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Subzeroblack rated it
Atelier Tanaka
May 11, 2016
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Starts out great and funny with only a few “upsetting” scenes/events but you realize its not your everyday lucky (raijuu) transported to another world MC. Its an average guy put in difficult situations... Chapter 10 feels like the series picks up after a few disturbing scenes/events that a lot of the previous reviewers disliked (ch.7) which I was a bit put off as well.. But again Chapter 10 it feel the series is back on track.... RATING 4.5/5
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This series went from a 10 to a 0 real fast half way through the series until the worst ending iv'e read in an novel

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Ill start off with the biggest spoiler and issue with the novel I have, then back track to other aspects of the novel

BIGGEST ISSUE: Is that the MC dies/kills himself at the end of the series (Ill explain). He gets beat up by weakling bullies several times, then gets framed and sent to prison. Luckily he beats the prison bosses and becomes the new leader starting a new city in the prison and everybody becomes happy in prison (weird, funny, but enjoyable read). He gets out of prison and his love/waifu (purple haired dukes daughter) is missing for several months and he spends all his resources looking for her, but never finds her (read the arc if you want to know more). Anyways he eventually goes home and finds his whole territory withering and dieing. He eventually meets up with his houses librarian old guy and his old friend who tells them that the land is cursed and the seal has broken, everything will wither and die. Oh, and his waifu (purple haired girl) is there, she ran away and was saved by the library mans old friend. Anyways his unique protagonist/MC's body is unique and can reseal the curse at the cost of his death. He does it and his waifu joins him, they kiss and die together... The land is saved, no one knows what happened to him and continue to search for both him and his waifu and believe they will return one day... they dont, it becomes a story passed on for generations and everyone eventually forgets about them. But his house remains empty and no one lives there as a memorial to him... The end... seriously.. the end.. The worst writing ever, it would of been better and he would of lioved longer if he just stayed the fat bad guy. He would of at least lived a lot longer and marry/live with his waifu...

Everything else are just smaller issues with the novel

The blacksmith skills serve no purpose in the story, you can delete it from existence and it wont change the plot at all.

The memories in the game and his past life do absolutely nothing for the story or progression, other than him making friends with the Games heroine in the beginning.

The student alliances made early on through the fan clubs and everything serve no purpose, they are never mentioned again, along with the Purple haired heroines followers.

No real progress with any relationship through the most part of the series, only that the games MC girl (black haired poor girl) somehow starts falling in love with The MC's assistant from his hometown, and slightly builds up a friendly relationship with the prince.

MC's two best friends disappear to another country. (Cant remember if they return, either way they do absolutely nothing in the series)

MC is a coward that gets beat up several times, as well as bad things happen to his friends which he doesnt do anything about either.

Pretty much nothing happens. It turns into a weird slice of life and then he dies at some random point in the story with his love and end. All he ever gets is a single kiss and romance after that cuz they die... yup, worst novel ever. I regret ever finding this novel

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