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Syash rated it
Poison Genius Consort
December 21, 2017
Status: c389
There are several things you must kept in mind when reading PGC:

    • Don't self-insert.
    • Don't expect anything from the male lead. (It really baffles me that somebody didn't see her indepndence in resolving all of her own troubles.)
    • Don't expect OPness that overturns the heavens, okay. Authority is there for a reason, not because the more powerful pity them. This world's hirearchy is not based on strength, it's political.
    • Don't expect Han Yunxi to just start killing people left and right to solve problem, how fcking ridiculous. She's not those barbaric characters. She actually reflect modernistic values without the author putting it into narration.
    • Don't expect a fast plot ride. This story is a slow-reacting poison.
    • It has been pointed out that the annoying bxtches stays throughout the whole story but knows that that is entirely wrong. The story turns into political intrigue WITHOUT bxtches by the time all kind of courtyard's matters warped up. And that's when sh*t got real yo.
    • Expect nothing from the ML, so when the ice melts, you will be in joy of spring just like Han Yunxi.
To elaborate on the romance relationship; essentially, it's not much different from the other stories. ML seems to fell in love and be possessive without a reason. FL is the same; her infatuation seems to came out of nowhere, or maybe from very vain reason. But they are both sensible human being that prioritize survival of oneself and know their responsibility, and they are proper adults able to get sh*t done first rather than swoooon swoooon then just destroy everything with a mighty force and whatever. THAT'S why the development is slow, also excruiating initially. Because they both actually show characteristics of proper human being with their own personality, depth, and values.

Oh and this story leans toward political intrigue more than just series of bxtchslapping bxtch events/revengeeeeeeeee for all the villain has done to this bodyyyyy/bxtches swarming to the ML and make trouble for FL. Oh no, it is not that kind of stories. Trust me.

So PGC is really not an exciting fast read, you must let the poison dwell in your blood first.
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Syash rated it
Gentle Beast
May 9, 2018
Status: c77
If you want to read it, note the tags. Be warned. The tags happen to the protagonist after she matured, which she allowed completely. There is a heavy emphasis on how different beastmen's (non-existent) morality bar with humans' are, which makes the story both realistic and uncomfortable if you can't take your mind off that. So, to read this, you need to overlook a lot of things and never view the male protagonist as a human. He's a beast down to his core (I mean he's a beastmen too so).

However,... more>> this actually shows the good and solid (although scarce) worldbuilding in the story. The author never tries to make the male protag less cruel or humanize him, just because he fall in love with a human. Ten points for that.

Even though she knew that, our protagonist... has... um... a really big heart to be able to love and accept the male protagonist. Yep. Love makes you blind alright. This paragraph will makes sense if you know the things the ML did.

If you can't handle what the tag said, then go, go far away! If not, you're gonna regret reading this.

Now, if you are bored and want to read some 'romance' and male yandere action? Sure, read this. I mean I stayed for the yandere lol

Edit: If you liked Chongfei Manual and still reading in joy to this point, cheering Wei Luo and Zhao Jie wholeheartedly, then this novel will just be right for you. <<less
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Syash rated it
The Lazy King
October 8, 2017
Status: c16
One great thing about all of the character is how inhumane they are because they're literally demons. Of course they're inhumane. This made most characters unrelatable and straight unlikable at times, but why on earth should you try to relate yoursel to a literal demon? Why would you expect a human's morality, affection, and kindness, from a demon?

This is a great return to the original 'concept' of a demon: full of sins and a literal incarnation of evil. This isn't a story where you should relate to any character.

The unclocusive... more>> and loose ending, very much, fit the MC of this book: sloth.

So really, even if it's praised as amazing or a masterpiece, you should not expect what you'll usually get in works that's also praised as a masterpiece. <<less
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Syash rated it
A Slight Smile is Very Charming
April 5, 2018
Status: shan side story 5
I have re-read this for about three times and this review is written long after my third read.

This novel only has one goal: Romance. They accomplished it beautifully. You'll... well, at least I was giggling like a schoolgirl--no wait a minute I'm a schoolgirl

Eh, anyway, this is a very sweet and lighthearted read to heal your dark, somber, and depressed soul. When it's over, prepare yourself to cry, because you and I both won't ever find a guy like this novel's male lead nor a girl like this novel's female... more>> lead (and protagonist). <<less
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Syash rated it
Hidden Marriage
September 28, 2017
Status: c451
I guess the story goes rolling downhill faster than anything fast when ... more>>

MC and the ML didn't live together anymore


You'll read there's minimal encounter on b****y people from earlier review, but sadly, after 200 (?) chapter or less, there's like a batallion of brainless b****es. Main attraction and one thing that get me to read despite the terribly terrible plot was the two Bun, sadly, their appearance decreased, the interaction aren't as fun as in the past chapters...... though I still love the characters. The author just made the story more serious and it became uterly ludicrous.

If you want to read, the first two-three hundred are a really light-hearted and entertaining read. <<less
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