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First off, ignore the edgelords saying that it is bad because he's "spineless". The MC is not spineless, he's just not a psychopath, he sticks to his convitions even though there is an easy way out, because it goes against what he is actively seeking out.

The pacing is great, it does not rush through things and nothing drags on for more than is needed. Although there are problems with the translation's in a few areas it is still well within my ability to tolerate (I am a grammar nazi). The... more>> setting is interesting and the premise is, while not original uncommon so it should be a fairly new concept to most.
The chapters are kind of short at times. That can be considered a downside to some, I personally don't mind it but it is deceptively short.
I love the characters as well.

The fact that the author got me to care about 5 characters that have no lines outside of noises should tell you how good this series is.

I read this in one day. A single sitting marathon of 103 chapters. So everything is fresh in my head as I type this review.

Now back on topic.
The MC was born from an egg as a dragon, and fights to evolve. And as any being with human intellect would in the situation of being totally alone while in a strange world that they don't recognize as a strange creature he naturally started to feel lonely.
This is one of rhe MC's character flaws (and for the people who don't know; a character flaw is usually a trait of a character that makes them either do something dumb or grounds them and makes them more relatable. In the case of this MC it is both.)
He ends up messing up because of this and it comes back to bite him in the ass.
This is how you write a character. When they mess up, they should be punished for it.
Unlike a lot of the novels here. It is also not suposed to come out of nowhere it needs buildup and resolution.

This is ho estly a great series and I recommend everyone who enjoys lighthearted adventure with a dark undertone to read this. Although, if you're into grand adventure and not the smaller scale adventure then I'm going to make sure to tell you that this is not some massive adventure. Although that could change since it has some good pacing.

Well my thoughts got a bit jumbled up but whatever. <<less
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SuperAnimeGOD rated it
Sword Art Online
December 11, 2016
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I came back here just to review this disgrace. While I thankful it kicked of a bit of a craze in the genre, it disgusts me that so many people actually give this sloppy mess anything above 2 stars.

All it has going for it is: the promise that anyone can die at any time, this was established early on and as the story "progressed" it was made very clear that no one even remotely relevant was going to die. So the only thing that made this worh reading was pointless.... more>> Then there's the characters. Kirito is not a character. He has less personality than a freshly drawn stick figure. The only time he had any sort of character was when he was interacting romantically with asuna, and even that was soon scrapped for some reason. Asuna was the only good character and then she was tossed aside. No, seriously aside from her no other character had any personality.

This may seems barebones, but that just means that SAO is so bad that it can be reviewed with a couple of blanket statements.

And no, a few interesting point or a small but of "character development" is not enough to boost it up and ignore its flaws, it is made of flaws. It is a hole of stupidity that can only be called a story because it has strings attached to either end of said hole. A story that cannot even hold on to its premise has no point in being read.

One thing to note about this review is: I have only gone in on the Aincrad arc because there seems to be a misconseption that this trash was actually good at some point. <<less
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Pacing is great. At this point in the series everything is still being fully set up. Hoever, the world is interesting and mysterious. The MC is actually really cool despite being a timid person. It also goes into surprising detail about modern Japanese culture, as a way to explain the MC's personality. And yes he's op af.

It is one of those stories that you'd want at least 50 chapters to marathon. It lwaves you wanting more.
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The story's concept is good, the translation however is awful. A combination of poor word choice and bad grammar make it a chore to read and the strange inclusion of manga pages between scenes is jarring at best.

Honestly if it were not for having found out that this is an actual person translating I would have assumed it was a machine translation from the horrid quality.

It's not a series worth going through the nonsense the translator has thrown in, so I am giving it 1 star.
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This series has left me in tears with how funny it is.

Edit: Up until the point where a 3rd person/group picked it up, it was amazing. Now you've got to deal with awful english that is barely coherent and someone who is just learning the language would be able to laugh at how mediocre it is.
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