward. Can't wait to see what will happen when the continent will be invaded and how she will change the course of her life.

I wonder how will the silver wolf win her heart since she definitely not warm towards the real him. Go for it author!!! Your story is awesome ~♡
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Syila239 rated it
Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man
February 16, 2018
Status: c1443
This novel is superb! Its a female protagonist tag kind of novel and the protagonist is totally awesome. Not too OP and still defeated/in crisis at times. Although she had to hide her identity due to chain of events (mostly caused by her father), she still proves that despite being a woman, she can still stand equal/above man.

Just finish chapter 1443 last night and I wonder if there is continuation to the story cause the novel (raw version) has not been updated for almost a year I guess. Was it... more>> because it is already license? I hope someone can clarify this point. Totally recomended to those who likes to read strong female protagonist tag novel (im not into the cute and weak type female protagonist novel) <<less
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Syila239 rated it
The People Who’re Supposed To Kill Me Fell For Me Instead
April 15, 2018
Status: Completed
Aww.... as a cat lover. I super love the story due to all the fluffs as well as yaoi in it.

Too sad that this story only have 4 arcs. I could totally go for 20+ arcs more ;)

The mc's worldview collapsed and went bent - just cool and follow the flow and the ML was totally "sticky" and cute.

Lastly, damn all sort of crabs and crabby patties in this world. All because of you.... wuwuwu. You hateful crabs. Don't let me find you or i'll boil and roast you... more>> to death. Whoever lead you into existance in light novels causing trouble to both authors and readers should burn in 18th level of hell. <<less
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One word - Beautiful

Recommended to other readers to read the mtl version of the full story. Totally worth it. If you used chrome app, it can auto translate to english (enable always translate this language to english).

I was looking for "quick wear" novels because there are many completed arcs written in short chapters. I was really glad to find this novel. The background story between the MC and ML (as well as system) was also good compared to other quick wear novels. Thumbs up to the author. Love you and... more>> your work so much. Really, thank you for writing this novel 😄 <<less
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Beloved Little Treasure
April 7, 2018
Status: c211
10/10 stars. Omg! Same reaction with rarestprogam. Do not be fooled with the low rating. I also almost dropped this novel.

The story is super fluffy and at the same time super frustrating due to mc's natural stupidity thus causing her to have low self-esteem AND ml's pride who refused to just f****** admit his feeling which had caused all misunderstandings and miseries. Still, I can't help but fall in love with this novel and wanting to read more and see the end of their love story of "DOVE".

At the same... more>> time. I really pity Yuan ting du. I hope he also can have his own happily ever after by meeting his other half in the future.

Love this novel so much. Lots of love for the authors for creating this lovely novel. Recommended for others to read it. Plus, it has also been completely translated so you don't have to torture yourselves reading raw translated version. <<less
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