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Suzaku67 rated it
Hail the King
October 9, 2017
Status: c50
I read through about 50 chapters, the beginning made the story seem like it'd have a lot of potential. Though that all went downhill very quickly in the next dozen or so chapters. The story has a means of cultivating, but the MC side steps the entire thing. I felt like the story was dragged out and eventually utterly boring!!! He magically appears in this game i've never played (diablo 2?) and just grinds his levels up to be strong. Then fights in reality with tons of actual practitioners. High... more>> rating don't mean things are going to be good, this is a classic example of it.

Tl;dr - Grind, Fight, grind, fight, grind fightgqlrfbrlflbfwbrflblfqbllbflbjqbjklfbjk <<less
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Suzaku67 rated it
Pivot of the Sky
October 4, 2017
Status: c82
After reading all available chapter I feel this will easily become a masterpiece. The main character is fantastic, his personality is very human and commonly unpredictable. He seeks out relationships with people, is caring of his friends, and most importantly you feel like he is important. At the very beginning he is a very weak character, his progress is slow but he gets stronger step by step. He isn't totally irrelevant with other protecting him, or OP as hell... you feel he's a genius but reasonably. He will avoid killing... more>> those who are weaker than him, believing that sparing them will not come back to bite him. However, if sh*t hits the fan he will be ruthless and slaughter his way to survive. Its relatable, being benevolent when you can afford to but not sparing a soul when in dire straights.

The story and cultivation is much more will done than most novels. The entire story isn't cultivation this and that, the world is a mix of normal people, mages, warriors, elite practitioners, and deities. Elites I mean warriors and mages who reached the peak of there style, towering above others. The story is places in the Egypt area of earth with slightly altered names and tons of references to history. I feel like it flows so very well with the story, even the plot its just PERFECT. The first 5 or so chapter were pretty boring imo, a slow start but as soon as it begins to roll you find yourself quickly interested and very invested. <<less
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Suzaku67 rated it
Wu Dong Qian Kun
August 23, 2017
Status: c843
This is not the best CN i've ever read, but I cant say I didn't enjoy it a ton. If the story had any flaw it would be the long bottomless process of the cultivation system. Heres a basic outline of the progression, and thats excluding half-steps, peak stage, quasi, and other description of the not exactly a certain level. If I dislike anything the most it would probably be this.

Tempered Body (1-9) -> Earthly Yin (early, middle, late) -> Heavenly Yang (early, middle, late) -> Dan Stage (initial, Advanced,... more>> Perfect) -> Creation (Formtation, Qi, Manifestation) * -> Nirvana (1-9) -> Life (initial, Advanced, Perfect) -> Death (initial, Advanced, Perfect) -> Samasara (?) -> Reincarnation (1-?)
*Creation Stage is 3 stages in 1, all have an initial an advanced for each for a total of 6

The MC does fight people well above his cultivation throughout the story, thats pretty much his thing. Although I do enjoy sometimes where he just cant accomplish it. For example, the gap between the creation stages and nirvana is massive and impossible to overcome. Even his strongest martial art could only manage to push a nirvana stage back, not even accomplishing to injure him. However he does rely on martial arts commonly to overcome those who are stronger, which turns into a hype fest.

The plot of the story doesn't exist for quite a long time, well rather the major plot of the story. The initial plot is revenge, the person who crippled his father and ruined his life. MC trains to one day be a match for him and ofc kill him. Through the process learns of things which will eventually shape into the real plot. I cant say the beginning is bad, you don't see a real direction is all. Reminds of Coiling Dragon where he just wants to become stronger but has no real set goal later on in the story. Still the first few 100 chapters have to do with his family before he journey's on his own so their is progression just not alot. After the 500 mark you see the story taking alot of shape, by now at like 800s you have a pretty clear idea of where the plot is going. Not predictable but, you at-least aren't in the dark anymore. This novel is a huge investment before you really get to the binge worthy parts, imo.

Heres a few spoilers: I tried to be very soft on the in my review only touching on stuff with no explanations.


The MC does have a few love interest characters in the story, however he does not have a partner as of chapter 843. I'd say there are 2 girls who are likely to fill the roll but, you never know.



The MC does have a few allies that remain and train with him. Although there is a singular MC, his companions stay relevant.



There is a cliche progression, of stronger and stronger like DBZ. If you can bare it, give it a go


I may have come off negative in my review but I do enjoy the story. One has to be honest though, its not that great however is does kill the boredom. After 800+ chapters how could I not be a little biased if I just praised it yknow <<less
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Suzaku67 rated it
June 1, 2018
Status: c27
Interesting novel so far, I feel like it has a lot of potential. Please note I'm a dude who is reading this while that may not seem to matter, it is josie after all. The story does have a fair but of s*x which I wasn't really into however the character development along with the plot kept it interesting.

The story goes, A girl named Lucia who is raised a commoner has a great dream depicting her future. It will be a hard life with little joy and much betrayal and... more>> sadness. She lives an entire life in her dream predicting everything that would happen and living it. Her life follows the dream, using what she has learned she makes changes in preparation of diverging her life for the better. In her dream she becomes recognized as a princess and lives a lonely secluded life until she is sold at 19 years old, upon a new king rising to power. In light of that event, a damning event which would set her on a crash course for her most hated future she diverges. At 18 she has prepared and approaches a man of high prestige and nobility, offering herself in marriage. This man, a duke is tempted by her odd personality which seems mature, cute but with a very obvious desperation which he cannot figure out. <<less
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Good translation, bad novel.

