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The Big Landlord
August 29, 2017
Status: --
the host of the body that the uke happened to transmigrate into might be fat but that doesn't mean that the uke is going to stay fat forever.

overall the story is hilarious
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I'll keep this short. The story is nicely translated. Like other good novels, it does give you that exciting feeling whenever the bad guys go down. The opening of the story is okay. It's different from the others, but also have its similarities with other stories. However it have its own twists and sparkles. I really don't think it deserves all of its one star It's too good for that. (However the story doesn't deserve a 5 stars until it's finish, but I'll give a 5 for now to give... more>> some people more encouragement to read this.) <<less
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Love You 59 Seconds
August 15, 2017
Status: Completed
I want more !!!!!!!!

....I have to say that this novel really did got me addicted to game once more. (Curse it for that but I had fun so... meh..)

It's a really good yaoi novel with great translation. (Clap Clap)

... more>> To keep it short : it is a very good light hearted yaoi with no big major plot.. (in my opinion) but still it's a good novel to read to past time.

In additional, it might be helpful if you know some stuff about some game elements before reading this. (However, the translator does a great job at explain those elements anyways so it should be no problem with non gamers too)

Once again, I really do love this novel and the little bun in the story.
****little bun is the Seme's nephew (///-///) <<less
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