The story is bland, theres a feeling of no real development. They make everyone else incredibly weak from the start which gives you a feeling of zero threat. Obviously I don't expect the MC to die, but have you ever heard of set backs? Idk maybe I've been reading to many Chinese novels were theres actually people much stronger than the MC, and he gets his ass kicked. He then gets stronger and learns from his past losses. This novel? Start at he very top, and just... more>> invent a higher peak. I feel the last of development early on is just due the laziness of the author being unable to have everything fully though out before he began writing. <<less
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Suzaku67 rated it
Dragon Maken War
September 2, 2017
Status: c100
If I had to describe this novel, not gonna lie kinda cliche but also really refreshing. The MC is very OP, or at least he was before the story began. Azell (our main character) was an orphaned soldier during a great war against the Demon Dragons 220 years ago. Later in the war after studying under 5 masters and after fighting for years became strong enough to challenge the King of the Demon Dragons, becoming victorious after a great duel. However, upon victory he was afflicted with a curse that... more>> would rob him of his vitality, in a short few years killing him. His Best Friend Carlos, a fellow solider and genius magician thought up a scheme for him to survive. He will undergo a deep hibernation like a dragon, focusing everything on driving out the curse. 220 years and Azell awakens from his slumber to find his body in a deplorable state. His original cultivation his basically collapsed and he has none of his previous magic! His muscular power body? hell he looks as if he been starved to the point of other questioning how he could still be alive!

2nd paragraph has a little spoiler in it but, not to much!


Now our former MC who is known as a great hero in the history books must now restore himself to full power. The world is different from before, all of his friends and family have perished long ago. Much knowledge of past has vanished while new knowledge floats around that his been discovered. Many old secrets, important secrets have long since become extinct from the world. Follow Azell with memories of his past, reflect the present as the threat of the Demon Dragon King has no disappeared and plans to make his own return! The supporters of Co-existance and freedom and the Demon Dragons Kings oppressive rule are still fighting in the shadows even now. The war may have ended, but the world is far from peace...



Honestly its a great story of swords and magic, refreshingly non harem with a MC who fights for justice. He doesn't fight the Demon Dragons, he fights the ones that follow the King from the past. Many rejected the king's ideals, and support co-existing with humans. For the record, Demon Dragons look very similar to humans except a few distinguishing features such as horns and gems on the hands. Some of the MC's allies are Demon Dragons and half-human Demon Dragons, I quite like how the race as a whole are not the enemy but rather most of them. Its refreshing because some humans support the Demon Dragon king as well, it much more realistic that way.

IMO its not the best thing you'll ever read. But it won't be the worse, hell it'll be above average at the very least. If you need a refresh from all those sh*tty harem novels then there ya go. Also this story is supposed to have a singular Love interest and although I got guess I don't really know yet. Though I look forward to finding out! <<less
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Suzaku67 rated it
Rakuin no Monshou
October 21, 2017
Status: v2
I read though about 2 volumes, it was fairly boring if you ask me. It wasn't excitable at all until the very end when the MC had his duel with with the rebel knight. I don't mind a slow pace series but I didn't see it going anywhere after reading the whole first two volumes. If in 2 books the series can't grab me and make me want to know more than why wouldn't I drop it? Look maybe I'm wrong and the series got better from there I don't... more>> know. However I'm certainly not going to find out.

  • Slow pacing
  • Setting and political drama was interesting
  • the MC and his "purpose" as a prince look-alike seemed to be really bad plot point
  • Even after 2 volumes I felt bored with the little progress of the novel
  • Characters weren't very relatable imo
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Shen Yin Wang Zuo
June 22, 2017
Status: c484
This is a story of!

  • a knight who cannot decide between defense and offense
  • a yandere assassin
  • a summoner who's summoning is literally roulette
  • a priest who cannot heal
  • a Mage who can't attack
  • a warrior who's main weapon is an over sized shield
The main character is born into a world of strife and danger, the majority leader f the lands have long since been captured by the demons. Only the temple alliance stands between them, the humans, and the demon onslaught. The demons aren't mindless however, many are just as clever as humans if not... more>> more so. Cultivation is difficult for humans, it requires a lot to of effort, talent, and opportunities. Demons on the other hand are born with power and only must mature to enhance their prowess.

The cultivation is fairly simple, Steps 1-9 and each step has ranks in between. You end up with what seems to be 99 or so "levels" of cultivation. Although being on the same step puts people roughly even as their is no inheritance difference other than reserves of power. Overcoming between steps is difficult without superior equipment or tactics.



The story follows Long Haochen the proclaimed Scoin of Light, a person with immense natural talent and a character of purity. He stumbles into a world of fighting and bloodshed and works diligently for his father's acceptance. Growing up his father trains him very hard, brutally even. Long Haochen progresses and soon enough to begins his journey on his own. By the age of 14 he enters a completion to be placed in a demon hunt squad, a honor and privilege ment for the best of the generation. Progressing through he qualifies and meets the love of his life, of which comes from similar circumstances. His squad of misfits, enters the true world of combat against demon kind. Learning the secrets of the world, the source of the demons and humanities dark past. Also training to be the strongest, to protect those of his family, squad and all of f humanity.

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Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
November 18, 2017
Status: Completed
Amazing series, my absolute favorite. I saw someone posting 'new' chapters, so I comment. This is already a completed series done by bakatsuki, it was later licensed so... bakatsuki took the translation down. I'm not sure if the person posting these is simply hosting or retranslating the series. Either way, it is fully translated and you could probably find a download somewhere online.

Again, amazing series! 11/10
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